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The Words. The Work. And The Wisdom of Arthur Bell.

Respect. Page; 2. (alb)

The Racial Discrimination Act. Page; 2. (alb)

Look to The Future. Page; 3.

Racism or Prejudice.? Page; 3. (alb)

Aboriginal Culture. Page; 4. 72. And 135. (alb)

Stephen Hagan. Pages; (alb)

Aboriginal and Islander organisations. Page; 9. And 10. (alb)

Justice. Page; 15. (alb)

Housing Problem.? Page; 16. (alb)

Aboriginal Academics. Page; 17. 18. And 133. (alb)

Prisons. An Inconvenient Truth. Page; 19. (alb)

Cherbourg. Page; 21. (alb)

Stolen wages. Page; 21. (alb)

Musgrave Park. Page; 30. (alb)

Bess Price. Page; 32. 36. And 65. (alb)

Kevin Gilbert. Page; 34. (alb)

The Racial Vilification of Bess Price. Pages; and 69. (alb)

There'll be more coming Bess don't worry” Tiga Bayles 'Let's Talk' 4/6/2013 at Kalkarindji, re. this issue. (alb)

More Tiga Bayles on Pages; 129 and 132. (alb)

Dallas Scott. “The Black Steam Train”. Page; 37. And 135. (alb)

Chris Graham. Page; 37. (alb)

Col Dillon. The one that got away.? Pages; 117. 133. And 134.

“Elders”. Pages; 48. 69. 71. 90. 130. And 132. (alb)

Aboriginal and Islander Organisations/Services still being “Ripped Off”. Page; 50. (alb)

A New World Order. Page; 54. (alb)

Gary Foley. Page; 57. (alb)

Stolen. Page; 61. (alb)

Justice. Page; 62. (alb)

Gerry, you are a hypocrite”. A comment to: “She's only thirteen”. The Stringer and Gerry Georgatos. 06/06/2013. page; 67. (alb)

More of Gerry Georgatos on pages; 32. 59.60.63-5-6. 80. 81. 102.

 Gerry is running second to Tiga with mentions. But being tipped to overtake. Yes, Gerry is starting to show his true colours.! (alb)

ARTHUR BELL. Page; 67. (alb)

Captain Cook. Invader or Liberator.? Page; 70. And 83. (alb)

“Freedom”. Page; 76. (alb)

Martin Luther King. Jr. Page; 76 (alb)

“The struggle”. Page; 77. (alb)

Colour. Page; 78. (alb)

The Black Card. Page; 78. And 82. (alb)

Suffer the Children”. Page; 93. (alb)

Megan Davis. Page; 94. (alb)

An open letter to Boe Spearim. Another adolescent searching for a cause. Page. 95. and 125. (alb)

Dr. Woolombi Waters. Page; 96. (alb)

Summit for Freedom”. Page; 98. (alb)

Sovereignty” Page; 99. For latest comments. (alb)

Michael Anderson. Page; 101. (alb)

Gracelyn Smallwood. Page; 104. (alb)

Tiga Bayles and Col Dillon. Partners in crime.? You be the judge. Page; 117. (alb)

Adam Goodes. Page; 115. (alb)

Jack Charles. A good actor.! Page; 122. (alb)

Rod Little. Page; 123. (alb)

Any Mcquire. Page; 123. (alb)

Mick Adams. Page; 123. (alb)

Jon Altman. Page; 123. (alb)

Dennis Eggington. Page; 124. (alb)

Steven Oliver. Page; 124. (alb)

TSI. Page; 120. And somewhere else.! (alb)

Stan “the sham” Grant. Page; 126. and 129. (alb)

“Blackface”. Page; 127.

Billy Gordon. Page; 129. (alb)

Chelsea Bond and her Paternalism. Pages; 124. 132. 133. And 134. (alb)

Kaava Watson. Another Fraudster.? Page; 132. And 134. (alb)

Indigenous Advancement Strategy. Page; 135. (alb)

Col Dillon. And the “Joke”. Page; 136. And 137. (alb)

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Tomorrow will Not be Sacrificed for Yesterday.

Tomorrow will Not be Sacrificed for Today. (alb)


What's Happening In This Country

Australia, a Country of Climatic, Geographical and Social Contrast and Contradiction. A Major Factor in the lives of the Original Peoples and Societies of This Country. And now, The Descendants of. The Inhospitable Interior, where Life for All, was Harsh and Unforgiving. Drought killed many tribes. Terrible for kids and the old and infirm. They went first. Break the Law, expect to be punished! No “mitigating circumstances” with them old Blackfullas.! And it was seen to be done. Then the dreaded Hunt. Definitely not Paradise.! Then we have the Coastal Fringe, where in a lot of places, it was Paradise. Pippies, Oysters, and other tucker immediately available. And all day. Where kids didn't bother to ask. Just ate when hungry. With fire going all day. A less harsh and stressful environment. With lifestyle. Yes Australia, where people freeze to death in the snow. As others die of thirst in our deserts.! We have the dry Western and Interior. And then we have Rain Forests. We have Mountain Ranges and Endless Plains. We have record prices for real estate. Then there are blocks of town land for $1. There’s people committing suicide over house mortgages in this Country. And in the next suburb, Housing Commission virtually giving them away. (c. 11/2005, edited. alb)



Unfinished Business in Brisbane”

A major problem and impediment to progress is the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) aka, The Aboriginal Industry. Including, Administration and Management of Aboriginal and Islander and associated organisations. i.e. Legal Services, Health Services, Hostels, Youth Services, Education etc. their Supporters in the Public Services and many, One-Dimensional Aboriginal Academics. This is why people like Michael Long and others feel the need to Communicate Directly with heads of Government. To Circumnavigate These People. It is the Failure of These People that led directly to the Loss of ATSIC. There is Absolutely No Doubt about this. The Accumulation of Blatant Maladministration, Mismanagement and Gross Incompetence in A&I Organisations in Brisbane for instance, led to the Loss of Musgrave Park Aboriginal Corporation (MPAC), a major service provider that was responsible for two (2) A&I hostels in Brisbane. As well as being a day and drop-in centre for many A&I and non-Indigenous homeless and street people. EVERYONE in South Brisbane including Non-Indigenous Locals, The Police, the A&I Community, the People that Accept and Accepted the mantle of Community Leaders and Spokespersons and so-called Role Models, Was Aware of the Ongoing Maladministration, Mismanagement and Corruption including Drug-dealing, (there were police raids) Associated with This Organisation. And for Years.! Yet only newly appointed Manager Phylis Iker was prepared to say or do anything about it. And she was Sacked by the President of MPAC William Goreham (he's still around and on boards) for her efforts and, Without Explanation. She sued but dropped the case. Many were on the board of MPAC at various times. A lot of these people are, still on the Boards of, Running, and Employed in, A&I Organisations in Brisbane and Handling 100s of Thousands of Dollars.! Everyone Knows Who They Are, and it is No Secret.! Inquire of these issues to the Local So-called Elders, Leaders and Spokespersons and they will declare that they are “Blind and Deaf”.! This is the reason for the Initial, Deafening Silence on the Demise of ATSIC. Accountability Thrown Out the Door.! Yet with Employment and Funding Secure. (after a couple of years as is now, the AVI is very vocal about the loss of ATSIC, but only because it is safe to be so.!) The A&I organisation services up here in Brisbane were All Double and even, Triple dipping. i.e. Submitting to and receiving funds from Commonwealth, State and even Local Government. As they were successful in these endeavours long before ATSIC and they simply carried on after ATSIC was established. Even from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.! As non-profit organisations. It was More Money for them and they didn't have to comply with the Accountability Guidelines that were, and had to be, set by ATSIC. Take “Murri Mura”, a large and very valuable rental property in South Brisbane for instance, the Board that legally owned it, refused to deal with or accept money from ATSIC to run the place. And as a result, it became massively in debt through rates and electricity bills. It was let off on a couple of occasions by BCC but they owed to much and in the end, they sold it.! And for well under it's true Value. The people that were running the place were simply, not qualified to do so. (nor was the board) Murri Mura was one of the properties that was purchased through the Aboriginal Development Corporation (ADC) A cheaper property was bought with the proceeds. That was in the end, Abandoned.! (what happened to the rest of the money.? Well, some of it went to a well-known drug dealer. He was on the board.!) With the dismantling of the Aboriginal Development Corporation, much properties And infrastructures, unknown to the general public or discussed, was passed on privately. and to Boards of the Organisations. (Murri Mura) Much was Lost.! Including monies advanced to staff and management, and unsecured loans. Many people were (a lot still around) Let Off the Hook.! And now it looks the same with ATSIC. Many have been around for to long. The Old Guard a lot of them. Still Clinging to and Capitalising on their Past Achievements. A Lot done some Good. But now it is time for them to Move On. They certainly have No Answers to the Problems in this Country. It is Extremely Doubtful if they even know what the Problems Are.! And some even, Responsible for Them.! This is why in the main, A&I people including street -people and the paint sniffers, have No Respect for their Oppressive, Tunnel-Visioned, One Dimensional Agendas. And A&I Organisations and Services in general. And Will Not Engage with them. (c. 6/2003. edited. alb)


Respect. (1)

Respect is not a commodity. It can’t be bought and sold. Nor can it be given as a gift. It has to be earned. (alb)


Respect. (2)

Aboriginal Rights. Respect. And Responsibilities.

There is much being said, defined and defended when it comes to Aboriginal Rights. But what about our Responsibilities.? ….to be continued. (alb) 06/02/2019.



The Racial Discrimination Act

At present, there are over 5.000 Aboriginal and Islander Organisations or Corporations. Thousands more have been de-registered and Lost over the years. Mainly through Poor corporate governance practices and inadequate financial management. And with Some “Lack” of “Good Will” and “Honesty”. With “Lack of Accountability” being a Major Contributing Factor.

There have been many Thousands of Government funded Aboriginal and Islander Specific Programs and Initiatives. Also with “Mass” Failures and “Abandonment”.

Billions of Dollars have been Invested. In the Spirit of, and with Plenty of Latitude for, Self Determination. (alb)

All this since the enactment or the 1975 “Racial Discrimination Act”.

Australia's first federal anti-discrimination law, the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth), aims to ensure that Australians of all backgrounds are treated equally and have the same opportunities. The law protects people across Australia from discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin, and immigration status.

Yet, The Special Measures Provisions within The Racial Discrimination Act actually entrenches Discrimination.! It is legal and even encouraged. Provided it is deemed a ‘noble’ form of discrimination. Without the “Special Measures” legislation we would have,

No Aboriginal Legal Services

No Aboriginal Health Services or Initiatives

No Aboriginal Hostels

No Aboriginal Child Care Agencies

No Aboriginal Aged Care


No Aboriginal Teachers Doctors or Nurses

No Abstudy

No Indigenous Units in the Uni's or TAFE

No Indigenous Specific Education Programs or Initiatives

No Indigenous Specific Employment or Initiatives

etc. etc. etc.

There is a lot of Public Outrage by the AVI re. The Suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act Is it because it is Advantageous to Aboriginal People.? If so, Why do they Insist on Misleading and Keeping us All in Ignorance about this Issue.!? (c. 9/2010. alb)


Look To The Future (1)

We are intrinsically linked. Now and Forever. Our destinies. The Anglo (white) and Aboriginal Australians. This Continuous International Bad-mouthing of Australian Society or, our fellow Australians is akin to Cutting our Nose Off to “Spite Our Face”. This Ongoing Condemnation of the Only People that Historically and Morally Have Any Obligation and Genuine Sympathy for “The Aboriginal People of Australia” is the Actions and Agendas of People that are Dangerous in Their Stupidity and Ignorance.

All the years that Aboriginal Activists and Agitators have been going over-seas Arguing and Presenting their case, No Country has Ever Shown any Support.

And it is Not Likely to Change.

I read once that when we go over there complaining, a lot of them snigger and laugh behind their hands.!

With one Blackfulla going over there complaining to the UN that there are no Aborigines on the AFL board.!

Surely that would have been considered a bit of Comic Relief.!?

Especially if he came on just after the “Sierra Leone” Delegation with the descriptive exposure of mutilation including arms being cut off by Charles Taylor's mates.!

It's not hard to imagine it being like a Monty Python comedy. Picture an Aborigine and an African.

Income Management.?

What is Income.?

Money from the Government.!? Wow.! We Dream about that.!

For doing Nothing.!? Impossible.! You Lie.!

Really.!? It must be the Best Country in the Whole World.! It's No Wonder Everyone wants to go and live there.!

What.!? Let's swap passports then. Why Not.? So, you Do Lie.!

Racism or Prejudice.? (1)

Call it Racism. Call it Prejudice, but the Simple Fact is, we have No Real Friends.

The Polynesian Don't Like Us.

The resident and visiting Indians/Pakistanis Don't Like Us. Nor do they have Any Empathy/Sympathy for the Aboriginal Cause/People.

We have Already Alienated the Africans. In WA. Darwin and Toowoomba over the Welfare Dollar. And considering the often-Terrible Circumstances most of these people come from, No Sympathy there.!

The Muslims.? Ha.! We are Mere Infidels like Everyone Else. And to be Treated as Such.

Australians are “Barbarians” like All Other Round-Eyes to the Asians.

And Aborigines.? At best, “Unproductive Natives” and “a Burden on Society”.

Go to the Valley in Brisbane or around Waterloo in Sydney and see the reaction from Asian Shop-keepers or Real-estate agents if you're Aboriginal.

And it's Not only because of what they read in the newspapers. But from experience and observation.

The Torres Strait Islanders certainly don't like us. And who can blame them after the abuse they've copped from us Aborigines over the years.!

Racism and Prejudice is an integral part of Aboriginal Society and some of the most Vicious Abuse perpetrated against Aboriginal People I've ever Witnessed or know of, was by Other Aborigines.!

Go and check out the prisons. Much of the time, We don't even like Us.! True.!

Our “Fellow Aussies” (Dad & Dave) are the Only Ones that have Ever done Anything for Us. Sure, there are some Serious Issues that need to Be Resolved. But it Must be Done In-House. And Not by One-Dimensional Professional Agitators cum Activists cum Self Appointed “Social Justice Warriors”. Mainly Aboriginal People (AVI) that manage to attain both Financial Advantage and Moral Superiority whilst simultaneously Disowning any Responsibility for their Behaviour and its Outcome. (c. 1/2011. alb)

Racism or Prejudice.? (2)

We are continually accused of being a racist society. But is it racism.? Or plain old Aussie prejudice.! For instance, Chinese restaurants dishing up stray cats as rabbit or chicken. This old tale kept me off Chinese food for years.! Aussie ex-POWs from ww2 refusing to buy Japanese cars because of their treatment. Is this racism.? If so, what is colour prejudice.? “If you're white you're right, if you're brown hang around, if you're black get back”. This is a determining factor in Aboriginal society as well. Is this racism.? And if you're Torres Strait Islander (Mud) get back even further.! The division between Full-Blood and caste Aboriginal People is legend. An issue not discussed in the public domain. Almost like a taboo subject.! But a fact of life. You won't hear Marcia Langton or Stephen Hagan talk about this. Many Full-Blood will accept and trust a white person before they would a “yella-fulla” or mixed blood Aboriginal whom they know will almost invariably exploit them. Is this racism.? Torres Strait Islanders are derided by us. Is this racism.? This is one reason why they are seeking to annul the marriage "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders". On the grounds of “non-consummation”. It was a marriage in name only. Regarding and involving easier and continued access to funding. A marriage of convenience so to speak. (c. 9/2007 alb)

Racism or Prejudice.? (3)

“I am a full-blood Torres Strait Islander and very proud of my race. I left Thursday Island many years ago and I lived in Cairns for a few years before moving to Darwin. About four years ago my two daughters and I moved to Singleton, New South Wales. It has been quite a learning experience for my children and I. Since being here I have seen a lot of division amongst our indigenous race, which is sad. We all need to work together as the two indigenous races of Australia to better ourselves as people and to help our young ones. I have found that not only is there division in the two races, but that there is division in the Aboriginal organisations in different towns. For example, in our small town, the three Aboriginal organisations (that I know of) don’t all get on. We need to put aside all our differences and greediness and work together to better ourselves as the two important races of this Country. Being negative to one another is not good at all. It’s like we have to put up with racism, ignorance and put-downs from our white brothers and sisters and the division from our own Indigenous race. I’m sure that if we as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people walk together, we can show the world that we are the fair dinkum, true blue Aussies”. Yvonne Dunn. Singleton, N.S.W. (A frustrated Indigenous woman) …. Extract from the Koori Mail. c 03/2004. Reproduced and published unedited (c. 09/2005) by A.L.B. with authors permission.

Racism or Prejudice.? (4)

Almost 100% of Prominent and or Successful Aboriginal People including Sports-People and Academics are married to non-Aboriginal or have White Partners. Ever notice this.? Is this Racism.? Is this colour prejudice.? Most of these liaisons are never permanent. This is due in part to the exposure to the public, ongoing and continuous social and political debate and divide or division between Aboriginal and White Aussies in this Fractured Society. (2010 alb)



There was a clash of one Productive and Progressive Culture and Traditions and one Non-Productive and Non-Progressive Culture and Traditions.

One that sought to Produce and to Progress. One that was content to Continue to as it was. And Without Interruption would have been much the same today. A Miserable Existence for Many. With the European seen as a Saviour and Beef a Godsend.! It has been Stated Many Times, by the The Descendants of the Original European Inhabitants, that We, the Descendants of the Original Indigenous Inhabitants, were Fortunate and Must Appreciate, that their Ancestors landed here and done the “Colonising”.!

Our Ancestors had no Desire or Reason to broaden their views or experience outside this continent. We were conditioned to what was established and happening only here. And existed with absolute minimum possessions. With no need or desire for anything more. What's happening today is simply a continuation of this. This reasoning by the A.V.I that Aboriginal People aspire to the same as Anglo and Other Australians is flawed. We would certainly desire, expect, and even demand what they have.! But for us to outlay and to expend the time and effort to obtain them seems, Not Culturally Appropriate. It is much easier to just play “Jacky-Jacky” and act dumb. Aboriginal People have been playing this game for many years.! And it has now progressed to the stage where this is what's expected of us. And it Suits Everyone.! (c. 1/2011, alb)

United Nations

This bloke James Anaya was obviously Influenced and Misled by the Articulate and Tricky Les Malezer long before he arrived here in Australia. Les has been travelling overseas for a few years now. Presenting and Misrepresenting himself (unchallenged) as some sort of Spokes-person or Representative of the Aboriginal and Islander People of Australia. He has stated that he has a Mandate. This is Not True and he knows it. Les has gotten a lot of mileage from his association with the now, De-funded and Defunct FAIRA. Where a few of his relations and friends were members and kept voting the same board back in. What was Anaya's view on poverty in Australia.? ($1.20 a day) As everyone here gets A$35 a day minimum on the dole. With more than fifty (50) venues for free food including BBQs and hot meals in inner city Brisbane alone.! No doubt Les Neglected to Mention this to him.!

Aboriginal People are, Not Party To, or Aware Of, what Les Malezer and others “Get Up To” when they Attend and Speak at Meetings and Forums Overseas. And in fact, don't even know they've gone there.! (c.12/2009. alb)


Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research and Action.

President; Les Malezer. This is the title that Les uses in his Communications and Misrepresentations with the United Nations. And in general. This organisation is Defunct and Does Not Exist any-more as such. FAIRA was once a large organisation with quite a few employees and extensive assets and published a magazine, “Queensland Land-Rights”. It was once getting at least a couple of hundred thousand a year. (Government Grants) But since it has been De-funded it has No Official Employees except former office manager Charmain Tatten as secretary and contact person, and Les Malezer as President. FAIRA received a Gift, of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) last year (2009) from FAHCSIA qld. (Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) for Human Rights. John Tatten, brother of Charmain is the State Manager of FAHCSIA qld. I tried to contact him (as a concerned and involved member of the Aboriginal and broader community of Brisbane) to find out the situation with FAIRA and why they were giving them (Les and Charmain) this money. And to see if I could also get Fifty thousand dollars.! As I am (along with about 5,000 other so called Aboriginal Activists, Self and Media Appointed Spokespeople, Leaders and Elders Including thousands of Aboriginal Academics) involved in and with, Human Rights issues as well.! To help pay My bills. And for the assistance that I've provided for many people over the years, including Accommodation and Counselling. But John Tatten is Un-Contactable. (c 6/2010. alb)


Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

This “Declaration” I am Not Aware of Any Aboriginal People that asked Les Malezer to Involve Himself in or to Contribute to it on our behalf.! Did he just Think All This Up Himself and then decide to take us Aborigines along for the Ride.? When exactly did Les Malezer decide to Appoint Himself Ambassador and Chief Negotiator of the Aboriginal People of Australia.? Why exactly did Les Malezer decide to Appoint Himself Ambassador and Chief Negotiator of the Aboriginal People of Australia.? (c. 9/2010. alb)

Award Winning Film.

Stephen, why don't you make a film with Les Malezer.? You could call it “Our Declaration on What's Best for the Aboriginal People of Australia”. Starring; International Human Rights Defender Les Malezer. Directed and Produced by; Award Winning Film Maker Stephen 'Spielberg' Hagan. In association with; ANTaR Productions. Distributed by; The Aboriginal Victim Industry. With Tiga Bayles in a Cameo Role it would no doubt be a Blockbuster Hit.! And generate “Hundreds of Millions of Dollars”.! (c 9/2010. alb)

Indigenous Media. (1)

Murri Country Radio aka 4AAA Has found to be in Breach of, Clauses, 7.3 (a) 7.3 (b) and 7.3 (c) of the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice 2008. From a complaint made 3/6/10. “Koori Mail” alerted 14/9/10. “National Indigenous Times” alerted 14/9/10. I don't want to promote sales but check where they (NIT) put the press release from ORIC re. the “de-registration of 448 A&I corporations”. Blatant Censorship.! A Fraud.!

National Indigenous Times is a Private Concern and Does Not Have To Answer to A&I People. The Voice of Indigenous People!? Journalism Without Fear or Favour.!? Publish Without Fear or Favour.!? They just want to Protect Us from the Harsh Realities of “What's Happening in This Country”. It's called, “Let's Pretend”.! Ask former editor Chris Graham about Tiga Bayles refusing to let people that don't agree with him on “Let's Talk” He was, Very Well Aware of This Issue. But Chose to Ignore It. (Maaaaete.!) Current editor Stephen Hagan Is Aware. But also, Chooses to Ignore. More “Let's Pretend”. (c 10/2010 alb)

Heard Jamie Dunn mention the good equipment at Murri Country radio today 26/1 Well Jamie Don't Compliment Tiga. It's about, Gubberment Grants. Compliment and Thank the Australian Tax Payers. Compliment and Thank Them for the New Premises while You're At It.! And Jamie, Don't Forget to Give them a Real Big Thanks for Your Wage.! It's a Good Lurk this Gubberment Grant Funded Lifestyle. Isn't It.!? Wish you would've discovered it Years Ago.!?

Tiga's “Aboriginal Victim Industry” Agendas of Highly Publicised and Vocal, “Continuous Attacking and Unabated Blame Apportioning”. This is a Very Successful A.V.I. Tactic.! It has Delivered Results in the Past. Tiga is Well Aware of This. With Plenty of Practice.! And Success.!

Essentially, the one that complains Loudest and Longest gets the Most Attention.! And Food.! Or with the AVI, the Most, and, Priority, Funding.!

And if you just Happen to Have your Own Radio Station.! (Murri Country radio is considered to be owned by One Family, in Brisbane. Local Elder Ruth Hegarty Conceded this) Murri Country radio and Particularly the talk-back segment “Let's Talk” as Manipulated and Exploited by Tiga Bayles is a Very Effective Medium.! Tiga has learnt this over the years. Starting from his “Radio Redfern” days.!

Andrew Forrest Nailed It on “Let's Talk” with the Observation and Rebuff, “You use a lot of Colourful Language Tiga”. A Very Smart Man Twiggy Forrest.! And would have met “Many” like Tiga.! And would recognise them a Mile Off.! Where your average “Joe in the street” Voter or Politician wouldn't. (alb)


Indigenous Media. (2)

The Indigenous Media. How and why they mislead us. The phone- in line Promo by AAA for Sly-Grogers, what about the Drug Dealers.? What about the sacking of Acka.! Why they didn't bother to ask or consult us. The censorship they practice and impose upon us. As will be revealed.! How they Treat us like Mushrooms.! Big-Meeting amongst Indigenous Radio today (9/3/2006) apparently, according to Let’s Talk. These people that get Big Money on Our Behalf. Nine hundred thousand ($900,000,000). a year to the “National Indigenous Radio Service”. (NIRS). “Brisbane Indigenous Media Association” (BIMA) how much.? Another tricky rego job.! But we'll find out. Was the Indigenous Community consulted on issues.? As a well-known contributor, I confidently state that they (Murri Country Radio) have received more listener feed-back from me, (mainly by faxes) than anyone else in the Whole World.! (seeing that they go over-sea's) in the last two (2) years or more. And I have the faxes and transmission reports to prove it.! My comments were Not passed on to the intended recipients. Is this the way to treat an, Ardent Listener.? As I have been acknowledged to be by the general manager himself.! Now this is good, but he still refuses to accept or take any calls from me even to a guest on 'Let's Talk". Gary Highland of A.N.T.A.R, Andrew Bartlet, Democrats Senator (how's that for name dropping) Sometimes the Only Caller All Week.! You'd think they would be Grateful.! One day I rang to talk to a guest and was told that I couldn't because there were only two phones in the studio both being used. Fair enough I thought, but they could get a cheap mobile.! Also, inquiring about an email, I was informed that the person couldn't receive it because the interview was in progress and it would have to wait until it was over.! Whaaaarrt.!? (I thought) but said very politely, as I always do when I have occasion to ring, 3892 0100(fax-0101) “But honey, this needs to be in there now with the guest, as I need a response or view now, while they are on air”.! She couldn't seem to understand this and I tried to explain (briefly) what it was all about.! (the program, and why I was going through with all this!) I don't know what happened.! (children playing receptionist's.? or something more sinister.!) Cheap employees.!? C.D.E.P.? Kids are good P.R. Will get Any Cause Sympathy. Not to Forget, Money.! (they know what they are doing. They have been doing it for a while.) And, No Tax To Pay.! (B.I.M.A) This after the usual “cordial invitation” was extended to listeners by Tiga to, Ring Up, make a Call, send a Fax, Give Your View, Make a Statement. But then again (I thought) this could be some sort of Tactic.! They probably done the same to a few people.! To Negate, Neutralise and to Nullify, Listener, Audience Input.! The Murri Voices in the Community.! Like Me.! And clients of D.A.R.S.! This is Outrageous.! (I thought) Keeping it a Closed Shop.! (so to speak) The old, Us and Them Trick.! Divide and Rule,!? This is, CENSORSHIP.! I must point out that Tiga Bayles, as “General Manager” refused to take, or let me make, a comment to a guest when he spoke to me. Saying that with all the Shit that I send by fax and have on This Website, he “ain't gonna let me on”.! Then he Hung Up.! The Only One in the Whole World to send faxes to “Let's Talk” and guests.! Good one's too.! (about 20) I still got them here. Tiga wears “many hats”. (his phrase) One as Aboriginal Adviser to ANTaR. Also, Director of N.I.R.S. (what other hats.!) But as far as I know, He Don't Own A.A.A. I have Murri Country on nearly all day (except the a.f.l.) at D.A.R.S. and a lot of people get to hear it, and I get a lot of feedback. Probably more that the station itself. Recently Tiga told me he can't let me on “Let's Talk” because he doesn't trust me.! (c 3/2007 edited alb)

Indigenous Media. (3)

“About Brisbane Indigenous Media Association. Murri country music station owned and run by the Aboriginal community”. +This is on the B.I.M.A. Website. And we ALL KNOW what ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT THIS IS.! So BIMA's Submissions for Continuing and Further Funding, Are Misleading.! They Tell Lies to Get Money.! There is No Doubt that B.I.M.A, is Obtaining Money Under False Pretences.! This is a Terrible Situation. And No Doubt a lot of Aboriginal organisations services Do the Same Thing. But the Worst and most Disheartening thing about this situation is that the so called Aboriginal Leaders and Spokespeople including Elders in Brisbane, will Continue To Ignore and Do Nothing. As they have for Many Years. The Blind and Deaf.? What about young Ike Fisher.? Trained as an announcer but answers the phone while other people are employed as announcers. How many other disappointed young people with No Chance of a job.? They served their Purpose.! (funding) Andrew Forrest stressed the importance of skilling people up only when it is justified by demand on " Let's Talk". Tiga again, failed to reveal that he was Very Much into this area.! Urging young people via word of mouth and ads on Murri Country radio to do courses at AAA training. Duplicating established programmes to access more funding. Using colour-full language (Andrew Forrest's phrase) But with No Chance of employment in this very limited area. And Certainly, No Chance of a job at Murri Country Radio these kids. Other than as volunteers answering the phone. Until the next batch. (c 3/2007 edited alb)

+This has now been taken down. But only after I drew attention to it.! Maybe because ex-police inspector Col Dillon is now President of B.I.M.A. If so, Tiga Bayles could be about to be sacked for the years of Obtaining Money Under False Pretences at “Murri Country Radio”. Or, is this Doubtful.? I have been trying to contact him but finding it hard. Another obstacle to this is this continuous secrecy of operations and affairs maintained and practised by Tiga at the station. Another case of not wanting to share this Gold-Mine with anyone.! (alb)


Education. (1)

By the end of this year there will be a total of nearly twenty-seven thousand Indigenous university graduates across the country. With these overwhelming statistics there is Obviously, Nothing Wrong with the Education System in this Country.! Sure, it may need some tinkering with. As it always will. But the Education Experts Chris Sarra and Tiga Bayles off on their Quixotic Crusades Are Wrong. I have viewed the Chris Sarra and “Stronger Smarter” website. A lot of it is Out of Touch and Crap. Yes, he did accomplish something at Cherbourg. Due mainly to the dynamics of Cherbourg itself. The People. Because of this, he could Never Replicate it Elsewhere. A seemingly. Well Intentioned sort of bloke. But we All know about “Good Intentions and Hell”. As for the “Murri School” private “Education Experiment”.? We will just have to hope that Tiga's “Aboriginal Victim Industry” agendas of Continuous Attacking and Unabated Blame Apportioning isn't to much of an influence on the Curriculum. Though there is no doubt it does affect the kids’ attitudes. The mere fact that they are there. How do they explain this.? What Exactly do they tell the Parents to get them to send their kids there.? What do they tell the kids.? What Exactly do they Offer them.? What Exactly can the Parents Expect besides being Relieved of their Responsibilities.? Are the Parents being Misled.? Are they being Misinformed.? Is this another instance of Tiga Bayles “Obtaining Money under False Pretences” with one of his “Pet Projects”.? This is Certainly a Concern seeing that Tiga is a Serial “Misrepresentation by Omission” Offender. What if this “Education Experiment” is a Failure.? Who would Determine This.? Who would bear the Consequence.? Society.? What Say does the General Public have in this “Experiment”.? What Say did the General Public have in this “Experiment”.? Is it a “Closed Shop” like Tiga's “Murri Country” radio.? With the Aboriginal and Broader Community Locked Out.? The “Murri School” experiment is Denying these kids the Responsibility and their Obligation to Engage with the Broader Society. And Transparency and Disclosure Must be Made Compulsory. (alb)


Education. (2)

>>“The study of English enables students to make sense of, and to enrich, their lives in personal, social and professional situations and to deal effectively with change. Students develop a strong sense of themselves as autonomous, reflective and creative learners”. Students will direct their study to meet the requirements of assessment, and the assessment does not examine these aspirational and sophisticated attributes. << unquote.... This makes Sense. Limited English is not only Detrimental but can be Dangerous.! (alb)

Tiga places a lot of emphasis on It's Magic (his term) when English is the second or even third Language of Aboriginal Students. What if a Student dies because they couldn't communicate very well in English.? There is no doubt that this happens and has in the past. Would that child's brothers and sisters or parents think it Magic or Magical.? As director of the “Murri School” does his View and Attitude take precedence.? Do they impact on the Curriculum.? Education is Crucial. A Specialist's Domain. And English is Obviously Critical. What Qualifies Tiga Bayles as a “Director” of a School.? Well there is No Point in asking Chris Sarra or Stephen Hagan. They Obviously Don't Want to Go There. I'm “Jacky Jacky”, I know Nothing.!? (c. 6/2011. (alb)

Debbie Kilroy from “Sisters Inside” was bemoaning the fact that Aboriginal Women were being discriminated against and suffering, because “they couldn't speak English very well”, to Tiga Bayles on “Let's Talk”. On another occasion, Barbara Shaw explained that the “Interpreter program” in the N.T. wasn't working because the clients weren't grasping what the interpreters were trying to explain. (The “Gorilla” in the room, or, the obvious solution of course, being the study of English as the primary language.) On both occasions Tiga concealed his open and public admiration where “English” was only the second or even third language, of children and students. Another instance of Tiga's “Misrepresentation by Omission”. He's Tricky.! And gets Big Money.! As a Professional Aboriginal Activist. (alb)

Education. (3)

Wherever there is any chance of an education or when education is an option, almost everyone would try to take advantage of it whenever possible and engage their children. There was a series of shows on TV a few weeks ago about India and the successes of the Indigenous peoples of different cultures. The divide between the rich and the poor was obvious. But the one thing they all had in common, was the Desire and the Focus on Education. The poorest people worked hard and all day for a very meagre wage. Something like about two dollars (US$2) a day. Yet they had no hesitation in spending this money on getting their children to learn the Magic Language, ENGLISH.


No Mention or Discussion of Cultural Appropriateness.

No mention or Discussion of Second or Third Languages.

Nothing of Bi-Lingual Education.

The Parents Get”

No Government Grants or Funding.


No Austudy Payments.

No Assistance for Isolated Children's Scheme.

No Family Assistance Payments.

No Youth Allowance Payments.

No Child Care Benefit Payments.

No Parental Leave Pay.

No Baby Bonus Payments.

No Family Tax Benefit.

No Remote Area Allowance Payments.

No Widow Allowance Payments.


If we count the money invested in (educating and supporting) Indigenous Teachers and Aides, schools like the Murri School and other Indigenous Specific Schools, programs and other initiatives involving and Concerning All Indigenous Students around this Country, over the say, last ten (10) years we would be looking at, easily, Hundreds of Millions if not, Billions of Dollars.

Yet with “No Discernible Positive Outcome or Result”. And according to the AVI including people like Tiga Bayles and many Prominent so-called Aboriginal Academics and or Educators, we have not only gone Nowhere in Education we have actually Regressed. Gone Backwards.! They Continue to “Assail All Blame to Others”, yet manage to Achieve Moral Superiority. And whilst simultaneously Disowning any Responsibility for Their Behaviour and its Outcome. As Most of them Helped Spend the Money. And Many Influenced Policy. (alb)

Victim-Hood and Education.

This Victim Issue. It is Not About Abstract, Academic, Ascetic, Philosophical Debate, Definition or Discussion. And it has got Absolutely Fuck-All to do with Colonial Histories. Or Victimisers and their Co-dependents. Or how people see themselves. Or the Rest of the Unadulterated Crap proposed and presented by ya Typical Out of Touch Aboriginal Academic *Chris Sarra. It is about Aboriginal People playing “Jacky-Jacky”. The Modern Refined Version. A Stereo-Type. Established and Promoted by Aboriginal People. It's about the Comfort-Zone of Victim-Hood. It's about Generating a Massive Financial Turnover. It's about the Aboriginal Victim Industry Gravy Train. And it's about a Major Negative Influence in All Aspects of the lives of Aboriginal People. And Will Be for “Generations to Come”. For the sake of our Great, Great, Great Grand-children we must Make a Stand. To Eliminate this Insidious and Destructive Victim Culture.

*Stick to teaching kids Chris.! Maybe You should get involved with the Tiga Bayles “Murri School” at Acacia Ridge. I'm sure you and him as Education Experts (!?) will have a lot to discuss. Murri School's Policy is to relieve parents of their responsibility to feed their kids and to get them to school. Thereby gaining and ensuring their continuing support. For Funding.

The (arguably) Supreme Black Achievers, the African Americans, fought for Inclusion or Integration with the Established Education System. Tiga's agenda and “Murri School” policy is, “Segregation”.! Or, “Exclusion”.! How and Why is he allowed to get away with it.? Chris.? Stephen.? Any Suggestions.? Any Comment.? (alb. c. 12/2010)


Aboriginal and Islander Organisations. (1)

This month the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, has used his powers under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) to de-register 448 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations. These corporations no longer exist”.

This a press release from 28/10/09. Not distributed (they said they had no money) to, or picked up by, the mainstream or Indigenous media. The National Indigenous Times and the Koori Mail were alerted on 25/8/10. Murri Country Radio's General Manager and “Let's Talk” convener Tiga Bayles has also been made aware of it. (alb)

Aboriginal and Islander Organisations. (2)

Over the last 10 years, 1894 defunct corporations or corporations that are no longer operating have been de registered. Many of these corporations have themselves requested de-registration or have been de-registered for long standing breaches of reporting requirements and ORIC forming the view that the corporation is defunct or no longer operating.”

Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606 || Freecall: 1800 622 431 ABN: 36 342 015 855 (alb. 27/8/10)

Aboriginal and Islander Organisations. (3)

This issue of peak organisations representing the community views or as a representation of the community. For instance, an Aboriginal and Islander Medical service is just that. A service. It is provided for the Aboriginal and Islander community for easier access to the services of a doctor or, primary health care to (in theory) improve our health. (Not that most A&I people in Brisbane for instance, didn't already have this access) The board would generally be members of the local Indigenous community. But some non-Indigenous could and sometimes, be elected. Voting to elect the board was once open to anyone from the local Indigenous Community with an interest in this area. After a while though, it was realised that to keep control of the organisation (the funding and access to) voting was restricted to organisation members. Then to become a member one had to apply and then be approved by the board. And it evolved to the point where the same board was being re-elected all the time and the general A&I community became Locked Out with no real say in how it was being run and Who Was to be Employed.! This is when it became a closed shop. And the, “us and them” mentality and attitude emerged and established itself. (As is Now) And a lot of A&I people became Disillusioned and Disgusted. Most Lost Interest and started to bad-mouth these organisations and the funding bodies, including ADC and then ATSIC. Apathy was, is, a determining factor because of these issues. This in turn was the catalyst for the loss of ATSIC. Most of the present long-established organisations services i.e. Health, Legal, Hostels, Child Care and Rehabs developed along these lines. But only as Services. And Nothing more or else. They could no more represent the A&I Community than the local supermarket, chemist or even hotel. Services that, in a normal day, a lot of Aboriginal People would take advantage of. There is, was, no provision for them to represent the A&I community because Aboriginal People frequent their premises. The same with normal public services. I have met and know a lot of Aboriginal People in Brisbane as elsewhere, and for many years. And accessed a lot of Aboriginal and Islander services including living in two Aboriginal hostels in Brisbane. I doubt anyone would accept or agree that these organisations and services would represent them or their view in any way. (alb)

Aboriginal and Islander Organisations. (4)

In the early years of setting up Aboriginal Organisations in Brisbane, much in-Fighting and Manipulating went on. First with the Funding Bodies and to get Control. And then amongst themselves to keep it. A lot of Money became available. A hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in a bank account the board had complete control of. A lot People, Management and Administration including Board Members of A&I organisations were dismissed and had to resign for Blatant Misappropriation and Mishandling of Funds. Including Unsecured Loans (advanced wages) to Staff and Management. They were using the (some very large checks) Money deposited (to run the organisation) as a Private Bank. People were charged and went to jail. Misuse of organisation vehicles was an ongoing problem. Most of the basic alternative A&I services i.e. Legal, Health, Child Care, Rehabs, Aboriginal Housing, Hostels and others were set up in the late 70s and early 80s. There were simply no Qualified Aboriginal people to run them. A lot of well-meaning ones, yes.

“Aboriginal and Islander Organisations were set up to fail”. This from the people who were involved and responsible for these failures. Or their Disciples. (alb)


Aboriginal and Islander Organisations. (5)

Local (self-appointed) Spokespeople including Elders and their Failed Responsibilities in and To, the Community. ANTaR, misguided moral postures.? Hidden agendas that keep our focus on the past. Why we can't move on. Or anywhere. Why they don't want us to. Aboriginal and Islander organisations were, are, not established to provide long-term financial and employment security, but to provide a service. The problems that this attitude causes. People being retained in A&I organisations and A&I identified positions for to long. Why there needs to be conditions so that other people can have a go and make some money in this limited area. Most of the so-called role-models employed in A&I identified positions and A&I organisations that have received good wages and for many years, generally have nothing, or, very little to show for it. Many invest with 'The Aboriginal Bank' (TAB) Out-Standing examples of people very well acquainted with the “Perpetual Gravy Train”, the "Aboriginal Victim Industry" (A.V.I.) Inheriting our Great Great Great Grandchildren no more than Eternal Victim-Hood and in the Direction of, The Government Grant syndrome and Mentality. Many were (are) employed through Luck. (right time right place) Knew or related to some-one on the board. (Nepotism) Or on the board of another organisation. (must be accommodated) Definitely Not “Experts in their Field”. Or Professionals. As many Aborigines employed in organisation services are stated to be or are accepted as. That's another Major Drama and Worry, these People influencing decisions that affect our future. People assuming ownership of jobs. And in some cases, organisations.! For instance, “Murri Mura Aboriginal Corporation”. How and why we, the A&I community, lost it. What happened to the money.? Along with MPAC. How many A&I Organisations and Services have (had) Administrators Appointed. How many we've lost and Don't Know about. Or Why. What current A&I organisation board-members and or management are Tainted from These Losses and Failures. Why they are still around, employed in the “Industry" and getting good money. Why these issues haven't been dealt with or resolved. Why it is important that they are. (alb)

Aboriginal and Islander Organisations. (6)

Transparency and Disclosure in the Affairs and Dealings including financial, of All Aboriginal and Islander Organisations and Services, must be made Compulsory. As entities that Receive Public Monies, In the Cause of, and In the Name of, the Advancement and Betterment of the Aboriginal and Islander People of Australia. For instance, A&I Organisation AGMs, that no-one knows about. Closed meetings where the same people keep getting elected all the time. And the staff that have been there for Years.! Many, not necessarily suited to, or suitable for the positions.! And, Definitely Not “Experts in Their Field”. As they are wrongly stated to be or, accepted as. An insult to people that studied and done it hard for years to obtain knowledge and qualifications in their Chosen Field. What Managers of Organisations are on the Board of Others.? What of the issue of, “Conflict of Interest”.? It is very difficult to obtain any information from Government funding bodies, Indigenous PSs and Administration and Management of A&I Organisations and Services re. funding issues. Who was at meetings, who's the board members, or, the general state of affairs. Information that any Responsible Member of the Indigenous Community, Should Be Entitled To. Lack of Openness and Disclosure has no doubt assisted the Loss of A&I Organisations Services and Property In The Past. The “us and them” mentality and attitude is Prevalent. We must Avoid, Administrators being appointed, De-funding of A&I Organisations. And the Further Losses of Valuable A&I Property and Services. And Address the Blatant, Maladministration Mismanagement and Incompetence that is a Major and Ongoing Problem and Flaw in many A&I Organisations and Associated Services in inner City Brisbane. And for Many Years. “Lack of Accountability” has Assisted this. Aboriginal and Islander People of Australia are not only Way behind Everyone else in Australia In Every Area, Health, Employment, Education and Socially, but we are actually going backwards.! According to the People that speak for us in the Media. Many employed in these Financially Secure Areas for many years. And must accept some responsibility. As Elders, Leaders and Spokespeople, we must, not only Confront and Deal with These Issues, But Accept Some Responsibility For Them. No-one is entirely Blameless. (c. 2009. alb)


Look to the Future. (2)

A future of “Us and Them” and “Aboriginal People and the White Establishment” or as a lot of AVI state, Us Blackfullas and “The Dominant Society” is the Continuing Saga and Agenda of the Ignorant. In The Multi-Cultural Society of the Future, Peoples with an Attitude or Agendas that are a Burden on Society will Not be Tolerated. And “Special Measures” will apply Only to High Achievers. And They may well be declared to be The Dominant Society. This Restrictive Agenda of “Aboriginal Rights” has Reached it's “use by” date. And Must be Discarded. Future Generations Will Encompass Embrace and Educate a Broader Vision of Human and Equal Rights. The Minerals Will Soon Be Gone. And so will our Opportunity of a Legitimate and Deserved Place of Significance in this Society.

The AVI seek to Drag and to Carry the Victim aspects of our Past with us Forever. A, Chip on the Shoulder.? Try, Log.! Good for Them. But Not for Us.! Victim-Hood Also has a “use by” Date.

In a Future of Multiculturalism, Victim-Hood Will Not be A Valid Currency.

The AVI in their Ignorance seek To Inherit the Future Generations Worth-Less Paper. (c. 12/2010. alb)

Tokenism and Symbolism.

Kevin Rudd's “Apology to the Stolen Generations”

Julia Gillard's “Constitutional Acknowledgement”

Les Malezer's “Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”

Tom Calma's “National Congress of Australia's First Peoples”

These Issues do Absolutely Nothing to Improve the Lives of Aboriginal People.

All they do is “Maintain the Profile” of these People that are seen to be “Delivering an Outcome”. (c. 2010. alb)

Multiculturalism. (1)

I tell a lot of Aboriginal people including mostly the youth, Youse want to get off your arses and get going. Get involved. You know them Black people in America.? Those African American People that Dominate World Sports.? The Runners, the Boxers, all them Basketball and Baseball players.? The West Indies cricket players.? Bob Marley.? All those Black Soul Singers.? Those Black musicians.? Your Heroes the Hip Hop and Rap Artists.? You know about Barack Obama the most powerful man in the world.? And you see them Black Super Models.? The highest paid in the World.? You see all these thousands of Black African Refugees in Australia with thousands more to come.? Well, they are all “One Mob”.! And in a few years’ time, not long, these people will Dominate in this Country. Just like they do in America.! And while you young (and old) fullas sit around playing “Jacky Jacky”, with your Surly, Chip on the Shoulder, Grudge Against Society Attitude, the African Aussie may well be the future, Black Face of Australia. And they feel No Obligation to Aboriginal People or the Aboriginal Cause. There will be a Black Prime Minister of Australia eventually. But you can bet your bottom dollar he (she) won't be Aboriginal. With the tens of thousands and generations of highly motivated and qualified Subcontinent people already here and involved in everything from bus and taxi drivers, railway workers to running their own businesses. And as registrars and consultants in charge of hospitals. And with their background it won't be long before these people will be involved in the running of this Country. Nor do they have any sympathy for the so called, “Plight of the Aborigine”. The days of Dad and Dave and “Jacky Jacky” and the Boss are numbered. It won't be too long before victim-hood will not be Tolerated. No more Government Handouts, Grants or Funding. Along with the Oil the Gas and the Coal, the Money will be All Gone.! Much of it Squandered. And future Generations may well ask, “who was responsible for this wastage”.!? The Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) will Become Irrelevant. Multiculturalism will be the Order of the Day. Tempered by the Law of Natural Selection. And if We, the Aboriginal People can't compete, our existence and traditions will be as Tokens. And Symbolism. In Cultural Museums. (c. 2010. alb)


The Homeless (house-less) and Unemployed. (1)

In this Country, being “houseless” is a chosen life style. A neighbour was complaining the other day about his wife being homeless (houseless) in Cairns. I laughed and pointed out that especially up there it would be one long continuous party.! Pissed and stoned all day, then crash out on the beach.! Beautiful weather. There is always someone with a dole or*pension check with No bills.! Cashed-up tourists looking to party with the Local Natives and their Ganga.! Plenty of Free and Nourishing Food from Harolds Van or Roseys Van in Munro Martin Park. Food-vouchers food parcels and clothing from Centacare. If it rains, always Free Accommodation at Quigley St. Night Shelter. With even more food. Salvos, Crisis Care. The list goes on and on ! Luxury.! Who wants to work.!? Many people classed as the “Unemployed” in actual fact are people that choose to, and live, quite happily on the dole. Or “Sit Down Money”. This is happening all over Australia. It's a good lurk and a good life.! The youth observe this. And soon Discover that they Don't Need to go to School to enjoy this Laid Back and Responsibility Free Lifestyle. In fact they can Participate and be part of it Immediately by Not Going To School.! Especially in places like Cairns. (*dsp, $350 a week. Many from substance abuse issues, mainly alcohol) (c. 2010. alb)

Backwards or just Playing (plain) ‘Jacky Jacky’.

These shows on TV lately about other Black People and how they live. The people Living in the Slums of Lagos in Nigeria. The first one was how a Whole Community Lived in and on the City dump. How they Made Their Own Houses out of waste materials including Cardboard and Plastic. Not waiting for or expecting Other People to Do it For Them. How they Made a Living out of other poor People's Rubbish. Working Hard all day just to feed themselves and Their Families. Yet with a High Standard of Cleanliness, Honesty, Independence and above all, Optimism and Pride. Incredible Achievements and People. The next part where they lived on the land that they Reclaimed from swamps on the outskirts of the City. And the way they went about reclaiming the land themselves. No Government Handouts, Grants or Funding.! No such thing as CDEP.! No Dole.! Amazing.! I have always observed Ade Kukoyi's (Maroochy Barambah's Nigerian husband) attitude towards Aboriginal People as one of contempt. Now I know where he's coming from. And it makes me sad.

The woodcarvers of New Guinea and how they lived on the Sepik River. The Beautiful Houses on stilts that they had Obviously Built Themselves. The glowing Pride of Achievement and Contentment. And the children.!

A couple of nights back it was the Dharavi slums of Mumbai. One million people living in one square mile. Twenty-one people living in a house twelve-foot square. All so happy. And proud. Five hundred people per toilet. Limited water in buckets and tubs. Yet the children going to school immaculately dressed. Everyone working, even employing themselves. One Indian woman sorting plastic all day in extreme conditions in the city dump so her two kids can go to school and get an education.

Are we any less than these people.? These people are not just existing, they are thriving.! No wallowing in the past for them.! As the Narrator said “They have No Time for Self-Pity”. They are just powering ahead.! No government handouts.! We get Billions.! Yet we can't seem to get ahead or even get on with life. We are Still the most Disadvantaged people in the Whole World.! And Still living in Absolute Poverty! These other Black People, they just Put Us To Shame. There's No Doubt About It.

And if they can come over here and do the same, as Australians, they deserve anything in this Country. (alb)

Forever Victims.?

This a major contributing factor to this “Image Problem” Other people including Anglo Aussies watch these shows and many have even been to and seen first-hand “what's happening in these Countries” look at us and shake their heads in dismay and even disgust. Especially in places like, Redfern, Black Theatre, Mathew Talbot Hostel, the Cross in Sydney, the Valley and around West End in Brisbane where many Blackfullas congregate, and have for years, begging and harassing people for cigarettes and money for more grog. I've sat there many times over years, the Small Park and outside the Markets South Brisbane. And I have observed Aboriginal primary school children marching with their classes to Musgrave Park swimming pool or down to South Bank Museum and as they pass the Murri people drunk, pissing in the street, fighting over grog and carrying on, they turn their little heads and look down at the ground in shame and embarrassment. Terrible. And if one of the drunks call out in recognition you can see that poor kid just wishing the ground would open up and swallow them. Yet the many times that the police and others have tried to stop this behaviour there is always some misguided and out of touch individuals (AVI) there in support of them (the drunks) and this continuing saga. And Further Encouraging them to continue in their drunken irresponsibility. And as role-models. As many of these people are parents and even grand-parents. (c. 2010. alb)


Aboriginal Victim Industry.

aka The Aboriginal Industry.

He is one, Very Determined Out of Touch Aboriginal Academic this Stephen Hagan.! Determined to Promote Confirm and to Perpetuate the Victim Status and Mentality of Aboriginal People.! He just Won't Let Go.! Like a Bull-Terrier.! He wants to Hammer Us Down.! Like a Nail.! Get Back.! and Stay There.! Youse are Victims.! Always Was and Always Will Be.! Is His Message and Agenda. He deserves the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) Award of the Week.! For his Latest Offerings in NIT (aka The Joke) re. the poverty issue.

You see Stephen, a Victim is seen to be, and portrayed, a Loser. A victim of an assault for instance, is the one that lost the fight. A victim of a theft is the one that lost the money. People from all walks of life including, Aboriginal People recognise and accept this even if subconsciously. The emphasis is on sympathy these days for future reference re. possible court action as well. Now this is good but it can backfire if over-used. And unfortunately, this is “What's Happening in This Country”. To many people with a Vested Interest in Victim-Hood. The AVI. Stephen, you do more than “Confirm Promote and Perpetuate” Victim-hood. In your “Hagan's Opinion”. (issue 211) You seem to go out like a hunter looking for it.! Like Bush Tucker that nourishes and sustains you.! What you can't use immediately you put away for later.? You have a freezer full.!? You actually cultivate Victim-hood. Like Mushrooms. Is this really all you have to offer Stephen.? Perpetual Victim-hood.? Put it this way Stephen, Are you trying to solve (a) some Problem(s).? If so, Exactly which one(s).? What issues are you trying to impact on.? I Implore you, Please Tell Us.! I may be able to contribute in some way. I am Serious.! (c. 2009 alb)

Forever Victims. (1)

It is impossible for anyone to move on. Or Anywhere. With all the benefits including financial on offer these days for putting one's hand up as a victim.! Any or even, All Categories.! Money, Money, Money.! And much more still to come. Quote First Contact News sept. 04 edition. “Old wise man say you keep giving me drink of water I go nowhere. You keep giving me chow I definitely go nowhere. I am Contented”. unquote. Is this relevant.? Certified Victims are Popular and Welcome People.! Assured Income. Probably in the, Money to Come Category. Knows where to get all the free tucker and food vouchers. Hot showers and free clothes. The Coffee Lady. Who's likely to be Sympathetic (with a good story) to Assist with phone gas and electricity bills, Who's Not. Even the Hare Krishna. And can legitimately claim to be Homeless. (doesn't own a house!) It's a Good Lurk and a Good Life.! Chad Morgan devoted a song to it. Why Move On.? This Truly is The Lucky Country. And We (Aboriginal?) Australians Truly are The Lucky People.! (c. 2006.alb)

Poverty.? (1)

In Papua New Guinea 40 per cent of the people live in Poverty, that is, on less than 90 cents a day. In Australia on the dole, $40 a day is poverty. Even with free food everywhere and assistance with most bills. What is the difference.? (c. 6/2010 alb)

Poverty.? (2)

Poverty” seems to be an Abstract term or expression used mainly by researchers and academics. I lived on the dole for a few years. Paid rent, electricity phone and gas bills. Fed myself, bought my own smokes and occasional beer. And whilst running a referral service (DARS) assisting with accommodation and wrote court reports. I never felt that I was living in “Poverty”. I have known many Blackfullas over many years around this Country living on the dole or on a Disability Support Pension. Even parents with a pension and endowment in public housing. I can't recall any of them ever mention “poverty”. Most quite happy and uncomplaining in their existence. Wherever it was. A lot got pissed off when they blew (misspent) their money. But there was always St Vinnies or the Salvos. Most knew the Lurks and Perks. Many learnt from their parents. (c. 6/2010 alb)


Alcohol-Grog. (1)

Why, what, is this ongoing saga with the Abuse of it. Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs). Why and what of the continuing drama conflict and confusion with them.! The AVIs preferred and public view and stance on why Aboriginal people drink and abuse alcohol is, that it is the “Direct Result of Colonisation and Dispossession”. We have All become Alcoholics because of this.! Total BULLSHIT.! What about, “Hey let's get a couple of cartons and listen to the ‘State of Origin’ footy tonight”.!? or “It's my birthday (pay-day) so I'm getting pissed”.!? No, we all have to be, Alcoholics.! Alcoholism is a doctor specific diagnosis. So, they must all be doctors.! Maybe they never heard of the European experience and phrase, “Social Lubricant” or “Habitual Sot”.? What about the Native American, Fire-Water, it puts, Fire in the Belly.! We even got our own, “Getting Charged Up”.! Grog makes the Mouse Roar like the Lion.! The Rabbit Howl like the Wolf.! Who wants to give that up.? No-one.! Having been involved in drug and alcohol rehabilitation since 1976 and employed as a Counsellor (senior) a few years ago, been involved as a street counsellor (in)voluntary, and created and ran my private (from home) service, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Support (DARS) since 1999. Mainly these days a referral service and whilst on the Dole. It may be construed that I have some knowledge in this area. Yes, I was a drinker and a toker. But never a drunk or a pot-head. And I even sold the stuff.! (dope) Sometimes in Alice Springs.! (in the mid-eighties, but only my personal stuff, to friends, (at their insistence.!) for petrol money) But not these days. (copd and Hep c) So here's some free info and advice for all the so-called experts including the AVI. The difference between Grog (charge) and Marijuana (nyarndi) for the ignorant and uninitiated is simple. One is Empowerment. One is Escapism.! So, all this Bull-Shit about people in the Territory getting on the Marra because of the lack of grog, is just that, Bull-Shit.! Most of the long-term drinkers won't have a bar of it (dope) or the smokers. And in fact, many use the reason and excuse for their irresponsible drinking hence behaviour “Well at least I'm not a drugo”. (pot-head) Chronic drinkers are more likely to seek substitutes such as Methylated Spirits (goom) home-brews and stuff like After-shave.! I have known them to drink Paint Thinners. (with fruit cordial, of course.!) c. 9/2010 alb

Alcohol-Grog. (2)

I have Travelled round most of this Country and visited and stayed at a lot of Aboriginal communities, urban and remote. And so called Missions. About forty. (40) And my observation and experience is that not many Aboriginal People want to, or are going to, give up the grog.! Walk down any street, go to any park or river bank where Aboriginal People gather to drink and explain that the government wants them to stop drinking grog and to stop smoking cigarettes to, “Close the Gap”, and they will tell you in no uncertain terms, that the government can, Get Fucked.! “White man bought the grog here so I'm gonna keep drinking”, one well known drunk will tell anyone that listens.! Aboriginal People are Well Aware of the Dangers and Problems caused by and associated with Abusing Alcohol. And have been for many years. Many Drink to Forget Them.! To Blot and to Block Them Out.! As Homer's mate Carl said, “Alcohol is the Best Antidote for Responsibility”.!  There have been Health Campaigns and Education Initiatives Galore over a lot of years, both State and Federal, to combat the abuse of alcohol by Aboriginal People and the problems caused by it. All have Failed. With no-one, Giving Up the Grog.! And why should we.? With no accountability issues.! I'm “Jacky Jacky” I know nothing.! I've played this game, as did many others, over the years. I've also had it played on me whilst assisting Aboriginal People.! And it is still going on. A very common practice. (a part of our psych.? Are We Different.? Circumstances.?) But not discussed in the public domain. The Comfort Zone of Victim-hood. Why Move On.?

I've had a bit to do with a few Rehabilitation Clinics, Programs and Drop-in Centres over the years. There is a few Aboriginal people in the rehabs. Not many though. Most don't last the usually, three (3) month programme. A lot signed in through court orders or and, to avoid jail. A lot to “have a break “. Many enter rehab to get their Centre Link payment sorted out. (I have!) No-one really wants to give up the grog. Though they will all say they want to. (they have to otherwise they won't get in) Cannabis is smoked in almost all of them. Including the ones here in Brisbane. And many are evicted because of this problem. (c. 9/2010 alb)

Look to the Future. (3)

It is time to Resist Oppose and to Reject, the Acceptance and the Expansion of the Destructive Alcohol Culture that has developed amongst our People. This Culture with its False Values has already made a Permanent and Adverse Impact on the younger generations of our children. For the sake of our great, great, great grandchildren we must make a stand. And to recognise the entrenched Victim Industry as a "Major Contributing Factor" to the present situation. The Victim Industry are those employed, whom continue to Foster and to Assist this circle of dependency and irresponsibility. To maintain employment credibility, to create access to further funding, to Confirm, Encourage and to Perpetuate, in their Ignorance, the Victim Status and Mentality of Aboriginal and Islander People. And a Culture and Values that is Disastrous to the Aboriginal People and Devastating to the Aboriginal Cause in this Country. (c. 9/1999 alb)




Privilege not a Right.

Will Life in this Country for us Blackfullas only ever be about Justice.? Well, it looks like it.! There's many thousands of Blackfullas officially seeking Justice. So, we all get to be Dragged in/along whether we like it or not.! And with Many Years to go.! Forever Victims.? The AVI.? Some of us may ask (and be entitled to) “when will it end”.? or “Will it Ever End”.!? Who has to make these Decisions. Who do we ask.!? What Person or Persons has the Authority to finally decide and to say “We have Justice” Let Us Now Move On.? Les Malezer.!? Michael Anderson.!? Tiga Bayles.!?

+Our Mob, or some of our mob, refer to them as The Three Blind Mice. I say The Blind Leading the Blind.! (+Tiga's phrase) (alb)

Talkin about Justice.

In Reality, when you look at it, I'm just doing what a lot of Blackfellas are doin, I'm “Fightin for Justice”.! Now, “where's the Money”.!? (alb)

I tell you what, when you look at it, it's really hard fightin for Justice. It's a Hard Life.! Everyone seems to want it. First you gotta find out what category your particular Justice/injustice comes under, or what window you hafta go to and hope the line is not to long.! Maybe you might have to get a ticket like in Centre-link.! Then you gotta go in and tell your story. And they don't really listen. They just tryin to get rid of you as soon as they can to deal with the Next Victim/Customer.! And with the least amount of money.! Really though, what is Justice.? I mean, they never gonna give the Country back. Are they.? So that's never gonna change. So, All Aboriginal People are Inherent Victims.! All seeking Justice.! The descendants of the convicts are Victims, the Refugees are Victims. And yes, even the Kiwis are Refugees.! From New Zealand.! We are a society of Victims.! So, where/when does Justice come into it.? Who is entitled to Justice.? Who Deserves Justice the Most.? Who gets Justice.? Who makes this Decision.!? What about Justice Reinvestment.!?

Justice.? (1)

As I see it, the only way to reduce our over representation in the criminal justice system is to simply, Stop Arresting Us.! If we commit crimes, the police will just have to Pretend to arrest us. But drop us off around the corner. Better still, at home. And if they have to do it again, Bad Luck.! At least they are making a positive contribution. This may even help to 'Close the Gap' in our life expectancy. By avoiding the Stress associated with Court and Prison.! (c. 8/2007 alb)

Justice. (2)

Lionel Fogarty said to me “we not gonna get justice”. I replied, Lionel Brother We can, but we gotta get it ourselves. No one else is gonna get it for us. It's up to us. These Blackfullas, these so-called Leaders, they ain't gonna get it for us.! It's up to us as individuals. And as Australians. It's all there waiting for us. (8/1/20/13. alb)


The Aboriginal Victim Industry and Associates (not the people) presented the opportunity and it was accepted. There is a mummer of a grab for uranium. A whisper really. Compared to the din of the entrenched A.V.I. that know nothing more than the Blame Game, (it has delivered results in the past) Still, an indication of their inadequacy and failings. (c. 9/2007 alb)


Us Aborigines have known about it all along, we just choose not to. For whatever reason. In Cherbourg people were voting in State elections over forty-five (45) years ago.! No doubt the same was happening in Woorabinda and Palm Island as well. You won't hear about this from ANTaR though. Or their Aboriginal advisers. Including the local Indigenous media. They just like to keep us ignorant.! (c. 9/2007 alb)


Housing Problem. (1)

Twenty people to one house. Is this overcrowding.? Or is this a combined income of $4,000 a week.! Surely some builder would build three (3) houses for $2,000 a week guaranteed.! (think bags of flour and kangaroo.!) Then after about five (5) years the houses would be owned. That would be five (5) to a house. At four rooms each, extra toilet and shower, a lounge or sleep-out for the extra person. Compatibility.? Everyone keeps changing around until the right combination.! And the income is back (with indexation) to about $5000 a week. This model could be passed on. And people to be encouraged to live twenty (20) to a house to start off. The Commonwealth Government to give full support with financial incentive or concession via Centre-link. And State and Local Governments to provide and maintain necessary services. The housing problem will, solve itself. (c.6/2009 alb)

Housing Problem. (2)

Aboriginal Peoples Have Lived and even Thrived in central Australia as elsewhere for many thousands of years Without Anyone Building Houses for Them. Our ancestors built their own Gunyahs when and where it was necessary. As with most cultures based on hunter gatherer traditions. What about the old, "home is where you lay your head".? As many simply camped next to the fire. As many of us do today. But according to the Aboriginal Victim Industry (A.V.I) including Misguided and Out of Touch Aboriginal Academics, we are, were, All Homeless People.! And also, we are, were, All Living in Poverty.! We Just Didn't Know It.! How Stupid of Us.! We're Lucky that the Aboriginal Victim Industry came along otherwise we may have all, Died of Starvation.! Those that didn't Perish from Exposure to the Elements because there was, No One to build houses for us.! So, air-conditioning is the way to go. According to the AVI. Many with a vested interest in this area. What about (selective?) cultural appropriateness.? Also, air-conditioning is known to cause a lot of respiratory problems. What if this increases and people start dying because of this.? No doubt the AVI will find someone else to blame as they are very PROACTIVE (one of their latest favourite words) in this area.! (blame apportioning) Or is it a case of, don't you worry about that we will just need, More Community Consultations and of course, More Money.! (c.7/2009 alb)

Housing Problem. (3)

What a screw-up this issue of Aboriginal Housing.! The Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) is a major contributing factor (again) These people with a vested interest. For instance, on the talk back programme (murri country radio) up here in Brisbane the other day re the construction and handing over of promised houses, it was stressed and emphasised that, with these new houses, (also to land-lords) Cultural Practices ‘Must be taken into Consideration’. i.e. when relations come to town for a funeral or wedding, they are accommodated by the people with houses. These Visitors can also come under the umbrella of "extended family" (and like termites can be a problem to get rid of) But the house-holders are expected to put up with these minor inconveniences because they, we, are "Aborigines". And it is deemed, "Culturally Appropriate". But then the next day at another venue or another meeting, it will be a complete, Arse about Face.! And the approach or line by the AVI this time is, this is Outrageous.! This is Overcrowding.! This is why the houses are damaged. To many People.! It is the Government's fault.! We demand More Houses for our people.! And so, Round and Round We Go.! And with no problem solved.! This has been happening all round the Country, and for a few years, this circus. I think it was Noel Pearson that said "people with no investment in a house will have no respect for it". Was he referring to "The Australian Dream" with People buying their own house (home).? As opposed to someone being given a house (home).? Is this relevant.? (c.8/2009 alb)

More Housing.

An Australian study led by the University of Adelaide has debunked the belief that owning a home is a recipe for happiness. Owning a home is not the best outcome for everyone. Previous studies show that, in many cases, low income households with mortgages struggle financially and these people would actually be happier and healthier and less stressed if they rented.... 25/7/2012 BIGPOND HEALTH (alb)


Native Title Act. (1)

What about the Misguided and out of touch Aboriginal Academics, including Marcia Langton and Noel Pearson, (who else was there?) that Rubber-Stamped “The Native Title Act". And on Behalf of the Aboriginal and Islander People of Australia.! Do they ever think or talk about this this Farce.? Is it a case of “let sleeping dogs lie”.? (alb)

Native Title Act. (2)

And what of the Native Title Claimants, The Turrbal.? What are they as the Native Title Claimants (holders?) Required to Offer the Local Aboriginal People that Reside on Their Land as Historical and Fellow, Residents (Guests?) and or Co-Occupiers, via Duty of Care.? What Are Their Legal Requirements and Obligations in This Area.? Are They Discharging Them.? Who Would Decide This.? Do they offer Direction or Input into the Major, Social Upheavals Amongst A&I People in Brisbane.? What is their Role and or Responsibility in This Area.? As an Entity that Receives Public Monies, is Transparency and Disclosure in the Dealings and Affairs, (to local Fellow-Indigenous) of Turrbal Association a reasonable expectation.? Are they “another” Law unto Themselves.!? (alb)

Aboriginal Academics. (1)

One Eyed Academics, what, who they are. People with an unbalanced view.? The Blind leading the Blind.? Why do we have to live and be treated by how they define us. People that done years at uni where they all tell everyone that schools teach false Aboriginal history. Yet they accept as authorities in this area.! You will find most of them in the Indigenous Unit at the local uni or TAFE. As they are, Unemployable Anywhere Else.! A lot became redundant after the money went out of Native Title. What if one Native-Title claimant hired an Aboriginal Anthropologist and their opposing cousins or mining company hired a White one.? Presuming they got their degrees to "Help Our People" these Aboriginal Anthropologists and Archaeologists. Are they obligated to mislead to support or to secure a favourable outcome.? Could there be objectivity and impartiality in what could be a very emotional issue.? And If this was the case, (misleading) would one have to bring in another Aboriginal Anthropologist and go through the same.? Or get a White-fulla to make a decision.? If this has to occur, what then would be the point of the Aboriginal Anthropologists or Archaeologists.? Good P.R.?! Have any of these Aboriginal Anthropologists or Archaeologists made any significant difference or contribution in Native Title claims.? Any discoveries.?

My Aunt, an academic, teaches Aboriginal languages that nobody speaks any-more.! (uni job and to Aborigines.) With the very high rate of Aboriginal People going to and will be going to hospital (as I have been) ENGLISH IS CRUCIAL.! OR DIE.! Why encourage languages that doctors don't understand.? These Bloody Aboriginal Academics.! They are Dangerous in Their Ignorance. (and getting well paid) As Amanda Vandstone observed, they are more about feeling good than doing good.! The Feel-Good Industry.? (FGI) (alb)

Aboriginal Academics. (2)

There must be 1000s of Aboriginal academics by now. From All different parts or the Country. Black White and Brindle.! (mainly white and brindle. Yes, if you're black get back, also applies in Aboriginal society.!) All produced by the present education system. Yet they all seem to be trying to change it.! Surely only to deliver some sort of outcome to justify.... what.? You see, once academic status is achieved, they become Them.! Indistinguishable. Authorities on what's best for us.! (paternalism) Though not always at their instigation. But as Lois O’Donoghue pointed out (on let's talk) They get Comfortable in them uni's.! Degrees, PhD s, Masters, the more they acquire (some uni's have been accused of pushing them over the line.!) the more they are accepted as experts by society and governments.! If education is the key, is academia the ultimate goal.? Or is there only limited room at the top.? And the rest of us have to make do with whatever we can get.! Is this the reason they want to redesign the education system, these Aboriginal academics.? Not One with an original thought or view to offer or to pass on to future generations other than, how to tap into the Mother of All Mother Lodes, the Aboriginal Victim Industry.! One would certainly be entitled to question the quality and the commitment of these Academics who had a free, (abstudy) and easy, (dumbed down courses) education. If an Aboriginal accepted the commission of an Academic education or qualification in the name and in the cause of "Helping My People" to combat and to oppose the dominance of the enemy, the “White Academic” or “Dominant society” (The danger in this of course is that we end up with Academics with a One Dimensional Perspective and misguided agendas) even in the face of irrefutable opposing evidence, would the Aboriginal Academic deliberately mislead if they represent Aboriginal interests against a mining company.? Would they refuse and risk being denounced by the people.? If so, what would be their Value if they are prepared to Mislead.? People may ask, what's the point of having or Educating them.? Role Models.? Would a One-Eyed Aboriginal Academic be capable of delivering or presenting fair and true input into an emotional issue.? With all that false Aboriginal history conditioning and the emotional traumas they had to endure, as is no secret (they will no doubt verify this) throughout their education. Years.! Moral destroying.! They should be given medals.! (will money do.? literary immortality.?) Should, could they be expected to Lead the Team? DEFINITELY NOT.! (where would their heads be.!) They are Victims Too.! They would be, and in fact are, a Danger to Everyone.! With all their degrees (even from America) and their, ra ra ra's, we'll fix the problems. We just need Money and, More Money.! Bringing Nothing New to the debate and offering no more than Eternal Victim Hood. These people need to Get (kicked) Out of these Indigenous Units and so called, Research Centres and Engage with the REAL WORLD.! And Get a REAL JOB.! Not that they ever will. (THEY ARE UNEMPLOYABLE ELSEWHERE) They are just Not Equipped Skilled or Motivated for the Private Sector. They will only move to an Indigenous Identified Position. Where they know that there is very little chance of dismissal for most things. Including Poor Communication Skills, Lack of General People Skills and Overall Poor Performance. And so, they are doing Community Qualified, Grass Roots People Out of a Job.! (alb)


Aboriginal Academics. (3)

Stephen, you and other Aboriginal academics quote and have quoted Martin Luther King. As I understand, He fought for Integration. Integration into the existing education system. They wanted an Equal Opportunity via what was already established. And it could may well be argued, that they succeeded. And it served them well.! From an initial, American Civil Rights influence, our stated leaders these days, many Aboriginal academics, have steered the focus and direction to Victim Hood. Stephen, as an academic and researcher, where did our mob lose association, contact and direction from or with the Afro American civil rights mob.? Why did we move away.? Could we be as successful.? Why is Segregation in Education a focus and agenda.? Was Cultural Appropriateness ever an Issue in Education with the descendants of Slaves.? Could it be, you academics have it Arse about Face.!? You and others need to consider this, as our youth seek inspiration from over the ocean. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and of course, the multi-millionaire Rappers and Hip Hoppers.! They are sick and tired of, and don't want to be Victims Hence Losers, Any More.! They want to be Winners.! Just like their Idols, the Afro Americans. The Supreme Black Achievers. And a Big Thanks to the misguided leaders including out of touch Aboriginal academics like you, we may well have lost them. (a comment to Stephen Hagan's Offering Educational Opportunities. 21/2/2008, Online Opinion. alb)

More Aboriginal Academics!

Stephen dragged us all into his well-publicised conflict with T.C.C. over the nickname “Nigger” Brown. He was probably the only Aboriginal in Toowoomba, and indeed, even Australia, that took offence at this usage. (if he ever really did) I have heard it used over the years by other Aborigines round the country. Most commonly as “Up Town Niggers”. A term used to describe other Blackfullas seen to Better-Off or, Privileged. Kath Walker's poem and now popular song “No More Boomerangs No More Spears” has the phrase “Work Like A Nigger“. And is played regularly on Murri Country Radio, aka AAA. In fact, almost every day. I pointed this out to Stephen when I spoke to him by phone (never met him but he seems like a decent sort of bloke) and he acknowledged this. (the song bit.!) He also said that he had sent a letter to Tiga (general manager) re this issue. Yet him and Tiga chat quiet affably whenever he is on “Let's Talk“. Even though this issue seems, “yet to be resolved”.! I pointed this out to Stephen (by email) mentioning this “gorilla in the room “when he talks publicly to Tiga. Is it a case of, all is forgiven.? So far, no response. And as the good professor J.S.M. asked, “Why is this So”.!? (alb)

And More.

This of course, even if Steven does not acknowledge or even recognise, is this Tacit, Silent and Unspoken Agreement, Policy or even, Conspiracy. Amongst many of the Aboriginal Victim Industry to not, Contradict, Disagree, or to Attack each other publicly. Even if they don't agree and are obviously wrong. And again, in their Ignorance. A Barrier an Obstacle and an Impediment to any Progress and or Advancement by Aboriginal or Islander People. And even Reconciliation. By keeping us all Ignorant and Misled. More of the old, “Misrepresentation by Omission”. Just like we are all One Big Happy Family.! The old + “Our Mob” or, 'My Mob'. Craig Egert when he was a newsreader with the National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS) told me that they will not criticise other Blackfellas or Aboriginal organisations or services on air. So, this must also be NIRS policy.! Only the AVI use these terms and get away with it. And it will All-ways be in the context of Seeking Money (government grant) for some (oft. Duplicated) Service or Project they have thought up to get money.! To deliver some sort of financial outcome.! This is what happens in these Indigenous Units. Academics sitting around thinking up what they can do. (to make themselves and their degrees use-full.? to justify their free and easy education?) Many chose uni and TAFE as part of the work for the Dole scheme. Or they would have been kicked off the Dole.! And as adults. Long after their high-school days, so it wasn't a natural progression. And again, The Quality and Commitment of these so called, Aboriginal Academics, must be Questioned.!  +I have met and know many Blackfullas in this Country who will tell you to Fuck Off real quick if you tried to claim them this way. Specially if you were not from there.! (alb)

This is the major problem. Getting money out of the government (or whitefulla) even Dishonestly, is perceived to be, taking money (or resources) away from the enemy.! And as they say, "All's Fair in Love and War”.! People play on this sentiment and inherited attitude. (A.V.I.) These people that deliver financial outcomes see themselves and are perceived to be Leaders and even Heroes taking it up to the enemy.! And sharing the spoils.! But not all the time.! (the money.!) (c.9/2007alb)


Prisons. An Inconvenient Truth.

Even some of the most vicious and low-life crims in jail are being encouraged to feel the “Real Victims” There is now a Massive “Prison Welfare Industry” catering to this. It used to be, “Do the Crime Do the Time”. With No Sympathy. And this was Understood and Accepted by the inmates. Many of them caused a lot of Pain and Suffering to a lot of good people. My experience and observation over years was that 80-85% of the prison population deserved to be there. I did the Prison Programme when employed as a Counsellor with QAIAS (82-84) and assisted with parole applications. I also spent a few Early Years in Prisons. As a lot of us did with +the deregulation of Aboriginal settlements in the sixties. Not because we were Crims or had Criminal Intentions. We simply had some issues adjusting to a different way of life when we moved to Brisbane. And, We All Moved On. The inmates of today are certainly a Different Kettle of Fish. Many Hardened Criminals with 20 or more convictions for car theft, burglary or break and enter and destruction of property. And with no respect for anything or anyone. Including the Elderly and other Aborigines. Quite a few for vicious assaults. On women and even children. Most spruik Aboriginal Rights but are Ignorant on the Rights of Other People in the Community, whom need to be protected from them. This being why they are in Prison. Many are “Repeat Offenders”. Definitely not “Innocent Victims” and “Traffic fine Defaulters” As the “Aboriginal Victim Industry” (AVI) including the “Out of Touch” and “Misguided Moral Postures” ANTaR and Others, would have us believe. (6/6/2009 alb)

+Most of us knew nothing about rent or electricity and gas bills.! A lot of the work experiences on settlements was not applicable in Brisbane. This was the days of OPAL House in Russell St. South. Brisbane. Uncle Bowman Johnson and Born Free. Helping accommodate people, many from Cherbourg. And steering many to work at the Northgate Cannery and the Ice-works at South Brisbane.

It was a significant and sometimes traumatic period in the lives of a lot of Aboriginal People. Many, including families, moved from the settlements moved to Brisbane. A lot of families were broken up. With divorces and separations. A lot of kids were being neglected by parents. Many ended up in homes. Quite a few in foster care. This was the start of the street-kids’ problems in Brisbane. As many parents were spending a lot of time at places like, The Grand Hotel in the City. The Palace, Adelaide, Manhattan and other hotels in South Brisbane. As well as Tommy's Restaurant in The Valley. A well-known and popular nightclub frequented by many Aboriginal people at the time. Women were made more welcome than men. The club photographer kept running out of film.! Many women were photographed with their “Captains”. All Enjoying this newly discovered freedom and way of Life. With an unlimited access to Alcohol. Many Wallets Went Missing. A lot of club and hotel patrons were “Rolled”. This continued up to the 1990s and the Prince Consort Hotel and Tony’s Nightclub in the Valley. A reason why Aboriginal People are now, Not Welcome in hotels and clubs in the Valley. All memories of this now, “Lost in the Mists of Time”. (alb)

Aboriginal Victim Industry. (AVI)

In claiming the status of victim and by assailing all blame to others, a person can achieve moral superiority while simultaneously disowning any responsibility for one's behaviour and its outcome. The victims merely seek justice and fairness. If they become violent, it is only as a last resort, in self-defence. The victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible or accountable, and forever entitled to sympathy.” Psychologist Dr. Ofer Zue.

That sums up Perfectly, Tiga Bayles, and Les Malezer. And, many like them.

Tiga and Les promote and perpetuate the Victim status and Assail All Blame to Others.! They Achieve Moral Superiority whilst, Simultaneously Disowning any Responsibility for their Behaviour. And it's Outcome.! They Merely Seek Justice and Fairness.! If they Misrepresent, it is only as a Last Resort that is justified. Their Stance is a Powerful One. They are Always Morally Right. Neither Responsible or, Accountable.! And, Forever Entitled to Sympathy. And Funding.! (alb)


Revenge and Punishment. (1)

Torres Strait Island woman Ali Mills records Songs in Creole. The Language of Her People.”

We were nearly dragged into a War over Coles naming a biscuit Creole.! With Australia condemned as a Racist Country and Society. Again. So, what's going to happen now.!? These bloody Out of Touch Aboriginal Academics.! There is certainly No Shortage of them.! And Dangerous ones too. That seek Revenge and to Punish Anglo-Australian Society. Not solve problems. Or to Close the Gap.! And to “build walls” not “bridges”.! Sam Watson was probably the only Blackfulla in Australia that “took offence” at this usage.! (it is doubtful he really did)

Also, I have Never heard Anglo- Aussies refer to Aboriginal Aussies as Niggers. Ever.! We have been called, Boongs, Coons, Abos, Black Bastards, Black Cunts, Bludgers, Woman Bashers, Drunks.! Yes, I've Heard It All.! As we All Have.! Haven't We.? But, Never Niggers.! The reason being of course is, Nigger(s) is a term Reserved for a Special and Select group of People.! Even your Average Ocker knows this. It is Obvious that Stephen Hagan sued in Revenge or as Punishment. (The Anglo-Aussies of Toowoomba.?) One would be Hard Pressed to interpret his actions as intending to Solve a Problem that may Improve our Lives. And Close the Gap.! Or, Building Bridges In the spirit of Reconciliation.!

I was set to Attack and to Punish Anglo-Australia once. On a Grand Scale. And ASIO has probably got a file on me.! (alb)

Self Determination. (1)

A Flawed Concept and Failed Experiment

There were Strict Laws with Traditions, in Aboriginal Society. With “No Provision” for “Self-Determination”. And to Upset the Sometimes Fragile, Social and Environmental Harmony, that was the Key to Survival.

Economic Development.? Economic Independence.? What's This.? More Alien Concepts. And, Not Culturally Appropriate.!

How come this stuff is not mentioned in Submissions for Funding.?

How come nobody talks about it at all.?

Is it a case of “Selective” Cultural Appropriateness.? What about “Misrepresentation by Omission”.? But of course, these “Specialist” Submission Writers wouldn't know about this, would they.? A case of I'm “Jacky-Jacky” I know Nothing”.!?

Bess Price.

My people don’t use money the way white people do. They don’t save, they don’t budget, they can’t say ‘no’ to relatives even when they are drunks and addicted to gambling and drugs. They need help in spending their money wisely”. Bess Price. Good points Bess, the Vast Majority of the Blackfellas I know are also hopeless with money.! And I know heaps.! From all walks of life, and from all around this Country. Including many of my relations. As stated on this site, most of the so-called role-models employed in A&I identified positions and A&I organisations that have received good wages and for many years, generally have nothing, or, very little to show for it. Many invest with 'The Aboriginal Bank' (TAB) The “Intervention” may need to be extended to Aboriginal Organisations and Services employees as well.! In Brisbane, every Monday after pay-day (like the ones I know of elsewhere) they all fucken broke.! (even biting the clients for smokes.!) Including Administration and Board Members, people that are and have been over the years, handling untold “Millions” of dollars.! The ones associated with the hostels have got it good, they just help themselves to the hostel food like it's their own.! (alb)

Bess knows what she is talking about, and calls for open and honest debate. But gets shouted down and drowned out by the “Aboriginal Victim Industry” (AVI) and associates. Many of whom are “Professional” Aboriginal Activists and Agitators. Including, “One Dimensional” Aboriginal Academics and “Researchers”. Check them out, most would not have had a (Real.?) Job in their Life.! Ask them.! A lot are, inherent “Rebels without a Cause” with a lot of time on their hands. Often, Bored and Boring People, seeking to “Make Mischief” even to gain their “fifteen minutes of fame”. And under normal circumstances, people that would be told to, “Get a Life”.! Many get “Good Money” for their mostly, Negative and Divisive, Activities and Agendas. Bringing “Nothing New” to the debate. And whilst, +Touring the Country. And even, the World.! A lifestyle that most of these people would normally only dream about, but attained through being an “Activist”. And with no intention of giving it up. +courtesy of the taxpayer. (c. 3/2012 alb)


Stolen Wages. (1)

This is where the public is being continually misled by these people. For instance, most Aboriginal people had moved on from these experiences, considering and accepting as a work and life learning curve. Being aware that most cockies and their families, that worked long and hard on them farms and stations never received any wages. With kids being denied much. Many had to just walk off in the end and leave their life's work. And anything they ever owned. No compo.! There is a Chronic Lack of Input from the people that ANTaR and supporters claim to speak and to act on behalf of. They continually fail to make this point. Deliberate and Calculated, “Misrepresentation by Omission”. Deceptive, Selective Illustration.! And the recent assertions by Tiga Bayles, and ANTaR (courtesy of “Let’s Talk”) that the dearth of claimants was due to people turning their noses up, or treating the previous offers with contempt.? Well.! Tell us, How Many.? A couple of thousand.? A few thousand.? And just who was some of these people.? In other words, Name Some. A lot of false claimants were, and were not, paid. There is, Absolutely No Doubt about this. You won't hear about this from ANTaR and associates though. They don't want to Hear or Know About This. Numbers is all they want. And they don't care how they get them.!

Lies, Dammed Lies and Statistics.!

A good title.? What about, “No Problem Solved.!? Think I'll use both.!

+How many claimants done the same after the 74 floods.? A few went to jail with some outrageous claims.! One famous (and true) story involved a prominent Murri claiming $35,000 for a stud bull.! (he ended up in jail.!) All this stuff is, Public Knowledge. Including the Major Fraud perpetrated from within the Commonwealth Bank in 2000 by Many, Mostly, Murri's. Including, Administration, Management and Staff, of Numerous A&I Organisations, in inner city Brisbane.! All submitting False and Misleading Information to secure the $3,000 that was being Offered and Arranged by a Corrupt Bank Employee.! She received $300 (under the table) for every application that she processed and gained approval for.! And there were Hundreds.! You won't hear the local Leaders and Spokespeople mention this though. The Blind and Deaf. (c. 2007 edited. alb)

Stolen Wages. (2)


It is only a handful of people that are keeping this “Stolen Wages” issue alive. +People aka activists, that just “Won't let go” of the Past.! After receiving $4-10,000 each, most of us want to move on and focus on the future. But it seems Everyone has to carry this burden, like a “Chain” around our necks. Forever. A lot of the Rhetoric is “Misleading” with much “Misrepresentation by Omission”.

+Could be that the reason they don't want to let go, is that it was about the only sort of win or, delivery of any positive sort of outcome they have ever achieved. And they keep wanting to go back to the same “Well” for more. Like in a Pub or a Club, where someone gets a win on a certain poker machine, they keep going back to it and playing it. And expecting/hoping for a similar result.! Well, we (the recipients) got two (2) payments out of the Government so far. Four thousand ($4,000) in 2004 (?) and a couple of years later, another three thousand ($3,000). I knew many that received these payouts. And they never seemed to have improved anyone's life. Most, (like many do on Pension and Dole day) just “Blew It”.! Without a second thought. Even the second time around. Some even “Drank Themselves to Death”.! But maybe they don't know about that. They are Just Seeking Justice. On our behalf. Not that I have ever known anyone that asked them to. I certainly didn't.! But I took the Money.! It was like winning Lotto.! Money for Nothing.! (at least for many anyways. c. 3/2012 alb)


A brief history of.

Cherbourg (where I was born and grew up) was a self-sustaining community. And existed on the principle that, all that were able to, had to contribute (work) to the maintenance and development. In effect, this gave the residents a sense of community “ownership” and “pride”. And everyone that worked were paid a wage. It wasn't a great deal, but all learnt to budget and to live a fairly comfortable life. A good work ethic was developed and a strong sense of responsibility. (I believe that Woorabinda and Palm Island also existed and Flourished along those lines, as the result of the same Government Policies) Most had good three-bedroom weatherboard houses with no rent to pay and no water or electricity bills. After a while and to a degree, there was economic independence, where men used to go out to the local farms to pick peanuts to supplement their income. (and to bring sugar-bags full of peanuts back) Or to go “ring-barking” and make some good money. Some used to make boomerangs and other artefacts to sell and make money. It was encouraged. With Aboriginal Culture being “Promoted” and “Showcased” with an Always Popular Stand Every Year, at the Brisbane Exhibition. Built and Presented by Cherbourg Carpenters. Even at the Cherbourg Show (also every year) there was Spear and Boomerang Throwing Contests and Exhibitions. There was nutritional food via government rations including the basics, flour, rice, sago, tea and sugar. There was fruit and vegetables from the government stores, as well as from the Cherbourg farm. And coconuts sent down from Palm Island(?). And in Season navel oranges from Gayndah. There was meat (beef) rations on Fridays. Many used to supplement our rations with traditional food such as wallabies, porcupines, possums and goanna. Then there was always mussels, Jew-fish and eels from Barambah Creek. With plenty of seasonal Bunya nuts. There was also a “free issue” program with clothes for workers and children. And blankets. Along with tobacco. All in all, a pretty good existence. There was good free primary health care with a fully equipped Hospital. With staff and a Dispensary. Also, a Dental Clinic. And a “babies” clinic. There was always ongoing Health Checks along with, Health Awareness and Nutrition programs. With All school children receiving Fresh Fruit and fresh Milk Daily. The Education System or Program, with plenty of sport promoted, (as was in the general community) was an Excellent one. With an almost 100 percent attendance rate. Girls were taught domestic science and the boys attended manual training for wood and tin work. We had the advantage of being taught, and developed, a good solid foundation in English. As well as maths. And it has served us well. And All This before Chris Sarra ever came along.!  And there was, no complications or distractions with the issues of second or third languages. All in all, a pretty good existence. Without alcohol, there was certainty and security. And the end result, a Good Strong and Productive Community. And, without a Doubt, a lifestyle that would be the Envy of Many Hundreds of Millions of People, from all around the world. Cherbourg was “deregulated” in the 60s. And a lot of people, including my large family move away. Most moved to Brisbane. Where we certainly made our mark in a lot of areas. Including the establishment and the running of that many and unique (at that time) Aboriginal services. We also influenced government policy in this area. And we dominated in the local rugby league comp with the Brisbane Natives. A few people (c. 3/2012 edited. alb) be continued

Suffer the Children. (1)

This issue of the thirteen-year-old girl that killed herself in the car stolen from her carer, Tiga Bayles reported it on “Let's Talk” and Immediately and Automatically, “Declared” that it was due to the “Failure” of the Government.! (No one knew what the circumstances were at that time) According to him, Parents are not responsible for their children's misbehaviour! And it is all the fault of the Government.! And this from “Father of the Year” 2003.! Who hands these awards out.? What was Tiga's achievements to win.!?

This “Blame Game” being Continuously Promoted by Tiga Bayles, warrants Scrutiny and Examination, as he influences a lot of our Aboriginal Youth (and even their parents and has been doing for quite a few years) through the “Murri School” at Acacia Ridge. Then there is AAA (student) Training. And also as an Ambassador with Indigenous Education Ambassadors Program.! What Else.?

And He Advocates and Supports, Separate Societies within Our Country.!

There are a lot of Screwed Up Aboriginal Youth walking the streets. How many have been Directly influenced by Tiga Bayles and people like him.!?

Quote: +“We support a “salad bowl” of cultures rather than a “melting pot” (Tiga Bayles – Aboriginal Business Leader of the Year 2003 and Queensland Father of the Year 2003). “Great Australians”, a Political Party, now de-registered” (+who's we?)

Not to forget, that Tiga is one of the, Main “Movers and Shakers” in the (third time around) “Stolen Wages” push. Yes “He has his fingers in a lot of pies”. And he Certainly is an “Expert” in Obtaining “Gubberment Grants” and Funding. And spending the Money.! As “Aboriginal Business Leader of the Year”.!?

One thing for sure is that lack of “Transparency and Disclosure” or “Conflict of Interest” is “No Issue” with Tiga Bayles.! Nor is “Separation of Power”.

Why does he continue with the “Blame Game”.? Well, one reason is, that it is a Very Successful Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) Tactic.! He knows it will achieve a positive financial outcome.! He has been doing it for years. Just, “Blame the Government” for Everything, get Karen Dorante the Grant Writer, (I always wondered why she was there) to Submit something, and watch the Dollars Roll in.! (alb)

Suffer the Children. (2)

It's terrible how Aboriginal kids must continue to suffer and even die because of political correctness. Well intentioned and good people's hands are tied because they know that if they intervene or try to, people will start screaming “Stealing our kids”.! Yes, I am aware of mothers in this situation. Cigarettes, bonging on whilst pregnant and even after. One in particular, seemingly intelligent. Still it just doesn't seem to compute. You know what, I think they are aware of this p.c. situation. They know nobody will say anything. They know they are safe in their abuse. They know there are people out there that are ready and willing to jump to their defence. To protect them in their abuse. And abuse is what it is. No two ways about it. Another point being missed and overlooked (deliberately?) here, is that unlike yesteryear, kids are worth “big money” today. Nice housing-commission houses and flats. Independence from interfering parents. And even the kid's fathers. Piss him off. It's very easy to do. Just call the cops. They'll get rid of him. Not to forget the Women's Refuges. The older women, the ones that have been around the traps, they counsel the younger ones/new chums. Tell them what to say. The last thing these (new?) mothers want is someone demanding they be responsible and telling them how to spend their pension and endowment. The older one's explain how to get rid of any unwanted fathers of the kids. But then again, a lot of the fathers are pretty fucken useless. Lookin to live the easy life curtsey of housing-commission and centre-link. Just like their mates and relations do. And even some Fathers before them. (alb)


“Let's Talk”.

Tiga Bayles promotes and advertises the week-day program, “Lets Talk” on “Murri Country” radio, as an “Opportunity for the Broader Community” to learn of, and to view, “Issues” from an “Indigenous Perspective”. It would only be “Anglo Aussies” that are his “Target” audience. Any Aussie Africans (many refugees) that listened would find it amusing. Considering the circumstances most of them came from.! Aussie Indians and Pakistanis.? They wouldn't even listen.! (nor would the Africans.!)

The Audience in turn, would develop what's called, an “Informed Opinion”.

Let's Talk” without a doubt, Reinforces and Perpetuates, a lot of the Negativity associated with Aboriginal People.

Tiga gets +Negative Feed-back and Criticism on “Let’s Talk” and from what I believe to be, Fair-Dinkum Aussies. And Most are Ignored or simply Cut Off.! It is “No Secret” that he “Does Not” Encourage Callers that are Not of a Similar Mind Set. Don't mention Arthur Bell.! As Jamie Dunn said, he “Rolls his Eyes”.! Sometimes he has trouble securing guests (oh no not Tiga again.! tell him I'm in a meeting) It's not hard to imagine him as a psychiatrist with a patient (like in the movies) with these Guests sometimes, Tiga sitting there with his mind a million miles away, start off with (this fills in a few minutes) “Who's Your Mob.? Where You Come From.? Yes, Yes Yes. And where did you do your schooling/grow-up.? What were the Challenges”.?

He's got Karen Dorante under control.! And Jamie and Ian.! Now They All Gotta Say, “First Nations People”.! Jamie, I told You Before, Tiga is always putting farmers down re. the “diesel rebate”.! Though I don't recall him doing so since Your Arrival. Was this Issue Discussed.?

He's got a lot of stations hooked up. Only a Dedicated (?) but Small audience would be able to “hold the thread of conversation” for an hour. Most Blackfullas would absorb only “Sympathetic Information”. Those that bothered to listen. As They dealt with their own daily drama and crises.!

+AAA was charged with a “Breach” of Code of Practice, Concerning and Involving Tiga “Ignoring” Complaints. (alb)


The Australian Indigenous Communications Association (AICA) is the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander national *peak elected representative body **for all aspects of the broadcasting and media sector in Australia. Chairperson: Tiga Bayles. (*by who.!? ** this would include Funding)

ADVOCACY: AICA is empowered by both its sector members and its legal incorporation entity to act and advocate as the peak representative body on behalf and for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media and communications industry.

This is this Separation of Power Issue and Concern. Tiga Bayles wields a lot of Influence in this Massive Funding area, through and involving Education and the Media. He's established this Funding “Power Base” and No Doubt this is how he's got all these stations hooked up. He would be Able to Direct and Even, Guarantee (continued) Funding to his Personal Initiatives and Pet Projects. And Those that Cooperate. No doubt Tiga has done some good and helped people, but he also “Causes” and “Has Caused” Racial and Ethnic Disharmony and Division in this Country and already Fractured Society. And he has inherited many of our youth, Adverse and Negative Attitudes. He has Also been “Obtaining Money Under False Pretences” for Many Years. This is good to Pass On.! He always has (had) the Option of Pleading Ignorance in Many Instances, (Poor-fulla Me. I Know Nothing.! I don't know about “Conflict of Interest” or “Misrepresentation by Omission” or “Separation of Power”.! I'm just a poor Aborigine, a “Victim”.!). And has never been Challenged. I Pointed out to Col Dillon (chairman of BIMA) the Issues and Concerns on this website a few years back. He didn't seem to want to Know about them.! So, it is Very Doubtful that Tiga has Any Worries about “Uncle Col” upsetting the “Apple Cart”.! This radio station “Murri Country” radio or 98.9 fm, is Tiga's fiefdom. Even assisted by Jamie Dunn and Ian Calder. They Know he's doing wrong but have to “Play Along”.! A Case of “Let's All Pretend”.!? For the Money.!?

A common Complaint is that Tiga favours Whitefullas over Blackfullas as Employees. Well, he got rid of Anthony Newcastle and Alex Doomagee. Were they seen as a threat.? Maybe becoming to Ambitious.? Sam Wagan Watson Tiga's Nephew would be No Threat.! He is Uncle Tiga’s “Heir Apparent”.! Keeping it In the Family.!? After All, it Is a Family Concern.!

Forget about the Registration.! As one Prominent Local Elder Said to Me, “We All Know that it is owned by One Family”.!

Hey.! Hang on.! Isn't this “Nepotism”!?

Tiga obviously doesn't believe that us other Blackfullas are capable of making good and sensible decisions about our lives and where we want to go and to be. He must see or envision himself as someone that has to Force and to Impose His Views and Ideology on Us. For Our Own Good.? Just Like Les Malezer. And now, Michael Anderson. The “Three Amigos”.! (alb)

Tiga Bayles does not encourage and will not Tolerate Open and Honest Debate on “Let's Talk”.

It's a Gammon Talk Back show.

And he thinks he is fooling the Audience.!

He Must Think we are all Stupid.!

Like them people in Canberra.

And them other places where he gets All the Money From.!

Tiga should change the name of “Let's Talk” to “You Listen”.! (alb)


First Nations.

Now we are all “First Nations” people.! Whether we like or agree to it or not.! (wonder who hatched this up) It seems that Tiga still wants to force his view and attitude on all us other “Blackfullas” and the “Broader” community via “Let's Talk”.

Separate Society.

These people are “Trippers”.!

They Invent all this stuff as they go along and can't seem to “SEPARATE” Fantasy from Reality.!

They are now formulating plans for the future of the “Whole of Australia”.!

The way Tiga Bayles and Michael Anderson is talking, (on “Let's Talk” 16/4)

It is obvious that he doesn't want to Solve Problems, or to Work Towards a Reconciled and More Inclusive Australian, or even Aboriginal Society.!

It seems he is “Seeking Revenge” and wants to “Punish” the “Other” or “White” Society.! And Us “Non-Believing” Blackfullas.!

Tiga.? He's Also on a “Power Trip”.

These People (certainly Tiga) have been Getting Away with “To Much for To Long”.

They are “Dangerous in Their Ignorance and Stupidity”. And along with Les Malezer, they need to be “Put Down”.

It would all be good for a laugh if it wasn't so serious. (alb)


What Value is it to Aboriginal People.

These People that Seek to Force and to Impose “Sovereignty” on us other Blackfellas and the Whole Country, don’t they Realise that the Country is being Fucken Sold Off.!? “What the Fuck” is “Sovereignty” going to Do.!?

I think (read) Michael Anderson has about Three Hundred and Fifty (?) Signed Up Supporters. As Leader of “The Euahlayi Tribe” of 3000 People. Living in north-western New South Wales.

Well, out of a population of Three Thousand, and, According to My Calculations, if there is Three Hundred and Fifty Sovereignty Supporters, There Must Be, Over Two and a Half Thousand Non-Supporters! This is Life in Aboriginal Communities. On-going Division and Conflict. Native Title Caused Much, Acrimonious Separation. So, he's got ten percent (10 %) signed up.

In the Main, the people that Pursue and Promote this “Sovereignty” issue and Agenda, are seemingly, people with “plenty of time on their hands”. (alb)


Young Murri Parents.

This is a BIMA project.

This project aims to improve young Indigenous parent’s life skills, raise their awareness of support services available to them and promote positive parental role models. (Who do They Promote as the “positive parental role models”.?)

What about Raising their Awareness of Their “Responsibilities” as Parents.!? No Mention of This.!

There is “No Mention” of “Accountability”.!

It seems the Skills being “Improved” and by Example, is how to “Blame” the Government/Colonisation/Dispossession/Dominant-society, if the Children Misbehave and or, Becomes Uncontrollable.! A Common Occurrence.

These “Young Murri Parents” in turn then teach their kids the “Blame Game”.!

And if they Observe Tiga Bayles very Closely and listen to his Every Word, they May Learn how to Get “Big Bucks” at the Same Time.!?

These BIMA Projects

They keep the Money Coming in.!

How much Money do they pull in each year.?

Tiga won't Reveal the Amount.! It's a Big Secret.!

And Us Other Blackfellas are Not to be Told.!

These projects, Who Thinks Them Up.? Tiga.? These so-called Projects could be construed to be no more than “Exploitation”, as these Young People are being Misdirected. And Something Should Be Done About It.

Tiga has nine (?) daughters and I've heard him go on about his grand-kids at home. Is this what motivates him.? It occupies them, gets them out of his hair (!) and off his hands.?

A lot of people involved must imagine Tiga as being some sort of “Magician” or “Clever Man” Being able to “Conjure Up” (government) Money, seemingly out of Thin Air.!

Surely Tiga must realise that People have to take responsibility for their behaviour and for the behaviour of their children. This continuous “Blame” the Government for any misbehaviour by Aboriginal Children. Why is it So.? There is no doubt that it is Deliberate and Tiga has some sort of plan or agenda. But What is it.? Why does he insist on Leading the Youth down this Road.? Surely he must realise that he is doing it. And that it is Wrong. (alb)


Tiga Bayles.

This issue of me writing about Tiga on my website started on about March 2004-6. I started listening to AAA after I visited NIRS just 10 minutes from where I lived when I moved to Spring Hill in about 2004.I used to listen only to the music and Peter Hill on Sunday nights. After a while I picked up on “Let's Talk” when I realised it was on. As a person known to be concerned with and involved in, Aboriginal Affairs and Issues, I became very interested and decided to have an input. I realised quite early that Tiga was Controlling, Directing and Manipulating the Conversations and the Guests.

As a “Media Monitor” I had involved myself and had input into various Talk Back shows including the John Laws one in the early 90s when I used to visit Sydney. Lawsey was familiar with me and what I had to say. Again on Aboriginal concerns. He used to let me have my say as I was good listening. He said to me once, “Arthur, most people are allowed only two minutes, you've been on for seven, can we finish up please”. *Stan Zamanic once gave my phone number out on air and invited people to call me and to abuse me for my views. I was set to sue 4BC but could not get anyone to handle the case, even the Aboriginal Legal Service. Ex-police Sergeant Ken Jurotte from Wilcannia was in charge at that time (1997) and would verify this. I had a good case. John Miller on 4BC “talk back” was also familiar with me and what I had to say. And there were others. So, Obstruction was not a whole new experience when I wanted to talk to some guests on “Lets Talk” with me sending faxes from home and Tiga refusing to give them to the guests. (*this when I ran “Indigenous Peoples Congress”. IPC.)

So, I was not quite the “New Chum” in this area as Tiga may have imagined me to be. And by refusing to let me make comments to guests, even via fax, and by being Rude and Uncooperative, and encouraging the kids playing “Operator” whilst answering the phone to be the same, he probably thought that I would be Disheartened and Disappear after a while. Or get “Offended” and “Go Away”! He would have achieved this result many times with Unwanted and Unwelcome Callers. This is one of the ”Many Tactics” he has learnt and uses.!

I immediately recognised his actions as “Censorship” and that it was “Outrageous”.! Alternative Indigenous Media.!? Then I visited the BIMA website and started to realise that Tiga was up to more than just Censorship.! (alb)

Of Major Concern is Tiga's Unhesitating, Blatant and Unabated Blaming of the Government and Policies for Everything when it Concerns and Involves Aboriginal Youth.! He stated that a lot of young people listen to “Let's Talk”. This is Crap. But the AAA training crew including students, have to listen. And I think the Murri School has to as well. So there is a few that are subject to his AVI Conditioning, and Indoctrination. He insists that the AAA Training is good and positive yet at the same time he is instilling this Blame the Government for everything Mentality in these kids. This must surely Screw their Heads. Is this the “Direction” and “Pathway” he is Providing.? What is his Agenda.? A modern day “Fagin”.!? He stated to a caller that I had a Mental Problem. Could it be he may need Psychiatric Assessment.? (alb)

Coco Wharton rang in to “Lets Talk” last week and the discussion turned to Welfare and of Children being removed or “Stolen”. The issue of the thirteen-year-old that died in a car accident was raised, Coco blamed the Government and policies. With Tiga “warming to the task” as he does when he has someone Agreeable on and he knows there will be No Conflicting or Contradictory Views to air.! And, doing what he does best, he immediately Directed all Responsibility and Blame to the Government.!

( *and no embarrassment like last week when David Copely kept bringing up Margaret, a caller’s name whom Tiga was trying to steer the conversation away from. Only him and David heard Margret's comments as they weren't broadcast, because of her Stating that only People that agree with him are allowed on. And he confirmed this by not letting her on.! (alb)

Now, as I see it, Coco is and is seen to be, a bit of an Outsider in Aboriginal Politics in Brisbane, even though him and a lot of his family have been around and involved for quite a few years. So he could be out to make a splash and to build on his earlier involvement in flag burning at Roma Street Forum a couple of years back and not to forget the Canberra incident involving his fifteen year old daughter. He's a regular caller and Tiga has “No Problem” with his comments, Nothing to Radical or anything “Out of the Blue” just Simple Straight Forward AVI, Blame the Government for Everything Rhetoric and Ideology. In Other Words, Tiga's “Bread and Butter”.

When I heard Tiga talking to Coco the other day I realised that he was not only Directing Blame and Responsibility to Government's, he was actually Deflecting Blame and Responsibility.

Coco seemed very Concerned about the death of the young girl, and was organising a march. Tiga was assisting through “Murri Country”. Then I started to think, hey hang on, I know that girl's Grandmother and she had complained to me on more than one occasion about the Mothers irresponsibility. And in fact, the Mother was in Jail when the accident happened.And was released early because of.! (she had been there more than once) The Question is, was Coco aware of this when he organised the march.? Was Tiga aware.? I would say they would have been. Not that it would have made any difference. They got the father involved. What was the March expected to Achieve.? What Point were they trying or hoping to Highlight.? Well, it certainly wasn't about Parental Responsibility.!

This is where we get back to the issue of “Deflection”. The impression I got was that at least Tiga, seemed to be Deflecting Blame and Responsibility away from Himself.! I don't know to much about Coco with any Welfare conflict, but Tiga certainly seems to have a Continuing Major Issue with Children’s Services. It seems to go “Beyond” or “Over and Above” Merely Attacking and Blaming the Government for Anything and Everything as a “Well Paid” Professional Aboriginal Activist. It seems he may have an Axe To Grind.! And even though he was “Father of the Year” 2003 one would be entitled to ask, Has Tiga had a Run-in with Children’s Services.? With his own children and grand-kids. And not to forget all the Students he has Responsibility for and Influences. Is this where he is coming from.? It would explain a lot. (alb)

Tiga always talks about having to walk to school with him not being allowed on the local school bus at Cracow. (?) Is there some connection.? He uses this as a reason for a Murri School bus.? Even though all the other kids have to use Public Transport.?


Paradise Lost.

A reason why Aboriginal youth are involved in crime is the “Abject poverty that Aboriginal People are Subject to all around Australia”. Gracelyn Smallwood. Living Black. 18/05/2012

One comment I recall is “Gracelyn Battles for the Drunks”.This a few years back with TV footage showing her with a neck brace being ushered (in sympathy) into the back of a police wagon outside a pub in Townsville. She has a lot to do with Palm Island often described (and even boasted about) as being one of the most violent places outside a war-zone. This due almost entirely to the endemic Abuse of Alcohol. Then a few years back Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs) were introduced, (as far as I know) in cooperation with the State Government. Now I notice it is being claimed that these AMPs were actually Forced on Palm Islanders. And without their agreement or any consultation.! Now it is being Demanded that the People on Palm Island have access to “full-strength” Alcohol. Alf Lacey the Mayor has said that it is Their Right.! At one stage, there in the early days of AMPs, I heard someone spruiking the “Rights of Children” to Grow and to Develop in an Alcohol and Violence Free Environment. And that the Children’s “Rights” Should or Would take Precedence over the “Rights” of the Drinkers.! What happened to this Direction.? (alb)

Rivers of Grog.

According to the Koori Mail 16/5/2012, Cr Lacey campaigned heavily against AMPs in the lead up to the local government elections late last month. And he Easily Defeated the other candidates. He said AMPs were not working and will consult with the Community. According to Glen Elmes the new “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs” Minister, Sly-grogers were profiting from the Despair of People in dry Communities.! So it seems the “Rivers of Grog” will flow again.! And so, 'Round and Round' we go. It seems that the people that don't want the Grog and Associated Violence and Upheaval are in the minority and will be out-voted. In the name of “Self-determination”. And ”Economic Independence”.! As they will be (officially) selling their Own Grog.! (to, and deliberately Killing their own People.?) So, if anyone wants to complain what do they do.? Who do they see.? The Democratically elected Council won't listen. Especially if you didn't Vote for them. Anyways they can't, they have to go with the Majority view.! Maybe they could complain to the local “Aboriginal Activists”.? No.? What about the Police.? No.? The local Radio Station.? No.? Not even “To Deadly” 4K1G.? What if they complain to the Government and demand that something be done.? And if this happens and the Government is forced to “Intervene” Again, what then.!? Who will People Blame.!?

I recently spoke to a prominent Palm Islander (research) and was told, “Arthur all they talk about up here is Grog and AMPs.! Up to, during, and now after, the elections, Grog Grog Grog.! We want to discuss other issues but we can't seem to get away from Grog and AMPs”.! (unquote) It has been a big issue and talking point for a long time. Not to forget the sly-groggers.! And it is the Worse Kept Secret who these people are.! One “Very” Prominent Identity was not so long ago caught with some in a boat. But for some reason, was Never Charged.! And now the Council will consult with the community as the AMPs are “Not” working and “Discriminated” against Indigenous (Palm Island) Communities.! (alb)


There is certainly Overwhelming evidence of the Devastation caused by Alcohol in almost all aspects of Aboriginal life. Yet we are constantly in Denial of this issue. Many will say, but the Whitfullas have this problem too.! Then when you say, “But we are overrepresented”. Then they say, “oh yes, it's true”. In begrudging agreement and admission. It is now Obvious that Alcohol Affects Us Blackfullas Differently. I suspect it has something to do with our Metabolism, but I am not a Scientist. All around most of Australia, and under most circumstances I have been involved in, and have observed Blackfullas with Grog. And the Damage they (we) do. Incredible.! Surely like no one else in the “Whole World”.! A Contentious and ongoing Issue and Saga. To Drink or not to Drink. To Allow it or to Ban it. There are some Communities that have banned it, I think Wajal-Wajal is one. Also, possibly a couple in WA. And the N.T. Many communities are seeking a total ban. But some Palm Islanders are seeking to re-embrace it full-time. And re-establish their reputation as one of the most violent places outside a war-zone.!? And if this happens, how will it help to “Close the Gap” in their Life Expectancy.? No doubt Palm Island would receive “Funding” for this very Purpose.!

It is a frequent observation and comment (I have had it said to me) by our fellow White Aussies, “the government should never have given you Aboriginals the Right to Drink”.! And it is a Valid Point.! One old bloke even said “this is why Aboriginal ex-soldiers were barred from the RSLs, not through Racism, they just couldn't handle the Grog”.!

There is no doubt that the way Aboriginal People have been Abusing Alcohol, and are continuing to do so, and with the “Full Support” of various Aboriginal Councils. From Palm to Perth and all the places around and in between, this “Closing the Gap” campaign (with Billions of Dollars invested) is no more than a Rort. And it looks like Whitefullas will have to step in Again to stop Aboriginal People Killing Themselves and Each Other.!

And So, The mantra “Aboriginal Rights/Self Determination” sounds great from a distance, but on closer inspection, it’s a misleading, sweeping generalisation. There are, in fact, many different, contradictory inconsistent and conflicting and even Dangerous Aspects to this Manipulative Agenda.! (alb)


Colin Powel retired General and former secretary of state. On the upcoming election.

I look at the candidates to see what they have to offer the American people.

I want to know what they have to offer to fix unemployment.

What do they offer to the disadvantaged.”

About his book, “I tell people we are Americans, there is nothing we can't do”.

This from “The View”.

What would have surprised many Australians, was that not once was “African Americans” mentioned. In Australia, Disadvantage is Synonymous with “Aboriginal”. As they say “you can't have one without the other”.! Nothing about “what do the candidates offer African Americans”. Even Whoopi Goldberg, herself an African American, never mentioned it when she spoke to him during his guest appearance. *They see themselves as “Americans” first and foremost.? Equal and not Disadvantaged.? Even though they were arguably, the worst treated of all Citizens, in the history of the United States, have they “Moved On”.? This seems to be so. In the early years of the Civil Rights movements we followed their lead. But then we seem to have lost our way and ended up on “Victim Street”. They are Powerful and Independent. We can't seem to get ahead or even on with life.! They Inspire and are the Role-models, and even Idols of, Many of 0ur Youth.! We offer “Eternal Victim-hood” and the +Jacky-Jacky approach to life. If it was seen as a race, they would be far ahead of us. Even with all the Disadvantages, Discrimination, Racism and Condemnation they had to Endure and Suffered. And to a certain extent, still do. They were even given to and owned (and bartered) by Native Americans as Slaves. And it could be argued, they had it worse than us in the history of Colonisation. Where they were Torn from their Homelands and Families and Dragged Thousands of Miles on a Tortuous Journey, to what must have seemed like Hell on Earth.! It is said that out of Ten million taken or Stolen, over 2-4 million were sold or auctioned off in North America. USA. Slavery was practised in America (USA) for over 250 years.! The slaves were forced to abandon their beliefs and Christianity was forced upon them as a tool of control and punishment. But in the end, they embraced it and it became their strength.

* is this the Key.? We are what we see ourselves to be.? Self Image.? Is this conditioning.? Our Choice.? + act dumb to achieve a desired result. Leave it up to others, mainly Whitefullas, a common practice in Aboriginal Society but increasingly, the Aboriginals as Victims Industry, (AVI) aka The Aboriginal Industry. (alb)


Musgrave Park.

Mr. Watson said “the Indigenous community” was excited at the prospect of formal ownership. Mr. Watson said the council had agreed to construct a plaque at the original tent embassy site where an ancient Bora Ring was once located.

Is this Another Case of the Public being misled.!?

Who's this “Indigenous Community” Sam.? This is always a “Mystery” as no one seems to know who “they” are. Do you know who they are.? (besides you and your relations) Can you name them.? And I don't mean urging and coercing some of the Blackfullas drinking around the place to sign some paper to prove or to verify that this “Indigenous community” that you (and others) always refer to, actually exists.!

There is so little direct historic Indigenous accounts of Musgrave Park and it's usage and significance to Indigenous People”. Dr. Go Sam said. “There is lots of talk about it being a Sacred Site and so forth, but when you trace those references, they are not incredibly reliable and don't stack up Anthropologically”. Dr. Go Sam said it was “difficult” to get “verification” of Aboriginal History in what is now Musgrave Park. (17/05/2012)

Aboriginal history expert Dr. Carroll Go-Sam works for the University of Queensland's Aboriginal Environments Research Centre.

She is also an Historian of Aboriginal History and wrote the original Funding Brief to secure $5 million for the Musgrave Park Cultural Centre.

Musgrave Park is and always has been a special place to the Jagera - Turrbul peoples

Another +“Myth” courtesy of the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) In the early sixties when there was a mass movement (migration.?) of Blackfullas to Brisbane (many from Cherbourg.) With almost no accommodation, OPAL House (One People of Australia League) was available and taken advantage of. Opposite Musgrave Park. Grog was Not Allowed on the Premises. So, the Drinkers (many from Cherbourg) used to go across to the park to drink uninterrupted. Many People Have Died There because of. Many Aboriginal Women that slept off the effects of Alcohol there, were *Raped by other drinkers (Aboriginal). Many Aboriginal People were *Robbed there by other drinkers (Aboriginal). For Many Years it was a Place of Sickness and of Death. It was convenient as a central staging place for the Rights Movement in the Seventies and into the Eighties. Also, because there was always a lot of Willing Cherbourg Blackfullas there (numbers) for the Marches. People used to meet there. But many, more by accident. (*it still happens.! Ask anyone, it's no secret) a comment to, Musgrave Park and the embassy in my own land “The Conversation”. 18/05/2012. (edited. alb)

+People keep dragging this Absolute Bullshit out every now and then, generally when it involves and concerns Gubberment “Money” or “Funding”. But not always for that reason. Now a lot of Misguided Whitefullas and Ignorant Blackfullas Accept this Crap. (alb)


Self Determination. (2)

All the evidence certainly stacks up against us when it comes to Aboriginal People handling our own affairs. Or so called “Self-Determination”. For a start, nothing can be achieved, or even Started without Massive (and Continuous) Government Funding. Even on an individual basis. And this has been happening for Many Years. With $ Billions down the drain and very little to show for it. Most if not all Aboriginal Organisations and Services that have survived the Maladministration and Mismanagement rife in these establishments, have done so because of “Intervention” from ORIC. And nearly All have Financial Controllers *(Whitefullas) to keep them afloat and running.!

I also monitor the events occurring in and around Alice Springs (where I lived and worked). A Terrible situation that has been happening for Many Years. Long before the Intervention. And it's not about to improve. Now or in the Foreseeable Future. If anything, it will Deteriorate even further. The Same as some communities here in Queensland where Blackfullas in Authority are Committed to and Battling to get More Grog in their Communities. It's no wonder Experienced and Aware *Whitefullas Scoff at Demands for “Self-Determination”.! And Many Blackfellas would be Thankful for that.!

* Whitefullas.! What would we do without them.!?

Us “Aborigines” are Certainly our Own Worst Enemy.!

And there is “No Doubt” We Need Them to Protect Us from Our Destructive Selves. (alb)

Close the gap.

More Symbolism.

This slogan alone has delivered many millions to the AVI.! And this is what happens, just think up a good slogan and Money Money Money.! +”One point six (1,600,000,000) Billion Dollars already in Queensland alone this year”.! Jodie Currie on “Let’s Talk”. This is Serious Money.! And with not one problem solved or impacted on. And no discernible or measurable improvement or advancement in Any Area. I don't know who coined the phrase “Gravy Train”. But it would certainly apply to Anything remotely associated with the Slogan/Symbolism of “Closing the Gap”.! (alb)

The Government is spending $ Billions in an attempt to get us Blackfellas to look after Ourselves and to Provide Proper Care for Our Children.

Is it Another Case of “Thank God for Whitefullas”.? and “What would We do Without Them” in this Day and Age.?

But on the downside, does this Well Publicised “Close the Gap” Campaign add to this Negative “Image” Problem or Issue associated with us Blackfullas.?

In the sense that “They” have to do Everything for Us.? And Pay for the Privilege.! (alb)

There is a Lot being Missed and Over-Looked in this Debate. With Much to be Gleaned from Our History. Aboriginal People are of a Fatalistic Nature and Mind Set. Our Attitude is, “What Ever Will Be, Will Be”. This is why “Pointing the Bone” was so effective. People Accepted what was Deemed “Inevitable”. A lot of Blackfellas today, will accept and go along with Agendas that they Don't Necessarily Agree with, or even Understand.! And some of the Present Long Time Activists have recognised this Factor. Les Malezer has worked this out. All them Years Overseas at them Meetings.!


Misrepresentation by Omission.

Les Malezer has been Misleading and Deceiving Them Other Blackfullas at the United Nations to believe that He had some sort of Authority as a Representative of the Aboriginal People of Australia. And for Many Years.

He will now seek to Verify this (with the 106 votes he received out of over 600,000 Blackfullas) as the Co-Chair of the Congress.!

Will he reveal that the Congress is just another Gubberment Appointed and Sanctioned Entity.? And that he is Actually cooperating with the Government that he publicly Condemns.!? (alb)

The New Mission Managers.?

He is One Very Dangerous Blackfulla in His Ignorance this Tiga Bayles. Specially with Les Malezer.

Tiga has Many Mouths to Feed, and Many People to Please.

And He has to keep the Money Coming In.

He is Certainly Realising where there is More Money to be had, Congress.! The “Mutual Back Scratching Society”.!?

Tiga and Les work well together. Old Hands. And they both reckon only They know what's best for Us other Blackfullas.

This Culture of “Lack of Accountability” in the Aboriginal Services and broader Communities, has Assisted and Produced people like Tiga Bayles and Les Malezer. And their One-Dimensional and Out of Touch Agendas and Ideologies they seek to “Force and to Impose” Upon Us Other Blackfullas. (alb)

Bess Price.

“The Intervention and it's Update as Stronger Futures don't rate highly among the issues people bring up with her. She says key features like income management are now widely excepted or, better still, seen as helpful”. Bess Price campaigning in the NT. From the Alice Springs News.

Gerry Georgatos.

There are Thousands of Homeless Blackfellas in the Kimberley according to Gerry Georgatos on “Lets Talk”. I'm thinking, what are they all doing Gerry.? Aimlessly wandering around.? Where do they all sleep.! Gerry's got a real Whitefullas view on this issue. To him, (a) home is like in Suburbia, brick and all in a line. He can't seem to grasp that Aboriginal People and their (our) Ancestors have Lived Survived and Thrived in those Exact and Same Circumstances as in the Kimberley for Many Thousands of Years.! They Are HOME Gerry.! (alb)


This on their website.

About 989fm “To be an appropriate media service for the cultural and economic independence of Indigenous people”. (Ya Gotta Fucken Laugh.!)

Just listening to Tiga Bayles and Sam Jeffries on “Let's Talk”. It is obvious Sam was a last-minute guest. Tiga has problems following the thread of the conversation and keeping it going a lot of the times.! Lucky, he had Sam on there today to keep it afloat.! They both know the Rules, Above All, keep agreeing with each other.! Unfortunately (for us) this has Created and Perpetuates an Unrecognised Major Failing and Flaw in Tiga's Reasoning and Attitude. For Many years now he has been Associating and Surrounding Himself Only with other AVI members and “Yes” People. And Preaching Only to the Converted. Resulting in a “Narrow Minded” and One-Dimensional Perspective, Outlook and Approach on and to, Aboriginal Issues and Concerns. Now this would be good, harmless and even fun if he lived on Mars.! But (again) Unfortunately, Tiga Influences and has Impact on the lives of Many Aboriginal Youth. There are a lot of screwed up Aboriginal youth walking the streets. With a Chip on the Shoulder and Grudge Against Society Attitude. And with Little or No Respect for Anything or Anyone. Many influenced, directly and indirectly, by Tiga Bayles. And people like him. (alb)

Talking about issues that affect First Nations People”.

“Go back to homelands and take control of our lives and health”.! All this from the air-conditioned comfort of suburbia.! What CRAP.!! Separate Societies.! What BULLSHIT.!!

Tiga Bayles is out of touch with the Real World.! To much +“Yes Yes” that's right Tiga.! “Good onyaTiga. Yeah you're right Tiga.!

Tiga Bayles and many others have got their heads buried in the sands of the Past. Now this is good for him and others of the AVI. Why.? *Because there is “Big Money” there.! This is why They Don't Want to Move On. They will “Not Let Go”.! But it is also Distorting their (his) Perception. And he Personally is Re-Promoting the “Dream Time” Approach to Life. Tiga wants Us All to Travel Back in Time.! (Back to the Future.!?) This is why “Whitefullas” Laugh at Us and Find it “Very Hard” to take Us Seriously.! Especially when they engage with the established Black-fellas run Media.! +The “Mutual Admiration Society” or the “Pissing in each other’s Pockets” Society.

*Tiga and his ilk keep the focus on the negativity of the past alive like a sore that they won't let heal. They keep scratching it to keep it open and active for Sympathy. (read money)

And it's no wonder many Aboriginal youth are Confused and even Shell-shocked. This is where the Damage is being Done. It's Alright for Tiga, he sprouts this Out of Touch CRAP from his air-conditioned office, surrounded by Lackeys and Jackeys and other AVI “yes” people. Then plays selected Favourable comments to, and from, the “Let's Talk” audience. Comments and views that are meant to Validate and Support his “Misguided” Agenda. While he just sails along through life, (Insulated from Reality, by the Gubberment Dollar, as he has been for now for a Very Long Time) flying here and there, hiring cars and Preaching to the Converted. And no doubt promising his support for More Funding for Them in return for Their Support for More Funding for Him.! He's Certainly Got this “Gubberment Grant” Caper Worked Out. (alb)

Today's Youth are sick of the role of “Victims” hence Losers. They don't want to be forced forever to be “Jacky Jacky” waiting in line for “Handouts” from the Gubberment like Tiga is trying to force upon them. And to Launch them on a collision course with the establishment. They understand and want Freedom. Freedom from the Constraints of so called “Inter-generational Disadvantages” Bullshit forced upon them by the Conditioning of the AVI, the people that won't let go of the Past. Our youth want Rap.! and Hip Hop.! They want to be “Winners” like their Idols, 50 cent.! Jay Z.! Snoop Dogg.! Even 2PAC. These Proud Powerful Black People don't live in the Past.! And They Only Speak English. They don't sing about going back and living in Africa. Or “Poor Fella Me”. They have “Moved On”. They are Proudly Afro “Americans”. And They are “In Control”.! Not looking to “Blame” the Government or the “Dominant Society” for Everything. The Aboriginal Youth Can See This. And this is where they want to be.! But they will never get there. At least not while Tiga Bayles (and there are many others) have an influence on their future. And he Has. So, they ain't going nowhere.! (alb)

“Poor quality of education in schools”. Tiga Bayles 1/8/2012 Waste of time sending kids to school Tiga.? Some, if not Most, of the Highest Achievers in Aboriginal History have had Very Limited and, in some cases, no Formal Education. (alb)



Chinese invited to bid for our Assets.

INFRASTRUCTURE assets worth more than $40 Billion will be available to Chinese Government Companies under NSW plans to lure investors. China raises ownership hurdle. LONG-running free trade talks have become bogged down amid a Chinese push for a relaxation of Australian regulations on foreign investment. (The Australian 31/7/12)

The Chinese Government has its eye on some major Agricultural Projects in Australia. 70% of all cane farms overseas owned, mainly by the Chinese Government. Cubbie Station being sold to the Chinese. (ABC 7.30 report 2/8/12) (alb)

It's time to Stop playing “Jacky Jacky” leaving everything including the the Future and the massive wealth of this Country up to “Whitefullas” to handle.! From Wayne Swan, Andrew Forrest, Clive Palmer, Gina Rinehart and their mates, it's a very BIG, Thank You JACKY, and Good Onya Brother.! Don't You worry about a thing, We'll look after everything.! Just Remember, you haven't Ceded your Sovereignty Yet.! Stick it to them Fucken Poms.! We're with you all the way.! (nod nod, wink wink!) (alb)

How will Sovereignty Stop the Country from being Sold Off.?

What will sovereignty do for Abused and Neglected Aboriginal Children.? What will Sovereignty do for Aboriginal Women that are being Bashed Raped and Murdered.? What will Sovereignty do for Aboriginal People with Chronic Diseases.? What will Sovereignty do for the Aboriginal People that suffer all of the above and More, as a Consequences of Alcohol Abuse and Negligence.? I'll Tell You What, ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL.! (alb)

We need to Transcend and Eliminate the Distractions of The Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI). These people that do a brisk business, Blurring the lines between “Myth and Reality”. We need to Emerge from the “Dream-Time” clear our heads of the “Nyarndi” Sober Up, get our heads out of the “Sands of History” and “Move On” from +the “Romanticism” of The Past and Cease this Eternal “Historical Naval Gazing” (+things that never were) (alb)

Michael Anderson is calling for Aboriginal People to Stop doing deals with the governments that sign away their Sovereign Rights. AAA news 2/8/12.

Does Michael Anderson really expect Aboriginal People to take him Seriously.? What about the Many Thousands of Successful Native Title Claimants that have already accepted $ Billions.? The Traditional Owners.? Have these People Already Signed Away their Sovereignty.? Will (can) Sovereignty be used as a weapon of Punishment and Revenge by the Failed NT claimants against their Successful cousins uncles and aunties.? And, even inadvertently, Extend and to Perpetuate the NT act (read money) driven sometimes, Acrimonious Division already created.?? Would the Aboriginal People that reject Sovereignty become Stateless.? In what instances would the Sovereignty mob's view and opinion take precedence.? What about all the minerals and the oil and gas, Who would get the biggest share of the benefits including royalties.? What about future Government funding to “Close the Gap”.? The Billions of Dollars expected and demanded. Who would get to control and allocate this money.? Who would decide what services and projects are to get what.? Will there be a “Aboriginal Civil War” with Blackfullas Killing each other over Who's Right and Who's Wrong on this issue.? Is it inevitable that in the end, we will have to All go back and start all over again and get the Whitefullas to Intervene and sort it all out for us.? Have these people Seriously thought this Sovereignty thing through.? It's more likely that many can't see through the haze of Nyarndi smoke.! (alb)

It's ordinary Blackfullas in the street that suffer the consequences of the actions of these People. Blackfullas in Country towns for instance where there are not many others for support, and that are trying to get on with life. These are the people that feel the increasing Backlash. In South Brisbane and the West End, it's mostly Alternative lifestyle people. A lot from Nimbin, and Brian Laver and his Anarchist mob that Tiga, Sam and their ilk associate and mingle with. Oh, and not to forget of course, the (mainly) Middle Class Moral Postures, ANTaR. This is their Whitfulla support base. This is why they get away with a lot of the CRAP they sprout. For Sure there are serious issues that need to be resolved. But people like the one-dimensional professional agitators Les Malezer Tiga Bayles and Michael Anderson need to be “taken out of the equation”. And if a “Bullet” is the only way this can be achieved, then someone else needs to step up and do it because my health won't allow me to. Alternatively, these so called White Supremacists or KKK that make it a habit or a pastime of going around Harassing, Bashing and even Killing Harmless and Innocent Blackfullas, need to re-prioritise their Targets. (alb)

These people just sail through life oblivious of the increasing resentment and hostility they generate and instigate with what's seen by the broader community to be, anti-Australian activities and sentiment. Which is alright in private, but these fullas have a world-wide stage and audience and Les Malezer and Tiga Bayles get good taxpayers money to strut their stuff. Again, it's the ordinary Blackfullas that have to suffer. Tiga “doesn't want to know about this” he will just ignore and block out any criticism as he does on talk-back radio.! Les and Michael probably get and have to put up with, opposing views, mainly because they haven't got a cut-out switch like Tiga has in the studio. But it is obvious they don't take anything on-board that is in opposition to their agenda, and still carry on their merry way. (alb)

What of the influence of Tiga's aunt Lila and uncle Ross.? Well I have no doubt that Ross Watson taught Tiga a lot. Specially in the obtaining Government money area. And is a big supporter. Aunt Lila ? Well, there's an old and common saying in Aboriginal society, “blackfulla tell you something you don't believe him, whitefulla tell you something you believe him”.! I always think of this when Lila Watson drags out Xavier Herbert and his +”not a nation but a community of thieves” as a response to a comment on “Let's Talk”. She seems and sounds resentful and even hostile, to people who dare to call in to “Let's Talk” voicing views and opinions that aren't in agreement with hers or her family.! Almost as if they were intruding or trespassing on their (turf.?) programme.! Not to forget the observation and comment from a Prominent Elder “we all know that one family owns that station”.!

+ What about this quote.? “We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather that the lawbreaker”. Ronald Reagan. He was a Whitefulla too.! (alb)

(Is this where Tiga gets the CRAP he comes out with.?)

Now the joke of the year, Tiga Bayles to run a Indigenous Media forum in Canberra called +“Empowering Indigenous Voices”.! Tiga Bayles.! Well known to Suppress Aboriginal Voices.! Supported by, Les Maleze.r.! Well, if there is to be an attempt to permanently silence these two would be Anarchists and Traitors, this would probably the time and opportunity, while they are together.! Fucken white fucken supremacists fuckheads are probably lookin to fuckin kill good blackfellas.! Like Mr. Ward, Bobby Ryder and Cameron Doomagee.! (+their voices.!) (alb)


Kevin Gilbert.

+>>In the gloom of the night in the heart of Germany. Jewish families. were rounded up and carted to the death camps, there to undergo a rape of the soul, a rape of humanity so gross, so evil that the world has never fully recovered from that genocidal evil. In Australia, January 26th, 1788, Black Australians witnessed the first mass landing of the harbingers of death, rape, torture, the first Commandants of the death camps later to be known as 'Aboriginal Reserves'. Deep in the psychology of all blacks is the wish, the wish that they were there in person to drive that evil back into the sea; to abort that white death before it insidiously pervaded the whole of the land. This 1988 're-enactment' brings to life, historically, the direct confrontation, the direct step back in time where the individual has that horror revisited. A setting of the historic stage where he and she are to play out their part.<<

I just read this for the first time, and I must say, firstly,


+I came upon the above when I was trying to find where the Xavier Herbet quote came from.

I suspect this may be some of the Late Kevin Gilbert's work but I am not sure. Kevin wrote a lot of good stuff for sure but if the above passage was by him, it must be taken into consideration that he spent a lot of time in jails. Years in fact. Having spent some years in jails myself I have known of and even observed many, black and white, become creative and inventive due to the (physical) restrictions, restraints and limitations placed on them by imprisonment. Many grow and flower as poets and even writers with plenty of time on their hands to read to study and to contemplate and to reflect on many things including their and others, incarceration. Kevin's outlook, perception and development would have been influenced (moulded?) in a big way, by his “prisoner” status and tempered by the victim mentality, the blame game, general resentment, anti (prison) establishment, an overload of many emotions including guilt, throw in a sense of hopelessness and helplessness with judgement out of kilter and even flawed to a degree and it doesn't follow that Kevin's experience had given or bestowed any unique insight into what's right and what's wrong or what direction must be taken, in Australian society. Sure a lot of the stuff he produced can be construed to be and deemed Brilliant. (alb) Ps. This is something I knocked up one night. It probably has some overall relevance. But in retrospect, I’m not quite sure what point I was trying to make. Or where I was going with this. I am human. (alb)

Empowering Indigenous Voices.

Les Malezer and the “National Congress of Australia's First People” sponsored a conference in Canberra yesterday (9/8/12) “Empowering Indigenous Voices” that was run by well known media broadcaster Tiga Bayles. Tiga is well known in Brisbane to “Suppress” the Indigenous voice via his talk-back programme, “Let's Talk” on 98.9fm radio. Bess Price was “not” invited.


More Sovereignty.

Sovereignty refugee camp to be set up “somewhere in northern NSW”. (koori mail. 8/8/2012.)

somewhere in northern NSW”.! I wonder where that could be? Surely not.! No, it couldn't be!? Not NIMBIN.!? It would be a coincidence.! Or would it.? It makes sense really, when you look at it. Some Beautiful Country.             With already established refugee camps. Like “Tuntable Falls”. And the “Snake-Pit”. Nimbin, home to many so-called, Alternative lifestyle people. Including multitudes of other refugees already. Plenty of people with plenty of sympathy and know-how in this area. Like for instance, other Professional Protesters and Agitators. Including, Tree-huggers. Hippies. Ferals. What else now.? Oh yeah. Warrant-dodgers. And fine-evaders.! A wide-ranging Assortment of Social-Misfits and Outcasts.! There is Always Plenty of Room. And the “Sovereignty” Refugees would be More than Welcome.! As the Nimbin mob are “Always” on the lookout for “New Causes” to “Champion and to Support”.! I can just imagine it, a large gathering of refugees up at the Rocks. Black White and Brindle with some very strange looking people acting irrationally.! And Roger Knox blasting out the very apt, “Oh I wish that I was back in the Dream-time”.! (This is where many people dwell. c. 9/2012 alb)

When a Prominent Blackfulla starts to talk about things like “Terra Nullius”, it's time to shake the head, sigh and think, “Here we go Again”.! Some people just Refuse to let go of the past.! Why.? Well, a couple of reasons, for one, this is generally where some of their greatest achievements are. And they are forever trying to re-live, re-capture or even to re-create, or duplicate them.! Now this could be alright for them, but the fact is, it is usually at the expense of us other Blackfullas that want to get on with life. But instead get to be dragged along with them in the “slipstream” of their adventure.! The other reason people refuse to let go of the past is because there is “Big Money” there. This is where the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) comes into its own. (alb)

There are a lot of Blackfellas all around the Country that are Dissatisfied and Pissed-off with the cards that life dealt them. Many “Rebels without a Cause”. Seeking someone or something to blame and are even willing to attack, for their personal inadequacies, failings and sufferings. Some seeking to escape the sometimes, dreary mind-numbing boredom of their lives. So, there are Always Plenty of Supporters for any Anti-establishment proposal or agenda. (alb)

Michael Anderson.

The Tent Embassy achievement by Michael Anderson is a very hard act to follow. It could even be, a once in a lifetime achievement. Sovereignty could be an Offering and a Promise, in response probably, to all the Back-slapping Congratulations by many people and to the expectations of an Accredited “Mover and Shaker” who is also a Solicitor (?) to Offer or to Supply Answers to the Present-Day Issues. In reality, what Michael Anderson is offering is Emotional Rhetoric and a “Dream”. And Despite all his Sincerity and Eloquence, a “Dream” that He Could Never Deliver. Michael should “Rest on his Laurels”. As History Has Shown us that “Comebacks” rarely Achieve Anything. And if anything, are Detrimental and even Regressive. (c. 10/2012. alb)


Will “Sovereignty” Force Aboriginal Parents to look after their Children.? Will “Sovereignty” stop Aboriginal men from bashing, maiming and killing their women.? Will “Sovereignty” stop Aboriginal People from committing crimes that lead to Prison.? Will “Sovereignty” Force Aboriginal People to take Responsibility for their own lives and actions.? (alb)

Over Six Hundred Thousand (600,000) Blackfullas will be dragged into this “Sovereignty” issue whether we like it or not.! Not to forget the nearly, twenty two million (22,000,000) non-Aborigines that call Australia home.! (alb)

The three Amigos, Les Malezer, Tiga Bayles and Michael Anderson (and others) Seek to Keep the Focus of Us Blackfullas on the past. And things that are not really relevant any more’ (except to them) Forcing our attention away from the Main Games that are being played out in This Country. These people Seek to Promote the “Jacky Jacky” approach to life (for their own purpose and Agenda) by Forcing it on us other Blackfellas. To keep us in Ignorance, of Other Relevant Issues that Affect Our Lives. The “Broader Picture” issues. (alb)


Racial Vilification. (1)

Best Price, A Head Nodin “Jacky Jacky” Blackfella for the Government. Tiga Bayles “Let's Talk” 16/08/ 2012.

If that wasn't BAD enough, Tiga seems to have chosen (after the original Outrage) the possibly, second (next to Denial.?) most common (and worst.?) step, an Attempted “Cover Up”.! He is now saying that he “only quoted”.! A “Misunderstanding”.!? Lies.! BIMA President “Col Dillon” has to do something Now.! (alb)

Each “Let's Talk” segment is recorded and posted on their (98.9fm) website and can be accessed by the general public as a “podcast”. And normally, they are available the next day. But this will not happen with the recording of Tiga's “Rant” and “Abuse”.! I spoke to Haley Belle Scott on the 17/8 re. the posting of the tape and she informed me that it will not be posted until the 28/august.! As they were “very busy” with the Gympie Muster, setting up and all.! More “Lies”.! Obviously, it has escalated to a “Full-blown” Attempted Cover-up with at least one Staff Member now involved as a co-conspirator by Obstructing and Misleading on this issue. A playing for time Tactic by the “Experienced” and “Tricky” Tiga Bayles to delay the release for a couple of weeks hoping that Any Fuss will “Blow Over” or even “Go Away”.!? Well Now.! Let me Reassure Youse, “That Ain't Gonna Fucken Happen”.! I'm pretty sure that Col Dillon has been alerted. But “For Sure” the Issue Will Not be “Left to Rest” with him. (alb)

He's “Cunning” Tiga, how he's got things set up. Take their (98.9) website, there is no allowance for the public to contact the Board-members other than through Him. I sent a Complaint to Col Dillon by email via 98.9fm. Now, anything like this would have to go through his hands.! And it gives him another opportunity to commit another (confidentiality) breach, that he would no doubt take.!

This issue is also about the misuse of a highly funded Aboriginal Service and Asset”. A Common Occurrence. (alb)

About Brisbane Indigenous Media Association.

“Murri country music station owned and run by the Aboriginal community”. (this used to be on the BIMA website)

Why would anyone feel free to Abuse and to Denigrate a Well Known Respected and Well Accomplished Aboriginal Leader like Bess Price to a World-Wide Audience via the so-called “Alternative Indigenous Media”.? What happened to Praising Up Blackfellas and their Achievements.!? What about the “Only Opportunity” for the “Broader Community” to hear of issues from a “First Nations” Perspective.? 100,000 people listen to “Let's Talk” according to Tiga Bayles. The “Gubberment Funded” Indigenous Media, including 98.9 is supposed to be a Voice for All Aboriginal People not just Tiga Bayles and His Mob! Tiga has a Very Serious Responsibility as a Indigenous Broadcaster. Yet is well known for Forcing His Views on any Audience. And will Not Tolerate disagreement from anyone including Genuine and well intentioned non-Indigenous people that ring up to the AAA talk back show “Let's Talk”. AAA is supposed to be a role model as a high profile and very prominent feature in the Aboriginal landscape with a world-wide audience. An example of Successful Self Determination and even Economic Independence.!? AAA aka. Murri Country Radio/98.9 has the expectations of Many People to Foster and Encourage Respect and Good-will to and between Other and All Australians. Yes, even Other Blackfullas. This Gubberment Funded Entity is Not to be a Platform for Tiga Bayles to Promote His Anti-Australian Agenda.

If He thinks that He can get away with his actions, the BIMA board must be Held to Account.


Wesley Enoch.

Well, I've been fired up again! Thanks to Wesley Enoch and his email.!

>>Dear Mr Bell, I am sorry but I can not glean from your email the substance of your concern. I suggest you make a formal approach to the Organisation you wish to lodge with stating your issues clearly and succinctly as I am not in a position to verify or receive unsolicited/unsubstantiated comments. Wesley Enoch<< Does this bloke even know what Organisation I'm talking about.!? This could be an issue too, these Blackfullas on a lot of boards, they could/would lose contact. (alb)

The message I am getting from Mr. Enoch a board-member of BIMA is, “I don't know what you are talking about, and I don't want to know. Go and see someone else”.!

There is “No Doubt” that Wesley Enoch has been in Contact with Tiga Bayles re. this issue.

Now, I Choose to Construe His Response as a Further “Obstruction” and “Non-Cooperation” on this issue. An Expansion of this Attempted “Cover-up”.? A Board-Member”.? So, it seems we've got General Manager of 98.9 fm. Tiga Bayles, staff member Haley Belle Scott and now Wesley Enoch, a Board-Member, in on the Act.!

Thank you, Arthur. Please forward your complaint directly to the organisation via their email address. I am aware of your complaint and will await it going through the appropriate channels”. Regards, Wesley Enoch. He's now changed his tune.! I will make the point though, besides “Uncle Col”, out of all the BIMA board-members, he was the only one that contacted me. And I would say the reason he did, was because he has a higher profile than the others, and has/had to cover himself.!

You see, these boards that a lot of these Blackfullas are on, may look good on their resume or CV when they are applying for well paid Indigenous Identified positions and seeking to Advance their Careers with as many credits and kudos as they can Accumulate to offer and present. And it's no surprise then that there are many that run Aboriginal Organisations and Services that deal with the Aboriginal public as a result. are like that and …I'll get all this above stuff sorted out and connected sooner or later. ! (alb)

Chris Graham.

WHEN grubs like Bess Price sit there on national television and say “Sorry, I didn't think you were Aboriginal. You look like a whitefulla to me". How you can sit and pretend that that's not hurtful, or won't evoke a reaction is staggering. Chris Graham. Founder of the National Indigenous Times. SBS Living Black's Facebook page. (alb)

Tiga's Mate! You should hear them on “Let's Talk”! Running Blackfullas down! Just What the Audience want to Hear.! A “First Nations” Perspective.? The Only One Offered to the “Broader” Community.? They both feel Free to Denigrate, Demonize and to Vilify Aboriginal People. And get “Big Money” to do it.! Blackfullas Money.! Again, despite his assurances to the contrary, Tiga Bayles not only Reinforces the Negativity Associated with Aboriginal People, He Invites and Encourages it. Taken it to a Whole New Level.!? (alb)

Dallas Scott.

I remember Bess Price once saying 'I want what she has for my children' with regard to Larissa Behrendt and her life of comparable privilege. Instead of people reaching out and offering help, or asking why it is that her children have a life that is polar opposite to someone like Larissa, people instead chose to vilify Bess for her words. They took that very privilege they have been given, their superior educations given to them in the name of progress for the very people Bess represents, and used it to try to rip her to shreds in the media. Labelled in this last week or so as a 'grub' by one, a 'simple minded blackfella' by another, time and time again I watched as people who demanded respect for their identity resorted to shameful personal attacks on a woman whose only crime was to speak her mind and disagree with their point of view. It came as no surprise that Chris Graham, of the 'grub' comment fame, was not only spared negative widespread coverage of his behaviour, but in addition, at no point was his job working for a publication of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council ever under threat because he expressed such an opinion. It's no wonder so many people are confused about what they can and can't say these days”. (from The “Black Steam Train” Dallas Scott.)

It came as no surprise that Tiga Bayles, of the “head nodding 'Jacky Jacky' blackfella” comment fame, was not only spared negative widespread coverage of his behaviour, “but in addition, at no point was his job working for BIMA ( Murri country music station owned and run by the Aboriginal community ) ever under threat because he expressed such an opinion” ! Arthur Bell.


To: Col Dillon. President. Brisbane Indigenous Media Association.

To: Aileen Moreton/ Sheryl Sandy/ Jody Currie/ Michael Aird/ Garth Morgan/ Wesley Enoch.

Board-member Brisbane Indigenous Media Association.

I hereby make an official complaint re. The Slanderous Abuse, Defamation and Racism broadcast against Bess Price by Tiga Bayes on “Let's Talk” on the 16/08/2012. I have concerns that Tiga may seek to erase or deface the recording of the “Let's Talk” broadcast that are normally kept for publication as a podcast. I have spoken to Dave Price husband of Bess, in the N.T. and have his and Bess's support in pursuing this issue.

Thanking You, Arthur Bell. More info on

To: Tiga Bayles: General Manager, AAA/98.9/Murri Country.

I hereby make an official complaint re. The Slanderous Abuse, Defamation and Racism broadcast against Bess Price by you on “Let's Talk” on the 16/08/2012.

I have spoken to Dave Price husband of Bess, in the N.T. and have his and Bess's support in pursuing this issue.

Thanking You, Arthur Bell. More info on

So, these Complaints, they go to the organisation, in other words Tiga Bayles.? Now Tiga is Well Known for Ignoring Complaints and was Breached , what's He Gonna Do.!? Tiga has been Ignoring My Complaints for a Few Years now.! alb

But in the End, could anyone expect that anything will be done.? Or, as They Say, will “Justice Be Done”.!? Make him Promise not to do it Again.!?

It is the failure of the Community members including the so called Local Elders (including his aunt Lila Watson) that allowed Tiga Bayles to Abuse his Position in Our Media. And to Denigrate and Demean, “Well Respected” Aboriginal Elders of the Community. Without a Doubt, Tiga Bayles would have the Confidence of the Board (that he probably had a hand in choosing) if only because most of them are on a lot of boards and don't really get involved other than to collect sitting fees. Plus probably none of them listen to AAA anyways.! (alb)

Murri Country Radio aka 4AAA Has found to be in Breach of, Clauses, 7.3 (a) 7.3 (b) and 7.3 (c) of the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice 2008. From a complaint made 3/6/10.... Tiga Bayles, Ignoring Complaints.

What about this issue of “Duty of Care”.? Who do we Sue.!?

I know Who.! TURRBAL.! THATS WHO.! Ade Kukoyi.! Maroochy Barambah's Nigerian husband.! He Runs the Show.! And they get a “LOTTA MONEY”.! It's About Time They Started to Get Involved in what's happening in their community instead of just Basking in the Accolades and collecting All the Money! What about the BIMA Board!? Sue Them.!? (alb)


ANYONE THAT HEAR'S IT WOULD SHAKE THEIR HEADS. Even though the conversation was about the “Insight” show, the (well known) Issue Tiga Bayles has with Bess Price goes “way back”. At least to the “Intervention”.


Some “Choice” bits from Tiga Bayles, besides inferring Bess Price was a “Pet Aborigine” for the Government.

If you close your eyes when that woman talks, you probably swear you were listening to a Whitefulla”.

A lot of our mob regard her, refer to her as a Head-noddin 'Jacky Jacky' Blackfulla for the Government”.

Offensive, Arrogant, Pathetic”.

A lot of us refer to, regard her as 'Best' Price”.

As Dallas Scott pointed Out on “The Black Steam Train”

shameful personal attacks on a woman whose only crime was to speak her mind and disagree with their point of view”.

Because, that's what it Was, an Uncalled for, Unwarranted and Unjustifiable Shameful Personal Attack. And anyone that heard it, Would Agree. And that Includes the “Board”.

So, to Col Dillon and the Board, Do Something! or be Construed to be, the “ISSUE”. (alb)

Racism in Aboriginal Society.

Jason Ackermanis was Sacked by “General Manager” Tiga Bayles for “Racist Comments” because Ackermanis stated, “there are Monkeys in the Engine Room” Re. technical problems with equipment at the AAA studios where Acker was doing his morning show. Ackermanis Declared that he Was Not Racist and in Fact was a “Blackfulla” Himself.! And that the “Monkey” remark was an “Old Saying” and definitely “Not meant to Offend” anyone. However, this explanation failed to Satisfy the GM (Bayles) who stated that he had the “Full Support” of the BIMA board and would continue with the “Termination”. After “Further” Discussion and or Consideration, the Very Popular Ackermanis had an offer of Reinstatement, but only if he handed over Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20, 000) to Tiga.! Isn't this what's called “Hypocrisy”.!?

What do I mean? Well, Tiga Bayles sacks Jason Ackermanis for a +border-line Racist comment or remark, yet to a “World-Wide” Audience, has “No Problem” Denouncing and Declaring Bess Price to be a “Jacky Jacky” Blackfulla.! A Historical Racist “Put-Down” from a “Fair Skinned” Aboriginal to Someone of Darker Skin and/or of “Lesser” European Heritage.! It is a Well-Known and Well-Used, “Put-Down” from an “Urban” Aboriginal, Demeaning and Denigrating an “Unsophisticated” Bush Aboriginal or so called “Myall”. Ask Any Blackfulla.! + this can be construed to be so, in some societies, but here.? I reckon he was sacked for more than that.!

Tiga Bayles has been getting away with So Much for So Long, He thinks he is Above the Law.! (alb)

Is Tiga Bayles taking what's called “The High Moral Ground” with this issue.?

If Bess Price listened to the Abuse and Insults from Tiga Bayles via the internet, Is it “Cyber-Bullying”.? (alb)

The “BIMA” Board Must “Ultimately Accept Responsibility” over This Matter and Resign.

I've listened to the CD a couple of times so far and one certain phrase keeps coming to mind,

These people that do a brisk business, Blurring the lines between “myth and reality”. Tiga Bayles is certainly in “That” Business.! (alb)


Email from Col Dillon.

31 August 2012

Mr Arthur Bell

Dear Mr Bell

We write in response to your complaint lodged via email on 20 August 2012.

Please be assured that the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association takes the matter of listener complaints seriously.

We note that your complaint is as following:

I hereby make an official complaint re. The Slanderous Abuse, Defamation and Racism broadcast against Bess Price by Tiga Bayles on ‘Let's Talk’ on the 16/08/2012. I have concerns that Tiga may seek to erase or deface the recording of the ‘Let's Talk’ broadcast that are normally kept for publication as a podcast. I have spoken to Dave Price husband of Bess, in the N.T. and have his and Bess's support in pursuing this issue.”

The Board has looked into this matter and provides the following response.

Mr Bayles has advised the Board that he made the following comment with regard to Ms Price:

"A lot of our mob refer to her as a head nodding Jacky Jacky blackfella for the government."

This statement indicates that Mr Bayles was in fact quoting from others when making the comment. You may appreciate that the ‘Let's Talk’ program regularly draws upon comments made by Aboriginal people and others when discussing politics, policy, future directions, debate and dialogue in Indigenous affairs. This is entirely consistent with contemporary radio broadcasting, whereby talk-back radio hosts often draw upon contentious issues in public policy and public affairs.

We would like to extend to you an opportunity to meet with Board members to discuss your concerns further and clarify Mr Bayles’ comments.

Please do not hesitate to contact the BIMA Office on 3892 0100 to arrange a time to meet in person.

Yours sincerely

Dr Colin Dillon APM


Brisbane Indigenous Media Association

This is Absolute Bull-Shit.! So, the Chairman of BIMA Col Dillon is now involving himself in the attempted “Cover-Up”.!?

Well that's Good.! “the more the merrier”.!

As I see it, we've got Tiga Bayles, Halley Belle Scott and Col Dillon.!

I Wonder who else is gonna throw their hat into the ring.!?

(I've discarded Wesley Enoch (for now) and put his response down to Ignorance, but retain Halley Bell Scott because obviously, Tiga had discussed the “podcast” issue with and Implicated her.)

I became Aware a Few Years back, that "delving" into the Affairs and Business of AAA aka Murri Country/98.9 would be like “opening a can of worms”.

As a broadcaster, Tiga Bayles gets “Big Money” to promote Aboriginal "Positivity" to the Broader community. As opposed to and as an Alternative to, the perceived Negativity of the mainstream media. I have "No Doubt" that somewhere in BIMA's Funding Submissions (and we're talking Millions) there is that Declaration and Commitment. In other words, what we have is more "misrepresentation by omission" and more "obtaining money" under "false" pretences. Hey.! if Karen Dorante is the "Grant" writer, wouldn't that make her an Accomplice.? Throw her in too.!? A&TSI!? (5/9/12 alb)


Still No Podcast!


Now this is getting Very Interesting! There is Absolutely “No Doubt” that Someone is Seeking to Conceal Something!

As they choose “Not to Publish” as a Podcast!

A Decision that would have been Discussed and Taken, (not lightly) by General Manager Tiga Bayles and BIMA Chairman Col Dillon.

Now, Col Dillon can either be “Remiss” or “Implicated”.

It's His Call.

(I can't believe that as an ex-copper, Col Dillon Chose to go down This Road)

This is “Dynamite” Stuff! And, like All Bad Things, (Cancer? Cyclones? Attempted Cover-Ups?) the “Patient” or “Situation” is “Deteriorating” Rapidly.! (alb)

Bess Price is Confused

Lila Watson”. This on “Let's Talk” with Mary Graham. + “Yes she is”. Mary in Agreement with “Aunty Lila.” So, it is Quite Obvious then that “Aunty Lila” Supports Tiga in his “Racial Vilification” of Bess Price! +(does she ever Disagree.? Stupid question.! But then I was only joking.!)

It is Clear that Lila Watson is a Major Influence with Tiga and his continuous Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) Approach, Ideology and Agendas.!

And he Gets a “Lotta Money”.! Does he share it.?

Identity and Colour.

If you're White You're Right. If you're Brown Hang Around. If you're Black Get Back.!

This certainly applies in Aboriginal society. Check it out.!

This is how I explain it to people, take for instance Larissa Behrendt and Bess Price, both would proclaim their Aboriginality, but if they applied to a real-estate agent for a house or a flat, who is more likely to be successful.? And why!? What about someone like singer Geoffrey Yunupingu.? I know that me being a “Yella-Fella” (brown) I would have a better chance of hailing a taxi or being allowed into a pub or club simply because of my Colour. Even though my facial features are probably at least as Aboriginal as Geoffrey's, his skin colour is Black. So, colour is and can be, a Critical and Crucial Factor.

Tiga Bayles keeps the issue of Identity alive on “Let's Talk”. And like a lot of people, he has learnt that he can state things from the past without fear of being contradicted because of no witnesses.

Tiga has stated many times that he was told he was black when he was at school.

Quote, “I was told I was black because those guys in school saw my black mother”. Unquote.

Now, I knew Tiga's Mother. A Lovely, Talented and Accomplished Lady. And there is no doubt she was of Aboriginal heritage. But she Certainly wasn't Black. Geoffrey Yunupingu is Black (and couldn't get a taxi because of) Bess Price is Black. (as Tiga acknowledged) but his Mother wasn't. In fact, she was very Fair in skin Colour. And could quite easily have been taken for anything but Aboriginal. As Tiga admitted he could also be. So, why would someone call Tiga Black simply because they saw his mother.? It is more likely that it Never Happened.! More “Bull-Shit” from a Serial Misrepresentation by Omission Offender.!

Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA) receives over +“One Million Dollars” a year in Government Grants and Funding. And as with Tiga's wage and allowances, this is All Because of ABORIGINALITY ! And “Nothing Else”! And like many Blackfullas of the AVI, Tiga deliberately “Muddies the Water” with the “Aboriginal” and “Colour” argument in the discussion of “Identity” and “Who gets the Money”.! (alb)

+BIMA, a Veritable Goldmine.! He has certainly hit the Jackpot.! And he knows it.! Tiga has discovered a Fountain of Never-Ending Gubberment Funding.! It's called the AVI.! And/or “Murri Country” Radio! And he ain't gonna let go.! There is little doubt that Tiga's involvement as a Leading Player in the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) has delivered him a lifestyle that he would have only been able to dream about if not for the inherited knowledge and without the Influence Guidance and Support of his immediate relatives (these days, Lila and Sam)


To Whom it May Concern.

A couple of things, firstly my computer is a bit old and not in the best condition (like me) and I am trying to arrange for a newer and better one (I have to pay for it as I haven't got my “Snout in the Gubberment Money Trough” like Tiga and others have) And as a consequence, I haven't been producing much, though I do have stuff here to publish.

In regard to the “Racial Vilification” issue, I am exploring a couple of avenues including “Legal” and am getting Positive Feedback.

I can “Assure” that this “Issue” has a “Long Way” to Run yet!

As I have indicated, I have a Copy of the “Damming Evidence” (smoking gun.!) and there is “No Problem” in that regard. And the doctors have told me that I have at least a couple of years left yet (copd). More than enough time to deal with this issue and to get a Result.

So, I'll just “Potter Along” and reiterate “Watch this Space”. (alb)

They (the government) have failed us. And to a certain extent we have failed ourselves. (Geoff Clark on “Let's Talk.)

+ “I don't want to know your business” Geoff Clark to Tiga Bayles when Tiga went to explain why he was travelling to Melbourne the next day on official business relating to education.

Well Geoff, it is was your and everyone else's business, and you should have listened. Was this your attitude with ATSIC.? Didn't want to know.?

+ “A Freudian slip”.!? As Cliffy Daley was always quick to point out.! Cliffy was a client of DARS and a good bloke. Which reminds me, I heard Tiga a few weeks back on 98.9 asking if anyone knew the whereabouts of Cliffy and to get him to ring Grafton. I hope it wasn't bad news re. his family or his daughters’ D or A. (I won't mention their names though I do know them both. I also knew the mother) Cliffy explained things to me about them, and the life they had to endure with the Heroin and the abuse that girls go through when involved in that lifestyle. (and what causes it. Even so, I'm sure that even Cliffy would be the first to admit that he wasn't exactly, “father of the year” material himself.!) He mentioned a home-invasion in Grafton at his mother’s place among other things and he suggested that I post this stuff on my website. I told him “Cliffy, these are Very Serious Allegations and Assertions and you would have been better off going to The Police as this stuff is out of my area and I couldn't/wouldn't post them on my website. I don't know what happened after that as I moved out from where I was at the time. Anyways, I just thought I'd share that story and I hope everything is alright with Cliffy and his family. (alb)



Who gets The Money.!

I am proud of my Scottish ancestry” ( as small as it is )



I Wonder what the Aboriginal Victim Industry's (AVI) response will be to this Gem.!

No doubt the “Big Guns” from these Indigenous Units and so-called “Research Centres” will think something up as an Attack on Anthony Dillon in Defence.

These Arm-Chair Experts that need to be “Kicked Out” out of these Universities and TAFEs and be Forced to Confront and to Engage with the “Real World” and get a “Real Job”. (alb)


Relative” Poverty/Luxury = Contradiction/Confusion

Profound and Chronic” Poverty. Cindy Wockner in Postcard from Africa.

How many Hundreds of Millions of People from all around the World would give Almost Anything and go through and face Extremely Dangerous and Treacherous Journeys and People to be able to live in, and to give their Children the opportunity of the Aussie Lifestyle.!? And the Aussie Relative Poverty.? They see it as Relative Luxury.! The $500.00 (over $600 with rent assist) a fortnight on the Dole, and $700 for DSP is a huge sum to these People and many of the enterprising have started businesses on this income.!

This income is a lot of money even to us Aboriginals.! “Money for Nothing”.! Just for Existing.! Sit-Down Money.!

When you consider that us Blackfellas never had any income before Whitefullas started running the Country. LUXURY!


There is “NO SUCH THING” in this Country!


Except in the minds of Prominent Members of the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) including the Academics and Professional Spin-Doctors

Stephen Hagan and Graceland Smallwood.

And others.



The show about the Daravi Slums of Mumbai in India was on again last week. Incredible.! Astounding.! Amazing.! Unbelievable.! One million people to one square mile.! Five Hundred People to One Toilet.! Eighty-five per cent of the people working with many self-employed. With almost No Crime. Water turned on for two hours a day. Twenty people to one very small house. A life of real POVERTY. Yet All Very Happy and Uncomplaining with their lot in life. No food-banks like we have here all around the Country where we can just drive up and fill the boot of the car with a wide-ranging assortment of fresh and nutritious vegetables. No Salvoes to bring food out to the house and give them twenty or thirty dollar food vouchers (or is it more now?) for the local supermarkets if they can't handle or manage any money they manage to get their hands on as with the $500 plus a fortnight minimum Welfare Money we get! No St. Vinnies or Life Line to help pay their bills like here when we get to slack to bother.! No numerous food and coffee vans to keep them supplied with pies and sandwiches as happens here.! No nourishing hot meals from the Salvos and St. Vinnies for a dollar over there.! They are not inundated or overwhelmed with countless and never-ending Well-Funded, Indian Specific Organisations, Services, Projects and Initiatives to Cater to their every need like what happens here.! It is doubtful they have free Transport services to pick up and to drop them off to places where everyone else has to pay.! Including their school-kids.! I'm sure that if they didn't bother to feed their kids, no one else will do it all for them like what happens here.! And What about them Africans.!? The show on TV recently, “Community Cop” and the African youth. Many from War-torn Countries. I tell my nephews and other Aboriginal youth, make Friends with them and have them as mates, they're alright.! They agree and everything, But I know that they could never understand or comprehend the Terrible upbringing these kids had to endure. Or their Mental state and/or the impact these psychological scars will have on the future of this Society and Country. And if we do not deal with them now. I explain that if the AVI have their way, in the future, we'll be all like them Indians in America, living/existing on/in Reservations and Reserves and Homelands, with the African Australians Dominating Here Too, like in America. An African Australian Prime Minister.? Well, I reckon we'll see one of them before we see an Aboriginal Prime Minister.! If the AVI has it's way. And we're just about there now.! (alb)

Over here the more the AVI provide for us and the more responsibilities they relieve us of, the more Gubberment Money They get.! And the Responsibilities.? Try giving them back.! No-one wants them anymore.!

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is Wanting what you get”. Dale Carnegie. This one's good. And relevant.!

Getting More Money out of the Gubberment is seen as a Victory and a Success. Yet with All the Funding we get, and we are talking “Many Billions of Dollars”, Nobody seems to be Happy.! We need More Money.!? According to the AVI the people that seems to get the bulk of “The Money”.

The Simple Fact Is, we are almost completely reliant and dependant on the Whitefullas. They have to build houses for us. They have to feed us. They have to remove our rubbish for us, otherwise it will just pile up and Rot into a major Health Hazard. If the sewage in a house blocks up we have to get Whitefullas to travel hundreds of miles to come and fix it for us or more health issues. Whitefullas have to attend to and fix our personal health issues and problems. The Whitefullas have to sort out this terrible Child Abuse in our Communities for us. Whitefullas have to sort out this never-ending and endemic Alcohol Abuse Issues including Family Violence for us.... This Never-Ending Saga. It would seem that we are “Hopeless” without Whitefullas! (16/12/2012. alb)


Keating's Redfern Speech.

You have betrayed us and Keating's famous speech” Rosalie Kunoth Monks.

This splashed across the front page of the NIT. Just like it was Completely Unexpected “Ground-Breaking” News.! Or Sensational “Investigative” Journalism.! (something that NIT is “not” known for) Instead it is nothing more than the “same old same old”. As with NIT. I pointed out on one of my sites that these long-time Protesters and Activists have become “Punch-drunk” and will strike out at anything. And it may have been coincidental, but not long after, Les Malezer +publicly stated (on “Let's Talk”) that he was like a boxer, in that he gets knocked down but he keeps getting up.! I reckon that “getting knocked down” bit was a throw-away line for the Audience. And what he really meant was getting Knocked Back and “Put Down”.! Les Malezer (like many others) has been accessing a Lotta Government Money for a Lotta Years Now.! In the Stampede for the easy Dollars that was available in the early years of Aboriginal Organisations and Services being set up. Not to mention the many Aboriginal Specific Programmes and Initiatives, (FAIRA) there was much conflict and brawling as to who got Control of “The Money”.!  The same thing happened with Native Title claims. And I have no doubt that Les made enemies. I did hear him get *Put down a few times.! But this was later, in the nineties when he was running FAIRA at Balaclava St. I used to visit FARIA to share their resources, and I was a bit sceptical of the criticism of him. But I didn't know him very well and I must have missed something.! +no doubt Les Malezer also knows he can relate the past with little fear of Contradiction. * Legitimate criticism by active, and prominent members of the the Aboriginal Community of Inner City Brisbane, that I could name. So, we're not talking back-stabbing gossip here. (alb)

Mr. Keating's speech was one of the most significant speeches ever delivered by an Australian political leader”. Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) board-member Tom Calma and Misguided Moral Posture, Melinda Cilento.

What Crap.! Significant to who.? The Professional Protesters and Activists.!? The AVI.?

The speech was and still is, meaningless to the Vast Majority of Us Blackfellas.!

Just the ranting of another politician.

Keating was Electioneering and the Speech helped him get elected three months later.

I was staying at my aunt's place in Waterloo at the time.

I was having a drink and a joint or two with “Batman” at the “Black-Theatre” and walked over to the park with Glen Rouse and Poss Green for a stickybeak.

It was given to a largely Aboriginal audience who were visibly and deeply moved by his words” Curator's notes: Vicki Grieves.

More “Crap”. There was more Whitefullas than Blackfullas.!

Visibly and Deeply moved”. This Crap is an Exercise in “Political Correctness”.

Most Blackfullas were at the back drinking. And as drunks mostly are, all in their own world. And talking amongst our/themselves and almost shouting to be heard as usual.! Most couldn't hear what Keating was saying. And most of the reaction was from the Whitefulla audience. Snatches of the speech could possibly be heard at the back, by anyone that was listening. Most weren't. And some Blackfullas didn't even know who Keating was.! They/we weren't going to waste good drinking time listening to politicians.! +Parts of Redfern including the “Block” and Redfern Park is/was a place of Drinkers. As was the “Black Theatre”. I used to stay there when I used to visit from the North Coast of NSW two or three times a year. It was convenient for me as it was a good place to stash my Coles plastic shopping bags of “Green Stuff” amongst the pile of rubbish at the back of the “Theatre”. I even had it hidden in little stashes in Radio Redfern. Brother Mac Silva didn't know it was there (I had to be tricky) though he did “Partake” of a lot of it.! Free of course, courtesy of Me.! Brother Mac Silva.! Lovely Bloke and a good Rep. +Sol Belair was one of the main “movers and shakers” in the establishment of what degenerated into the “Block. I heard him say (on “Let's Talk”) that he did it to accommodate the local “Goomies”. People that used to drink Methylated Spirits or “Goom”. Cheap and almost pure alcohol. A Good “Hit”.! It killed many. Not so much of it drunk these days. Replaced by cheap cask wine. Goomies, also “Extreme Drunks” and Social Misfits and/or Outcasts. People that Other people including family and relations (or landlords) wouldn't put up with or Tolerate Because of their drunken and disagreeable lifestyles, behaviour and habits. This being why they were on the streets and in the Empties. But not all. Of the people that lived in Redfern's “Block” area, most weren't actually from there. Or even from Sydney. Almost all were from the Country or the Bush. Including the North Coast, South Coast, Moree, Walget, Kempsey, Grafton and all over NSW. And as would be expected with this mix, a lot of “bad blood” with Historic Tribal and Family Feuds being continued and resolved on the “Block”. They had free reign for Revenge and Retribution and they took advantage of it. It was well away from their home and Country and people didn't have to answer to or Respect Anyone. As they soon discovered.! What Vestige of Respect and Order there, soon Dissipated with the Drunks, Criminals and then the Druggos including Dealers of all Drugs, including Heroin, took over and soon Dominated. There was many deaths from overdosing. The place soon became lawless and a “No-Go” area. Even to Other Blackfullas with the Anti-Establishment Attitude and the “Us and Them” mentality that soon Prevailed. Crime was rampant with even kids selling drugs amongst other things. Many of these kids used to snatch handbags at Redfern Station and ran down to the “Block” to avoid arrest. Robbing each other was commonplace. There were even “Home-invasions”. And the Violence towards each other was comparable to what was reported to have happened in Yuendamu and other remote communities. But not much reported on. And not to forget the Neglect and Abuse of Children. The Authorities couldn't do much as people were afraid to talk for fear of “Pay-back”. And if anything was attempted in this area, people would start screaming “Racism” or “Police brutality”.! People were not “Community Aware” or Responsible. And they had no Desire or need to be. Many departed their Country to get away from their responsibilities in that area. Just hit the “Big-Smoke” and Party.! Just like all them other Blackfellas seemed to be doing.! Then after a while, Money started going into the “Block” to repair houses and to establish Services. The Housing Co-op was established. The AVI recognised the potential of the place and Millions was poured into the place with the Centre for Indigenous Excellence being the “Crown Jewel”. These days this true history of the “Block” will be disputed and no doubt attacked by the AVI in protection of their Massive Income as they +” Glamorise”, Gloss Over and “Glorify” the Past (and even the present) in this Never-ending “Romanticism of the Past” that Prevails in this Country. The Whitefulla Aussies did/do it, and members of the AVI have picked up on this practice and have grasped it with both hands. The Difference being of course, is that to the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) the Past is “Pure Gold” and/or “Big Money”.! The Problem is, we are becoming locked bolted and cemented there and could/will never Move On. (like Stubborn Children) And we have become “Blind” to the Future. And even the “Present”. And as a consequence, we/ourselves, us Blackfullas, us Aboriginals, in our Ignorance, have developed into an Obstacle and an Impediment to any Progress, including Multiculturalism, in this Country. Other Ethnics recognise this. And as they gain in numbers and strength and develop in confidence (and politically) realise the Burden (those that already haven’t!) us Blackfullas are. (11/12/2012 edited. alb)

+Author John Green frequently discusses the human tendency to both “romanticise the past” and to give nostalgic value to the future. In both cases, we long for something that isn't real and a past that in our imperfect memories, we have glorified, or a flawless future that will never exist. (anon)

My grandfather Casey Gundy and his family including Uncle Ronnie used to live in Lewis St. many years ago. I first visited in about 1968 and stayed for a few weeks in early 1970. I was back in December 1972 and stayed with all the other Cherbourg People at Father Ted's at the back of the Church at Redfern St. Then 1986-96. So, I had a good view over a long period of time, of the development and what was happening, and what happened there. (alb)


More Sovereignty.


Here we go again”.! or what about “Give us a Break”.!

These “Professional” Protesters and “Activists” are still in Musgrave Park. And still “Seeking” to Force and to Impose their “Personal” Ideologies and Agendas on us Other Blackfullas.! I bet the Locals, including Residents and Regular Visitors of/to Musgrave Park, are just about Sick of “Sovereignty” (already.?) and the “Grandstanding Antics and Stunts”. And all the Police and Media Attention.! Like most Blackfullas, they/we just want to get on with their/our Lives.! And what “Progress” or “Positivity” has the “Sovereignty” Activists achieved so far.? I'll tell you what, Absolutely “Fuck All”.! And I'll tell you something else. The only “real” supporters, those Whitefulla Supporters, they ain't really Supporters at All.! Many are Brian Laver's ANARCHIST Mates.! Their Agenda is ANARCHY.! Not SOVEREIGNTY.! They are Laughing their Fucken Heads Off.! Every time they get dragged away, it Promotes Their Ideologies and helps to achieve Their Aims.! After a hard day “protesting” these Anarchists get together, have a beer, and a good giggle about them silly Blackfullas down at the Park.! (13/12/2012.alb)

It's time for the “Sovereignty Circus” to move on to the Next Town. Maybe Cunnamulla.?


These gestures, offerings, actions, initiatives, achievements and/or accomplishments, by the Aboriginal Elite and their Supporters of the many years, on reflection, it is/was all about Money. Many good and well-intentioned people were involved in the early years, including William Cooper, Faith Bandler and the many others. (too many to name) Awareness of Aboriginal issues certainly was achieved. And with Advancement in many areas.

But starting from about ADC, and including ATSIC, it has all been about “Money”. In return for Symbolic, Token Advancements and Achievements. According to the AVI we Still the Most Disadvantaged in All Areas.! And Everything is on the Increase.! Including Over-representation in all the worst aspects of life in this Country. From over-imprisonment and Child Abuse to  Substance Abuse and Family Violence. Everything! And we are All living in Poverty.! What have these AVI People been doing.? If they want all the Glory and all the Money, then they have to accept some of the Blame.!

Sovereignty, Close the Gap, Constitutional Recognition, the UN Rights of Indigenous People, Native Title Yes, even the “Embassy” and NADOC and Reconciliation. And we may as well throw in the 1967 Referendum.! All “Symbolic” and according to the AVI and their stats, we are No Better Off.! It would seem that all this “Symbolism/Tokenism” could all have been a very expensive waste of time and of very little value. Maybe more could have been achieved without the “Grand-Standing”. As all we have now is a divided /fractured Society. And all the “Symbolism/Tokenism” in the World ain't gonna fix it.! The “Rights” agenda was/is Flogged to Death.! And it is Very Debatable as to what Advantage it is /was to Aboriginal People. Native Title caused untold acrimonious and eternal Division in Aboriginal Communities. And tore many Aboriginal families apart. Most of the Cultural Initiatives afforded by claims have all gone broke or were abandoned. No doubt many Blackfullas Curse the implementation of the NTA and wish they would have never heard of it.! All these Health programs, Billions of Dollars.! Yet no one seems to be getting any Better.! And we are All Living in Poverty.! All these Aboriginal Specific Organisations and Services. Initiatives and Programs. Including, Rehabs, Hostels, Land Councils, welfare/Legal and Health Services. All these “Symbols/Tokens” of Aboriginal Advancement and of Justice (and Division) have Failed. And All need to be Discarded. And a Fresh Start be Made. Whilst there is Still Time and Goodwill. And whilst we are Economically able. And with Some Minerals and Resources still in the Ground. We need to cast off the Shackles of Victim-hood. We as the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, must “reset” our relationship with the rest of the Country. (alb)


*And the “Congress”. (1)

Well, this is how Governments deal with these issues, they offer “Acceptance” and Recognition as a “Symbol/Token” of a Friendship and of “Future” Better Understanding and Cooperation from the “Aboriginal” People. And with a $30 million incentive and with no Clear Accountability Guidelines, it is an offer that the AVI simply Could Not Refuse. Here's Thirty Million, go away. And they let the Aboriginal elite think it was their idea. Macklin saw it coming a mile off. And prepared for it with the only issue being “The Money” (or more, the amount).

The “Congress” exists because the Government needs an indigenous filing cabinet to put Aboriginal issues into. In the old days “Kings” were appointed and given breast-plates to signify their authority to speak on behalf of Aboriginal People. The “Congress” is merely an Extension and an Expansion of this practice.

Politicians should stop supporting policies that promote racism and are racist” AAA news. 8/8/12. Jody Braun.

More Crap from the “Congress”.!

Jody, you and Les get good money and get to trip around the Country because of Racist policies.! You should be thanking them. Not criticising them.!

Jody, you are actually supporting “policies that promote racism and are racist”! As co-chair of Congress. The “Token” Peak Representative body. If you are Serious, then you should Discard your “Breast-Plate” of “Token” Authority and Immediately Resign. But we Both know that this Ain't Gonna Happen.!

Jody, it is obvious you are finding it easier to “Talk the Talk” as you work/learn with/from Les Malezer. (alb)

Congress was likely to be dependent on Government for a further grant to continue its operations” Mr.Malezer said. (K.M. 3.10/202 ) Les is preparing for the “Bite”. Whitefullas walking on the street or even when sitting in a pub, become wary and apprehensive if they see a Blackfulla approaching. “Hey Mate got a dollar.? Fifty cents.? Got a smoke”.? Then if some poor bastard stops and pulls out a packet to offer one, another half a dozen Blackfullas (most times drinking) will swamp the do-gooder and expect (and even demand) a cigarette also.! And even Money.! (I used to!) This turns a lot of people off Blackfullas. Yes, even Other Blackfullas.! Les Malezer is No Different.

And the “Congress”. (2)

More of Les Malazer's out of touch and misguided leftist agendas which privileges "rights" gesture politics, symbolism and bridge walks above well-being. Agendas with a "let them eat cake" touch about them. Or “the natives are simply not smart or sophisticated enough to know what is right for them. Once upon a time this was the role of the patrol officers, now it's the turn of the city slicker Aborigines with an axe to grind”. Marcia Langton.

These Professional Aboriginal Activists and/or so called, Defenders of Human Rights. With their One-Dimensional Views and Agendas, Promote and Perpetuate the Entrenched View that We Will Always need Other People to “do” things for Us. Even Other Blackfullas.! No doubt, with us Blackfullas being Known to be a Resilient and Durable Mob, one way or another, from and including ADC, onwards, if we Discount/never had, all that flowed from, i.e. all Aboriginal Specific Organisations, Services, Initiatives and Programs, we would still be here and still doing pretty much the same as we are doing now.! And trying to just “Get on with Life”. And without other Blackfullas trying to Run our lives for us.! In Traditional Aboriginal Society, anyone that tried to force and to impose their Personal Agendas and Issues on a Tribe and Cause Much Argument and Personal Conflict even with Elders in these never-ending Disputes with each other, like these Blackfullas are doing today, would be Bashed Senseless with a Nulla-nulla (but looked after) then, when they were able, be told by them “Old” Blackfullas and in No Uncertain Terms, that they would be better of going somewhere else and Starting their own Tribe.! It would be Made Quite Clear and in No Uncertain Terms, that if they ever came back to this Area, and/or are caught talking to, or make an approach to any member of This Tribe, their legs would be Broken. And if they do it again, their arms would be Broken as well. They were Hard Them Old Blackfullas! They Had to Be.! (alb)


 National Unity Government.

I would say that whoever coined this phrase (with the division in Aboriginal society) would no doubt be a “Dream-Time” Warrior.! Along with Les Malazer and Tiga Bayles, and with their support, Michael Anderson is One Dangerous Blackfulla.! In his Never Ending “Obstinate” and “Ignorant” One -Dimensional “Pursuance” of this Divisive “Symbolic” Sovereignty Issue.! It’s causing much division in Aboriginal society. And we’re talking about people that one would already be “hard pressed” to get an agreement on what day it is.!

Michael, stop trying to Shove “Sovereignty” down us Other Blackfullas throats (and the rest of society) and let us get on with our lives.!

Also Michael, when and where will you be setting up (could you hurry.!) these +“Refugee” camps for the “Sovereignty” Refugees/Warriors.? Nimbin would be ideal as has been suggested. The “Sovereignty” Refugees/Warriors could join forces with the many other like-minded people that are already there. And with all that “Nyarndi” available, you will have them coming from all around Australia.! Hitch-hiking and even walking to get there.! You will be able to set up and register your “Own Tribe”.! The “Sovereignty Tribe”. And you Should get a “Lotta Money” off the “Congress” (Les) for doing this.! The “Sovereignty Tribe” would then be able to buy a big block of land just like “Tuntable Falls”. And it could be called “Sovereignty Land”. And youse could all live there “Happily ever After”! And us other Blackfullas will be able to get on with the realities of life.

+or are these “camps” just another one of your dreams that ain't gonna happen.!?

Michael, you've (still) got a lot bored and frustrated professional protester and/or inherent “Rebels without a cause” going Ballistic up here in Brisbane.! I think about forty (40) at the last count. (but there could be more) So, you should stop trying to recreate the glory days and just rest on your laurels. The world will be a better place for it. (alb)

More Misrepresentation by Omission.

Just heard Troy Cassar Daley saying he enjoyed listening to 98.9 because the shows were not dictated by commerciality.! (what a shock) Troy, surely you must know that 98.9 is “Gubberment” Funded.!? And does not have to rely on Commercials money (though they will still accept it) I notice that Jamie Dunn didn't reveal this little secret.! Not another Misrepresentation by Omission Occurrence.!? He must have picked this habit up from Tiga Bayles.! Jamie, you deliberately with-held relevant information and by doing so, you not only Misled Troy but You Misled the Audience.

Anyone hearing the adds/commercials, would wrongly assume that 98.9/Murri Country, was a private entity. And general manager Tiga Bayles “Actually” Encourages this common “Misconception”.! All the years of monitoring 98.9/Murri Country radio, I have Never heard it said or revealed that this radio station is and always was, +completely Gubberment (tax-payer) Funded.! Tiga Bayles is always at Pains to Conceal this information.! And “Again” to “Mislead” the Public. Well, it would be a waste of time pointing this out to Col Dillon or BIMA Board-members.! They are mostly of the “I am Jacky Jacky, I know Nothing”. Types.

There is a trickle of add money bought in by Dunn and Calder, but only as a PR exercise. (23/12/12 edited. alb)


More Sovereignty.

Brisbane “Elder” Mary Graham is now demanding that Government deal with the “Elephant in the Room” Sovereignty.! (AAA news 22/2/2013)

What about the Endemic Maladministration, Mismanagement and Corruption including the Drug-Dealing, that has been (and obviously still is) a well-known feature of Aboriginal and Islander Organisations and Services Mary.!? What about these “Elephants in the Room”.!?

Don't (want to) know anything about this.!? Not Another “Blind” and “Deaf” Elder.!?

Tiga Bayles might have to get an “Eye Doctor” and a “Ear Doctor” add on “Staying Strong” for These “Elders”.! Maybe hand out a few “Hearing Aids”.!? What about some “Guide Dogs”.!? 24/12/2012. (alb)


This problem at Woodridge, the real or full story hasn't surfaced yet.

I noticed some so-called Aboriginal “Leaders” and/or “Elders” were at the scene and were “Completely and Totally Ineffective”. Did anyone know who Tiga Bayles was.! Or Sam Watson.! Or Alex Gator.! Did anyone care.!? From what I observed at the so-called “Riot” they were being Ignored.! And some might say, rightfully so. Tiga and Sam seemed to be “Out of their Depth”. And very subdued.! Tiga is in his Element when he is “Preaching to the Converted”. And/or behind a microphone in the air-conditioned AAA studios.! Sam is not much different. He seems in his Element and very vocal when he's surrounded by a mob of supporters. Or at the Uni lecturing students. Both Invite and Incite the type of behaviour they were making a “Token” attempt to impact on. (c. 16/1/2013 alb)

This Elder-ship, it was necessary in the past. But it seems it/they is/are of no relevance today. Even in many remote communities no one seems to take any notice of them.! Let’s face it, we don't need to know where the secret water-holes are anymore.! Or what fruit can/cannot be eaten. Or how to hunt/kill a kangaroo. Even in the Bush.!

Brisbane Elders.? Well, they are big on living in and directing attention to the Past.! And Symbolism.! And Ceremonies.! And Celebrations.! But when it comes to Certain issues, they have nothing to offer other than the “Blame-Game”.! Or “I know Nothing”.! Ask them about the mismanagement and corruption leading to the loss of Aboriginal organisations and services in Brisbane. And the Drug Dealing. And the etc.etc.etc. They have “No Answers”. And in Fact, must accept Responsibility for the Problems of Today. Including what happened at Woodridge. (c. 17/1/2013 alb)

It has been said to me “Arthur, you could get sued for a lot of this stuff on your website”. I replied “I Know this”. The question was then asked, “what if someone did sue you”.? My reply.? “Well, I will just Play “Jacky-Jacky” and act Dumb like everyone else does”. And if they win.? “Then they can have Twenty Dollars ($20) a fortnight out of my pension, like everyone else pays”. “And if there is more than one successful claimant”.? “Then they will just have to share the Twenty dollars”.!

I did point out that the site would probably go what's called, Viral.! And this could be Good in a way (and I certainly wouldn't mind!) but I would say that there would be people that would prefer that “not to happen”.


Well, I suppose it's about time I “Reactivated” this “Racial Vilification” issue.

Why now.? Well, a couple of things. How/why was TIGA BAYLES involved in this “Racially Motivated” Incident at Woodridge.? And in What Capacity.? As an “Aboriginal Elder”.? An “Aboriginal Leader”.? On who's Say So!?
















Arthur Bell.


Aboriginal Organisations/Services.

Blackfullas still “Ripping Off” Aboriginal Organisations/Services.

Bosses “pocketed” indigenous funds. (Kathleen Donaghey. Courier Mail. 21/2/2013.)

Directors of “Murri Watch” were pocketing thousands of Dollars that should have gone to needy clients. They were also awarding themselves hefty sitting fees.

There are/were many so-called local “Leaders” and “Elders” involved and associated with “Murri Watch” since its establishment.

And with “tens of millions” of taxpayer’s dollars invested.







Arthur Bell.

Who’s Responsibility.?

I just had a look at some of the documents listed for “Murri Watch” on the ORIC site and read a compliance notice-s439-(1)16/1/2013. Un-Fucken Believable! What Sam Watson and Bill Gorham have been doing. How long has this been going on for.!? How come they aren't being charged.!?

This wouldn't be the first/only time this would have happened. Old Hands. Both of the.! Been around for a long time.  And on the boards of Many organisations!

Hazel Renouf resigned on 18/1/2013.

Dianne Moore.

Sam Watson.

William Goreham.

As the Directors, it would seem that these were the people dipping their hands in +the till.! As Stephen Hagan would say, the “Usual Suspects”.!? With a long history in this area!? Hazel Renouf.? It looks like she got out before the shit hit the fan.!

+$3,500,000! Yes, Three and a half million dollars a year.! How much of that money went to The Aboriginal Bank 'TAB'.!? Let's face it, Sam Watson and Bill Goreham are well known as investors with the TAB.! And for many years.! Where was the money coming from.? Both Sam and Bill are on the boards of Numerous Aboriginal and Islander Organisations in Brisbane. How much Money in “Hefty Sitting Fees” have they awarded themselves over the years.!? How much Money have they Embezzled, Misappropriated or just plain “Stolen”.!? (alb)

As President of MPAC, Bill Gorham sacked newly appointed manager Phylis Iker when/because she tried to Clean up and Address the Ongoing Maladministration, Mismanagement including the Misuse of a Service vehicle used to supply clients with grog on the premises. As well as Staff and even Board-members selling Nyandi at the “day and drop in centre” down at Hope St.! Her days were numbered when she started to ask embarrassing questions about missing equipment and supplies. Ron Schrimpf has information on why/how Hope St. was lost and who was responsible. (alb)

Who’s Responsibility.? (1)

Gross Maladministration Mismanagement and Incompetence has resulted in the Loss of Valuable Aboriginal and Islander Property and the Collapse of Essential Community Services, vital to the Aboriginal and Islander and the wider Community of inner-city Brisbane. The organisations being “Musgrave Park Aboriginal Corporation” and “Murri Mura Aboriginal Corporation”. This Further Damage to the Community Confidence in Aboriginal and Islander organisations and services Demands an Official Investigation into the Circumstances leading to the Present Situation of these Organisations and the State of Affairs of All Aboriginal and Islander Organisations/Services in Brisbane to Determine the Potential or the Existence of Maladministration or Mismanagement in These Organisations. For Avoidance of the Same in the Future.! (c. 6/2003 edited. alb)

Diversionary Centres” a Flawed Concept and Failed Experiment. Why they have to be Abolished/Replaced. (c.6/2007edited. alb.)

Campbell Newman now needs to start the “Culling” of these “Out of Control” Aboriginal and Islander Specific Organisations/Services. (alb)


Corruption in Aboriginal organisations.

This Tiga Bayles, essentially, he is just another individual with an “Axe to Grind”. And with Nothing to offer other than Blame the Government/whitefellas/colonisation/dispossession. And (not to forget) how to milk government for “Money”.!

Strong on stuff like “getting rid of fluoride”. Not so strong on “getting rid of corruption” involving Aboriginal Organisations/Services. Why.? To my knowledge he has never ever touched on this issue with the “Let's Talk” programme.! Again, one must ask, Why.!? Does he know something We don't.!? Does he Support it.? Why does he insist on Ignoring this “Elephant in the Room”.!? Who/what is he Protecting.? Could it be that he is/was aware of his Cousin Sam Watson and Others having his/their “Hand in the Cookie Jar”.!? What about Tiga Himself.!? Is it because he wouldn't pass Scrutiny in this area.!? (Very Interesting) Well, it would be pointless inquiring of these issues and concerns to Col Dillon and the BIMA board. They certainly “wouldn't want to know about it” has been my Observation and Experience.! (alb)


To: Anthony Bevan. Registrar of Indigenous Corporations

From: Arthur Bell.

Anthony, I spoke to Katarina re. Murri Watch, icn 1305 and compliance notice-s439-(1)16/1/2013. She informed me that the corporation was still being investigated and she couldn't give out information.

My view is that the investigation has been completed hence the compliance notice. What I would like to know Anthony is, why aren't the people identified as having committed these “very serious” breaches, being charged.? It would seem to me that offenders in this area (and there are many in Brisbane) are being aided and abetted by this not being the case. As a concerned and involved member of the Aboriginal and broader community of Brisbane/Australia, what can I personally do to ensure that these people are held to account in a meaningful way.? For avoidance of, and to discourage this behaviour in the future.

Thanking you and hoping to hear from you soon, Arthur Bell.

Below is the “CRAP” I received from Anthony Bevan in answer to my email.!

Mr Bell Thank you for your email.

I also note you telephoned my office on 26 February 2013 at 4.00pm in relation to this matter.

My office conducted an independent examination of Murri Watch Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation in December 2012. A compliance notice was issued to the corporation by my office in January 2013 requiring it address a number of issues of concerns identified in the examination (a copy of the notice can be downloaded from the ORIC website, My office also considers those issues of concern to be serious and for this reason a compliance notice was issued to the corporation. We will continue to monitor the corporation’s actions to address the requirements of the compliance notice and to ensure that the governance of the corporation is improved.

The members have a right to put questions to the directors at a general meeting and to also remove and appoint directors. If members have concerns I would encourage them to attend the next general meeting of the corporation and put their concerns to the directors. I note that you are not a member of the corporation and as a person with an active interest in Murri Watch I would encourage you to become a member.

Thank you for emailing.

Media Release”.

Registrar obtains further convictions for non-lodgement.

A further 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations have recently been convicted and fined for not lodging their annual returns for the 2010–11 financial year. Five of the corporations are located in Queensland, four in the Northern Territory and one in New South Wales. One corporation in Queensland has been fined a record sum of $13,300 for a continuing offence. Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations. PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606 || Toll free: 1800 622 431 || || ABN: 36 342 015 855

Now, this sounds and looks good, but in Reality, what happens is, one arm of the Government takes back money that another arm of the Government has distributed.! And for sure the only people that suffer is the people that the Organisation/Service were set up for. It seems that the people that commit some, “very serious” breeches are not held to account or are personally penalised.!

If I stole money from an Organisation there is no doubt that I would face “Criminal Charges”.! So, why aren't Sam Watson and Bill Gorham being charged.!? Are Directors of Aboriginal and Islander Corporations Protected.!? If so, Why.!? (alb)

I refer to our discussion regarding this matter earlier today. I can confirm that we have received your email. I am also able to advise that in accordance with your request, your email has been referred to the Registrar for consideration. Thank you for your call.

Joe Mastrolembo Deputy Registrar Phone: 02 6146 0268 || Fax: 02 6204 4094 Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606 || Toll free: 1800 622 431 || || ABN: 36 342 015 855

Follow-up correspondence: (email)

Thank you, Mr Bell. We have reviewed the conduct you refer to and at this stage have determined that the appropriate action to take is to issue a compliance notice.

A member or yourself may have the right to take their own action and you should consult a lawyer if you consider this appropriate. Anthony Bevan Registrar of Indigenous Corporations. 27/2/2013


Well, Well, Well.!! It would seem that we are dealing with what could be described as, “Opening Another Can of Worms”, ORIC.! (alb)

These further revelations of Corruption by Board-members of Murri Watch demand an “Official Investigation” into the State of Affairs of All Aboriginal and Islander Organisations/Services in Brisbane to Determine the Potential or the Existence of Maladministration or Mismanagement. For Avoidance of the Same in the Future. (alb)

In the late 60s early 70s in ye “Olde Boggo Road”, I had plenty of time for reflection. And I did a lot of reading. I read many books. Including many of the Classics. One observation and comment I always recall, and it stands out in my mind. I don't remember who wrote the book or the name of it. But it was about the future/post Emancipation. It was a senior African American, possibly a grandfather advising a youngster about the (their) future in America and what direction they, as freed Slaves/African Americans, had to take. He explained, “whatever we do, it has to be Gold. Not just good but gold. No matter what work we find or do, we have to do it better than anyone else. And even better than it has ever been done before. Even the lowest paid or dirtiest menial Labour. We have to prove that not only are we as good as the white-man, but that we are even better”.! Unquote. As Citizens and Patriots.? There is no doubt that they have achieved this. They Forced the White-American (Jim Crows?) to Recognise to Respect and to Accept Them. Through their Deeds and their Dignity. So much so, that an African American was elected to and entrusted with the highest office/responsibility that could ever be bestowed on an individual in what has been described as the World’s Greatest Country.! And an Economic and Military Superpower. And the world’s policeman. And with Confidence.! The American peoples chose a person of obvious African heritage. And Yes, by Colour. An African American. Someone that would/could not be mistaken for anything else.! It would be doubtful that Barack Obama would/could be taken for anything other than what he is taken for and proclaimed to be.! An African American.!

In the early years of the Civil Rights movements we followed their lead. But then we seem to have lost our way and ended up on Victim Street”.



Who gets the Money.!

Blackfulla” is a generic term used and accepted by the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia to describe ourselves and others of our ethnicity. But this term has been used and manipulated by many of the AVI to “Muddy the Waters” when it concerns “Identity”. And generally, involving Government “Money” or Funding. And is not to be confused with Black man/woman. Though there are plenty of Blackfullas that would deny this. Nine out of ten of these people would be getting “Money” or some advantage because of. But there would be some that would do it (argue against) in ignorance.

+ “We're colour blind” Rhoda Roberts. Clancestry “Kinship & Identity” QPAC 3/3/2013.


Rhoda obviously has developed the appropriate dialogue and rhetoric. And not to forget Manner and “Method”.! An old hand.

And she would have been getting away with stating this sort of “Bullshit” for many years. Why has she been allowed to.? Well, Rhoda Roberts has been generating and accessing Government monies, grants and/or funding for as many years. Mainly in the Arts area. In other words, “She brings a lot to the Table”.! And “Money” is a convincing argument.

If you're white you're right.

If you're brown hang round.

If you're black get back.

This “Colour Prejudice” is the Reality of Aboriginal life in this Country.

And is an Undeniable, Inescapable and Indisputable fact of life in Indigenous Societies World Wide.!

Yes, us Aboriginals are as “Colour Prejudiced/Racist” as Anyone.! And it can be argued, even more so. Ask the Torres Strait Islanders how they are treated by us Aboriginals.!

+Check out All these people that make this claim re. This issue of their ++Colour or Lack thereof. These days the Aboriginal Elite. (ever notice this?) Including many successful Academics. They keep harping on about it. And besides the Funding Bodies, it is Obvious that the people they are trying to Convince and to Impress the Most, is Themselves and Each Other.!

++Blackness, confused with Aboriginality.? People chose in their ignorance, to take the Colour line and argument (a mistake) with the issue of Aboriginality. I would say there Is probably a couple reasons for this tactic. One was that they/we were continually challenged on the issue of Aboriginality. With full-bloods seen to be the real Aboriginals. And still living a traditional lifestyle, by the mainstream. They have dragged/used the generic term “Blackfulla”, these days mainly in support of financial gain and/or advancement… c. 03/2013. I'll move away from this for a while. (alb)



About this issue of Identity/Aboriginality Issue, I'll go back to about 96/97 when as Director of the “Indigenous Peoples Congress” (IPC) I authored published and personally distributed a number of proclamations/documents Demanding a Treaty between us Blackfullas and the powers that be. Who ever they may have been, at that time. And it is no secret. As many aware people in the Aboriginal and broader community of Brisbane, at least, would recall and no doubt verify. Things like “No Treaty No Reconciliation” and “No Treaty No Election”, two or three of a similar vein and a couple of others titled, “Extinguishment of the Native Title Act” (1) and (2). I like many other Blackfullas, became outraged when I became aware of the mistreatment of my/our Ancestors. (and even what was happening at the time) But unlike most I was determined and committed to do something about it. Now, being a (eighth grade educated) Cherbourg Blackfulla, and we were known as people of action, “fight first argue after” was said to be our motto. This when we many of us migrated to Brisbane in the early/mid sixties, when Cherbourg was deregulated. So anyways, with my mindset and character I took it upon myself to seek revenge and to punish what I used to refer to as the “Fucken White Occers”. Officialdom (whom I had reason to believe was ASIO) had overt round the clock surveillance on me when I was staying at “Born Free” in Brook st. Hedley J. should remember this. Also, Bill G. though I doubt he verify this! There were others there at the time. It was in late 98 when Gracelyn Smallwood organised the “Pathways Conference” with the Biko Boys and other overseas (well known) Black Radicals as guests. I don't know how ASIO found out, but they appeared outside “Born Free” Aboriginal hostel just after Gracelyn faxed me an invite after inquiries from me. At least a week before the start of the conference at Toowoomba. And they sat there for a few days looking up at my window. I had no doubt why they were there, who for and what the message was. At that time, I had signed up numerous members to the IPC including prominent senior black educators and academics from Africa. I used to communicate with them regularly and also to the editor of a magazine in Africa, by phone and fax. Up until the Olympics in 2000 I was involved in conversations re. “the Games” with people asking me my thoughts/views. My standard reply was, “What Games, there ain't gonna be any”. I felt that at that time, officialdom was aware that I was fairly organised with IPC members and that I could/would present a real threat. As opposed to the normal, run of the mill Aboriginal Protesters/Activists. Me having convictions for four firearms offences including unlicensed pistols and shortened (sawn-off) shotguns and stuff did/didn't (depending on what side you was on) help my cause.! I thought a lot about what I was going to do and the consequences of. For sure a lot of people were going to get hurt. I think it is referred to as “collateral damage”. I didn't expect to be apprehended but considered going public on the issue re. what/why I was doing/going to. I then envisioned myself ending up in prison as some sort of Victim/Example. And I'm talking about forever. And having already spent some considerable amounts of time in prison, I had a good grasp and understanding of the hopelessness and desolation of spending 20 to 30 years and probably, eventually, dying there. And that probably, my activities would not only not achieve anything but be unappreciated by most Aboriginal people. And with me ending up just rotting and forgotten. The same as many Blackfullas. “Out of Sight and Out of Mind”. (All this stuff is relevant as will be revealed.) (alb)

Now, back to the Identity/Aboriginality issue, one of many that I am attending to and dealing with. One of the terms of the Treaty would be (without going into it to far) that all people identified as of Aboriginal heritage/descendants of the original inhabitants, would by law, be entitled to certain privileges. Now, regarding people that didn't look Aboriginal, by features or by colour. My view was (remembering I would be having an input) that, like any heir(s) resemblance/lack thereof to the inheritor, would be of “No Consequence”. I was attending to court cases in Brisbane from November 1997 and stayed at BJ hostel as it was convenient for me. From early 98 to mid 99 I completed about 1,000 hours of community service that I was sentenced to by the courts. This was all at BJ hostel. But I used to alternate living at “Born Free” hostel as well as “BJ” hostel. So, I had a good view of what was happening not only at the hostels, but at Hope St. as well. I will repeat, Un-Fucken Believable.! They were just running riot.! Now, I will also repeat “It was NO SECRET” what they were doing.

EVERYONE KNEW.!! Including Many, so-called Elders and Leaders. And I Challenge Anyone to Dispute or Deny this.

Now we'll move to about 2002 when I moved back to Brisbane from Townsville where I spent about nine (9) months. I moved into “Bowman Johnson” (BJ) Hostel and stayed there for most of 2003 and accessed most of the Aboriginal Services in the mostly South-side area. Some were getting completely out of control. With Board-members, Managers and Staff of Hope St. day and drop-in centre, Bowman Johnson Hostel, Musgrave Park Hostel in Boundary St. Born Free Hostel and the Yeronga Hostel, still openly selling Cannabis. Misuse of organisation vehicles was still an ongoing problem. And one hostel running up massive bills accessing porn sites on the internet. Staff and even Management, still accessing (taking home) hostel food and supplies just like it was their own.! And with no regard for people knowing about it including the clients, non-Indigenous locals and even the police. It ended up with Hope St. day and drop-in centre being shut down and staff and management dismissed. And the staff, including the Manager of B.J. Hostel also were sacked.

Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL) was funding these establishments and people from there were definitely aware of what was happening. And they have to accept a lot of the responsibility for continually turning a blind eye. There is No Doubt of a “Culture of Collusion”. A Cover Up. Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) also has to accept responsibility. As with the “Murri Watch” issue, they was aware of Criminal Activity, but simply carried on issuing “Compliance” notices instead of having these very serious offences attended to by the Police.

I had already started to realise that we/Aboriginal People were not only our own worst enemy but that we were contributing to this developing “image” issue and problem in a Big Way.


No More Discrimination.

To: The Hon. Campbell Newman/Jeff Seeney/Glen/Elmes.

From: Arthur Bell.

I urge you to take a stand and make the hard decisions to discontinue the past/present and any future policies of forced discrimination and special/separate treatment of Aboriginal and Islander people. Indigenous specific organisations and services have delivered nothing in the improvement of our lives. With billions of dollars invested in programs and initiatives in Queensland alone in the last 30 years, wasted other than as wages and special privileges to the Aboriginal elite. Many Indigenous organisations and services have been de-reregistered and abandoned. All Indigenous specific services need to be main-streamed as we all have to live together and get on with the business of life as Australians. In the future of a Multicultural Society, Aboriginal and Islander specific services will not be tolerated. Nor will policies of forced discrimination and/of special/separate treatment of Aboriginal and Islander people. The example of Equal Treatment for All has to be set. And I urge you Premier to consider/take this defining step.

>>“At present there are over 5.000 Aboriginal and Islander specific Organisations/Services/Corporations in Australia. Thousands more have been de-registered and Lost over the years. Mainly through Poor corporate governance practices and inadequate financial management. And with “Lack” of “Good Will” and “Honesty” and “Lack of Accountability” being a Major Contributing Factor.” extract from << Thanking you, Arthur Bell.

Look to the Future.

A New World Order

In the future of a Multicultural Society, Aboriginal and Islander Recognition and Discriminatory consideration/treatment, will not be tolerated.

This is the Key. The days of the Anglo Aussie or so called Whitefulla, Dad and Dave as the Dominant Society, are Numbered! Our days in the Sun, the days of Unlimited Funding, of billions dollars a year allocated to Aboriginal issues, the days of Special/Separate Consideration, will be brought to a crashing and grinding halt. The Bubble will be burst with a Massive Explosion! In about fifty (50) years, when the people from the Subcontinent have developed enough in government, as they will, to pursue their own agendas, along the million or so people of Asian origin. And when the African Australians have gained in confidence and numbers, these people that we have already alienated and made our enemies, along with the Whitefullas, they will make up the Dominant Society. And it will be called the “New World Order”. This “New World Order” will not tolerate “Jacky Jacky” or Aboriginal Victim-hood.! They may very well practice what they do in the Countries that their forefathers come from where they Kill and Enslave People that oppose or hinder their Development /Progress.! None of this “Poor Fulla Me”.! No sympathy from them.! The people from the Middle East that have left some terrible circumstances to come and live here and the Polynesian already offer no recognition or sympathy for the so called “Aboriginal Disadvantage”. We the Aboriginal People of Australia are totally unprepared for this event. No longer will we be permitted to dwell in the Comfort zone of Victim-hood. But will be dragged kicking and screaming into the “New World Order”. And, we will not only be forced to the back of the Queue, but into Subservience. We will have “No Choice”.! Our descendants will be crying out for the Whitefullas Dominant Society to help them as they did before. But the Whitefullas will be out saving and securing their own culture. And their own place in the future of the “New World Order”.! No more “Jacky-Jacky” and the Boss. It will be a case of Sink or Swim.! Along with “Sovereignty”, Constitutional Recognition will mean and deliver Absolutely Nothing. “Native Title” will be simply legislated out of existence in the Competition for what resources that are left. Our existence as a separate society and ethnicity will only be in, and limited to, the Dream-Time. That is if the “Dominant Society” allow it.! Being the descendants of the original inhabitants will deliver no privileges or advantage.

With the focus being on the past for so long, we have lost sight of and have virtually no control over our future. (alb)

Our stubborn refusal to let go of the past has made blinded us to the future. (alb)

Much blame and responsibility for failing to prepare future generations for life in a multicultural society will have to be accepted by the so-called leaders and Elders. And their one-dimensional perspectives and ideologies. With their heads buried in the Sands of Time. And their continual “Historical Navel Gazing”. And “Romanticizing of the Past”. (alb)

Our isolation for many thousands of years as an island continent has left us at a disadvantage. And is responsible for our seeming, inability to be able to adapt. It seems we are reluctant and even, unable to leave the womb of mother earth. In outback Australia, in remote communities, traditional Aboriginal People struggle to come to grips with what is required to survive in modern and future Australian society. And sadly, in this “New World Order” they will be seen as oddities and be of passing interest only. To archaeologists and to Tourists. And only whilst Tourism is relevant. As it won't be that long before there will be nothing left to see. And only the resources including the most valuable of all, Uranium, will be the value of this Country. Most of which has already been allocated for sale. Any Significance and Relevance of the longest surviving culture/society, will be no-more. And the Aboriginal People that can't/won't make the transition to modernity will be seen as a Burden on Society. And be dealt with accordingly. (alb)

Image Issue/Problem.

A Self inflicted Malaise.

Many if not most overseas born Australians that interact with Aboriginal people on a daily basis, are +untrusting and even openly Hostile towards us. Taxi-drivers and Landlords for instance, are very reluctant and even refuse to accept us as clients. Even as paying ones. Generally, in everyday life situations, it is our fellow Whitefulla Aussies that are more accepting of us. The very people that are condemned and vilified on the world stage by us. However, this relationship will not last forever. And our rejection and condemnation of them will be a telling factor in the future of a Multicultural Society. + you can throw in some “contempt” there as well. (alb)

These people that seek to attack and to punish white Australia or the dominant society, are in their ignorance and stupidity, only condemning our great, great, great grandchildren. (alb)


Parental Responsibility.

And Circle of Dependency.

What are we doing”.? Ray Jackson and Tiga Bayles. re. The rate of Aboriginal youth suicide “Let's Talk” 26/03/2012. “We can't do anything cause the Government won't give us any money”. RJ.

Now, I don't doubt that Ray is a good and well-intentioned bloke, but there is never any mention of what are the parents doing.! Any mention or discussion of “Parental Responsibility” it seems, is Taboo and carefully avoided.! Ever notice this.? The same with this incarceration issue. Everyone is to blame but the parents.

Ray, if you need money, and I don't doubt that you do, could I make a suggestion.?

You know that big Building that is situated in Redfern there, The “National Centre for Indigenous Excellence”.? Apparently, they get Big Money to handle kid’s issues and problems. Maybe they wouldn't mind sharing some.! No.? I know.! The “New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council”.! They got many Millions.! And guess what.!? Tiga's Good Mate and Well Known “Friend of the Aborigine” Chris Graham wields a lot of Influence there.! So, if You Chris and Tiga got together (seeing that Tiga is also Your Mate) there is No Doubt that You should be able to get Something.! It's a Wonder that Tiga never mentioned or thought of this.! How remiss of him.! Unless of course, no it couldn't be.! Surely, he wasn't just using you because he couldn't get anyone else to go on “Let's Talk” and not really Interested or Concerned about the Subject Matter.!? That would be “Unthinkable.”! Wouldn't it.!?

Also Ray, Tiga's radio station AAA gets Big Money.! You'd a thought he would have offered you something.! I mean Ray, after all, you were both on about the same subject weren't you.!? And he did hear you say that Youse get NO MONEY didn't he.!? None of this “Nudge Nudge” Hint, Hint.!? Well, it fell on Deaf Ears There Ray.! Maybe You are just “Too Far Away” Ray.! And “Not his Problem”.! Anyways Ray, Good onya Mate.! (alb)

The “Murri School”.

Quote. Parents have to be held accountable for the factors that are within their control.

There is no doubt that Tiga “Carefully and Deliberately” avoids the issue, or any discussion of, “Parental Responsibility”. Why.? Well, one reason being is, he is well known as an Advocate for relieving Parents of their responsibilities. And it would be seen as Contradictory and Hypocrisy if he started to publicly criticise Aboriginal Parents for being remiss in their responsibilities. As, at the “Murri School” Parents are encouraged (and it is almost mandatory) to Forego their responsibilities in making sure that their Children not only get to school, but are fed as well. Parents are paid all these allowances including Endowment to ensure and to assist in this area. But it seems Tiga reckons he knows better.! Or has it got something to do with Funding.? They get more Money.? The “Murri School” has now developed into much more than an Education institution. And is +Instilling in these kids, and Fostering, the expectation of being treated differently, (and even favourably.?) It seems the parents allow Tiga's “Murri School” to virtually, run these kids lives. By taking over transporting them to and from school, feeding them, entertainment, sports and now even any and all health issues. The Parents would have to do virtually nothing. Just produce kids! And sign them up to the “Murri School”. +This “Sense of entitlement” is poisonous to Aboriginal People. unquote. Marcia Langton. (alb)

Tiga Bales has created what's called, a “Circle of Dependency”. Where Parents not only find it increasingly easier to just leave and to put, everything in the hands of and depend on someone else, (in this instance, the “Murri School”) but they are Encouraged to. At the “Murri School” the Children and the Parents, are continually brainwashed into believing and accepting, that nothing is ever their fault. This in turn acts as an incentive to Slack and Dysfunctional Parents. Whom Depend on this Ideology as Moral Support and as a Justification for their Behaviour. And they will continue to Support the “Murri School” in all and every aspect. As they are made to look Capable Parents. With their kids not only being seen to be attending school every day, but well fed and Healthy as well. (alb)

Has it got something to do with Tiga's own kids and grand-kids.? Is it through his own experience with him having to do everything that he doesn't trust or has no faith in Parents.? He is always going on about having many of his grand-kids at home. One would be entitled to ask,” why are they there.? Where are their Parents”.? Are they neglecting their Parental Responsibilities.!? Has the Queensland “Father of the Year” 2003 been remiss in his Parental Responsibilities and therefore could/would not be taken Seriously if he were to Demand that his Nine Daughters be Responsible Parents.!? This Certainly Would Explain a Lot about where he is coming from. (alb)

I don't know for sure, but making what would be called an educated guess, I would say that most if not all of Tiga's grand-kids that stay with him, would be shunted off to the “Murri School” each day. ++By the “Murri School” bus of course. And are being fed there as well. Now this would the ideal situation and relieve him of a lot of Responsibility. As he has to get into the AAA Studios as early as possible. As He can't trust anyone there to run the Show. He needs to keep Complete Control. His Fiefdom. I could be wrong, but I reckon I'm close. (alb)

+So Tiga is not about helping all these other people and kids at all.! He's about helping himself! And his Tribe.! He's Tricky.!

+Tiga has taken what's called “a blanket approach” to his problems.

Tiga's motives and involvement in his “Pet Projects” and initiatives need to be questioned and scrutinised. C. 06/2012. (alb) )

++These days (2018) parents pay $30 a week to get their kids picked up and dropped off every day. For the $30, the kids also get two meals a day. With “little lunch”. And go on trips..



Indigenous Business Australia. (IBA)

Here's a good one.!

Heard the latest from Indigenous Business Australia (IBA).!? Well, it goes like *this. (Courtesy of Murri Country Radio of course)

+Do you “Dream” of owning your own House.? Do you “Dream” of owning your own Business.?

Well, just contact “Indigenous Business Australia” and your “Dreams” will come True.!

I wonder how many “Billions” have gone down that drain/dream.!? Yes, I know the old standard response, statistics show that bla bla bla.

And I also know the other old standard response, Lies, Dammed Lies and Statistics.!

And yes, I am aware of many of these private business initiatives that have gone broke and have been abandoned over the years. With the Money being written off. How does that song go.? “Ain't it good to be an Abo-rig-in-e”.!? (* edited. +Is this modern day “Blackfella Dreaming”.?) gotta lighten up sometimes.! (alb)

Let's have another good laugh.! Let's bring on the Malcolm and Eadie show.

Eadie is in the kitchen getting dinner for Malcolm, who we all know has Diabetes. Her Mother turns up for for a visit and bit of a goss.---Hullo Eadie whatcha doin.?---Hullo Mum, I'm in here scrapin the hair off this possum for Malcolm--- Oh that's good, where did you get it from.?---The kids found it in the back yard this morning. Poor little bugger, it musta electrocuted itself climin between the power lines”---What makes you think that Eadie.?---Because Mum, it was already cooked, and I just have to scrape the hair off. Malcolm's already gutted it --- True.!? That's good tucker that possum, good Traditional, Bush Tucker. We grew up on stuff like that you know Eadie--- Yes Mum I know.! And it's not fatty either, stuff that Malcolm should be eatin. The kids used to feed this one. It was their favourite. I told them I was gonna bury it. I didn't have the heart to tell them that Dad was gonna eat it ---So Eadie, where is Malcolm now.? ---Only one place Mum. Under the Mulberry tree. Round the side of the house ---What's he doin.? Dreamin agen I suppose ---Yes Mum, you know he can't do anything now with that sugar --- He never did do anything Eadie, that's why he got the Sugar.! ---Don't start again Mum, you know I'm stuck with him --- What's he dreamin about now Eadie.?---Well, Uncle Ron bought a couple of long-necks and a smally of Monkey Blood over just now. He thought I didn't see them. He must think I'm bloody stupid.! But anyways, he's good company for Malcolm in a way--- What do you mean Eadie.? ---Well, you know how Malcolm used to dream about owning a car for the first few years we was together.? ---Yes, I know all about it Eadie. That never happened.! And then he was dreamin about youse owning your own house. And that never happened either.!---Maummm.!--- Whaaart, my Favourite.!?---Well, you know how Uncle Ron's got his own business now hey.?---and I mean that too Eadie, you are my favourite.!--- Mumm.!---What Eadie.?--- Mumm, Uncle Ron made an appointment with IBA for Malcolm. Apparently, well, you know how Uncle Ron dreamt about having his own business for years hey.!?---Yeah I know, he never shut up about it.!---Well, IBA gave him the money to buy a pub. They never gave him the money, but they paid for the pub.! IBA bought it, but in Uncle Ron's name.!---Uncle Ron knew nothing about pubs.! He was a farmer daught.! Grew up on a farm.! Never been in a pub in his life.!....Yes Mum, I know.! The same thing happened with Uncle Barry.! Been a logger all his life, and IBA bought him, a typewriter repair shop in Kings Cross.! Of all places.! In Sin City.!---I Know Eadie.! Terrible.! All them strange people walkin in askin him stupid questions.! His Dream turned into a bloody Nightmare.! So, What's happening with Malcolm and His latest dream.?---well Mumm, almost every night for the last two months, since his birthday, Malcolm has been having dreams about owning his own business.! True.! That's through Uncle Ron now.! Anyways, IBA is probably gonna buy--- EADIE.! Listen to me my Favourite,---yes my Favourite what.?---Not putin Malcolm down Eadie, he's the father of your kids. Well, two of em anyways, but, I always said Eadie, and I'll say it again, you would a been better of doin what your sister Mary did, Eadie --- What's that Mum ?--- You shoulda married a White Man!---But Mum, Harry and Mary ain't married.! They just living together!---Well at least they got their own house Eadie. And they got the papers to prove it.! I don't really like Gubbos Eadie you know that. After what they did to our people. But I gotta hand it to that old white bastard.! He worked his guts out for over twenty years to get Mary and the kids a house. Not like Malcolm, sittin around dreamin about it, even though....when Malcolm get's that Bungoo.! IBA …..Well you won't be getting any old woman ! (Malcolm who's had a couple of nips and has been following the conversation) When I start makin money, it's goin straight in the bank.! For my kids and my Wife.! My Real Wife.! Not Gammon Wife.! Not like that old Gin-Jockey Harry.! And them papers for the House.? That house is only in his name. He was down the pub pissed up skiten to his white mates about it.! Like he always does. And I'll tell ya another thing, (Malcolm, showing remarkable insight and wisdom beyond his relatively young years with a couple of good slugs of Port in his guts) he won't marry Mary.! he's like a lot of them whitefullas, live with a Aboriginal Woman for a few years, have a good time, maybe knock a couple a kids outa them, then marry a White Woman.! And ya never see em agen.! Unless they old and lookin for someone to look after them.! Maybe his White Woman and Kids wantin to put him in a Old People's home or kick him out.! That's Whitefullas way.! Yeah.! And that Aboriginal Woman, and that Whitefullas Half-Cast Kids that he took off on.? Well, they probably Welcome him back.! If you white you Right.!.... And Eadie, I know she's your Mother, but don't go givin her Money.! I know what she's lookin for, and I know how much you got there.! Comin round here talkin stupid. Tell her to go and ask Harry for Money ! be continued (alb)


What's Happening in this Country.

Following the “Coal Seam Gas” debate and what these gas companies are doing. Un-Fucken Believable what these people are getting away with. And a lot of the times, with the underhand assistance of most state Governments. This continuing sale and destruction of this Country. And all these Blackfullas that have the ear of the media and influence other Blackfullas are locked in and keep the focus on issues of the past and that have absolutely no relevance to the reality of where this Country is going and the Destruction of. We, us Blackfullas, we must be the Laughing Stock of the whole world. The aware and concerned Whitefullas, they must think we are stupid and blind to be not only ignoring these issues, but to pursue and to keep the focus on things like Sovereignty, the Right of Access to Grog, Justice Reinvestment, Flying the Aboriginal flag etc, etc, etc.! Beyond Belief.! We are seen to be Ignorant Native Children that are not to be taken seriously.! The business people, these overseas Multi-Nationals that are making the money and Destroying the Country in the Process, and don't give a Fuck about Australia, the Chinese Government, the Indian Government they must be laughing their heads off.! Gillard is on her way to China next week to sell more of the Country off to invite them to buy more of our precious and irreplaceable resources, And not only that, but she's already invited the Chinese Navy into Sydney Harbour for Naval Exercises.! The everyday concerned Aussie, people like Drew Hutton and company, these people that are trying to save the Country, they must be wondering why we weren’t wiped out in the early settlement for keeping half the Nation focused on the out of touch and irrelevant Aboriginal Victim Industry issues and agendas.! (alb)

This issue of Aboriginal or “First Nations terms of reference”

This is the latest or “New Slogan” from the two Aunties. And no doubt expected to generate many millions of Dollars in Gubberment grants/funding. What this means is that Aboriginal People are expected, or can choose to, view and to deal with any/all of our issues/problems with/from a/the “Dream Time” terms of reference/perspective”. Dream Time terms of reference/perspective? People may ask.... what the Fucken-hell does that mean.?

Well, this is Reality.

>>PM reassures China on foreign investment.

Investment in Australia is a touchy issue particularly over buy-ins of rural and mining assets by Chinese state-owned enterprises.

We are a capital hungry economy, we need inwards investment,” Ms Gillard told the China Executive Leadership Academy on Monday.

Ms Gillard urges Chinese Government to buy more mines and to send as many people as they like, to Australia. “We have plenty of minerals and we have plenty of room” she told Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.<<

This is Dream-time.

Gary Foley.

Listening to Gary Foley and the fact that their black power/panther plan or agenda never worked. Now he's blaming the rest of us Blackfullas.! “Reconciliation is not justice. We haven't got justice. Future revolutionaries can change the world. It's the coconuts fault. The Aboriginals in the public service. Pseudo Whitefullas. We managed to change the world”. (GF)

We have to go back in Time”. Tiga Bales.  This comment after the interview with Gary Foley.

Both Trippers. Locked in a “Time Warp”.! (alb)

If people are deluded enough to think that their vote will make a difference, then go out and vote”. Gary Foley. “Let's Talk” 03/04/2013.

Tiga Bayles and BIMA get Big Money when any election comes around. For Promoting and Urging that Aboriginal People Enrol and Vote. What's that Party Sam Watson always runs for and Promotes? You would a thought that Tiga would’ve said, “Gary, we get good money to Promote, Support and to encourage First Nations People to vote. So, in other words, we are at odds here. I must declare a Conflict of Interest.” Not Tiga.! More “Misrepresentation by Omission”.! Well, where did he get it from. I was always aware that Ross Watson was always there in the Background. A lot came out in the celebrations. And the “Murri School”. So, it was Ross's Brain-child. Not to forget Aunt Lila Watson. Well, they All told and Lived a Lie for Years.! To keep the Money coming in. How did they get away with it.!? Well, they were never Challenged by Community Blackfullas for a Start. They were used to dealing with and Bullshitting to, Officialdom. They didn't have to answer to Blackfullas! After all, in the Aboriginal Community, it was seen to be their School.!

Yeah, another time he was ravin on about how a Blackfulla couldn’t die as a millionaire because it’s “not in our culture”.! Ya gotta Fucken wonder.! (alb) 

Gary Foley.

“As a professor of history, I don’t like pulling rank on you folks but my thing is history.” Gary Foley.
This on “BlackfullaRevolution” re the Australia day protest in Melbourne.
Unfortunately, “history” aka “the past”, is where Gary Foley dwells these days. Unfortunately for the rest of us Blackfullas that is. He is now a full time, professional “historical navel gazer”.! He just "won't let go".! And like many in that area, has developed the habit of “blurring fact with fiction” in his “romanticising” of the past.
And like many other long-time stirrers cum agitators cum activists cum Self-Appointed “social justice warriors” and “guardians and custodians” of Aboriginal Rights and Interests, Gary seeks not only to drag us other Blackfullas back to, and keep our attention on past events, but keep us all, "locked, bolted and cemented" there with him.!
And I say to him, “Gary, with your focus on the past, you have lost sight of the future. And you are now not only an obstacle to any progress in any way to us other Aussies, but you are actually Dangerous in your ego driven Stupidity and Ignorance.
You’ve had your ‘day in the sun’ Gary. And you are obviously ‘not the man for the future’. Time is short Gary. Get out of the debate”.!
Who am I? I am Arthur Bell. The "Leading authority" in the Country on Aboriginal issues. (alb) 28/01/2018. <
My comment to Gary on BR. And of course they have removed the comments. And blocked any more commentary by me to “protect” Gary. Who apparently, is “very sensitive” to, and will not tolerate, any sort of “criticism”.! The simple fact is, Gary Foley has” no answers” to the problems in this Country. In fact, it is extremely doubtful if he even knows what they are.! And he is probably responsible for some of them. Even indirectly. Yeah, he certainly is no “solver of problems”. He’s more of yer “Wadda we Want. Wenda we Want it” fullas.!
Gary Foley; Delusions of grandeur.? Maybe just plain “deluded”.! He certainly gets plenty of encouragement from a lot of backslappin whitefulla followers.! “Misguided” Moral Postures.! (alb)



About Brisbane Indigenous Media Association. Murri country music station owned and run by the Aboriginal community”. This was the Slogan they used to Obtain Money Under False Pretences for many years. So, we're talking Millions here.

Apparently ATSIC weren't going to fund the Station at first (they probably saw through them) and it took a mammoth effort by Ross Watson and company by going down to Melbourne to lobby and to convince ATSIC to give them money. This would have added to the view that it was their station.! After all, They got the Money. Even telling all them lies to do so. (alb)

This is the major damage. Getting money out of the government (or whitefulla) even Dishonestly, is perceived to be, +taking money (or resources) away from the enemy.! And as they say, "All's Fair in Love and War”.! People play on this sentiment and inherited attitude. (A.V.I.) These people that deliver financial outcomes see themselves and are perceived to be Leaders. And even Heroes taking it up to the enemy.! And sharing the spoils.! But not all the time.! (the money) (c. 9/2007alb)

+This is where they were coming from. And like the Directors “Ripping Off” Murri Watch. Definitely not an Isolated Incident.! I reckon that going through the affairs of the “Murri School”, like BIMA, would be akin to opening a can of worms.

As these people aren't about Right and Wrong, they are about Justice.! Or, What is Justice ! Or, What is Just.! From a First Nations Terms of Reference or Perspective.! Gee they're Tricky these Two.! The Two Aunties.! Ya gotta give them Credit.! This Justifies not only Anything, but Everything.!

+many in the Justice System have this attitude. And will never change.

Many kids that went through the “Murri School” System have been/were Influenced and Inspired (directly and indirectly) by many High Profile, Prominent and Professional Aboriginal Activists, Protesters and Agitators including Tiga Bayles and Sam Watson that visited that school. And no doubt made a lasting impression on them kids. With this “Us and Them” mentality and attitude. And Anti-Establishment Ideology. These people have very little to offer other than the “know-how” when it comes to accessing and generating Gubberment grants/funding.

How many kids from “Murri School” have ended up being a statistic in this “Over-Representation” in the Justice System.!? I bet no-one wants to talk about that.! (alb)

Youth Detention.

I have been doing a bit of research re. Youth Detention Centres and been getting some Quality Feedback and information, It's surprising the good info you can get just by phoning someone.! And it is of no surprise. (at least to me) Really, when you think about it, like a lot of things, there can only be limited logical conclusions. I won't go into it to much at this time, but apparently the “Murri School” is a popular topic of conversation at the Wacol YDC.! Also, “Murri School” is amply represented in the inmate population. This is sad news. But only to be expected “when you think about it” ! No doubt Tiga Bayles won't want to Know about this.! And will even deny that this could be so.! This is the real sad part.

Many Aboriginal youth are encouraged and directed to view the Dominant or Broader society/culture as the “Opposition” there is no doubt about this.

And Many are Anti-establishment. This contributes to any over-representation in the Justice System. (alb)


Gerry Georgatos.

Just listening to Gerry Georgatos and Tiga Bayles on “Let's Talk” 09/4/2013 re. this Justice Reinvestment issue. Texas, Canada, they travel all around the world when they invent a new slogan or think of a new idea. Seeking inspiration and validation/verification via the overseas experience.! “This Trans-generational Trauma Gerry”.? “Yes I think you've nailed it quite well there Tiga. And you're right. You're right yeah. I'm with you on that.” (The “Mutual Admiration, Back-Slapping, and Pissing in each other’s Pockets” Society/Syndrome) Gerry has a PhD in Australian Custodial Systems and Deaths in Custody. And is obviously, heavily committed to issues, in and around, pertaining to, or involving, what he has a PhD in. A fair comment would/could be, “what would one expect”.!?

I could be wrong, but it seems he is also crediting the National Indigenous Times with/for the High Court’s favourable decision on the Yindjibarndi case. Maybe it's just me, but, Gerry Sounds very much like Les Malezer.! True.! I've never met Gerry, but I have spoken to him a couple of times on the phone. He seems like a decent sort of a bloke and a family man. And obviously committed to and very involved in his work. And I know he has a lot to do with prisons, the prison system, and the prisoners. It's No Big Secret. I read a lot of his stuff, posted on the Indymedia Australia site. I Questioned his Motives and Challenged his Views (via posts) on the Indymedia Australia site. This was before they “Barred” Me.! I wasn't (still ain't) satisfied that Gerry, being one of the Editors of that massive forum, did his best to allow further comments of mine to be published.! Even though I bought it to his attention. Many of the posters, including some of the Editors, of the Site, didn't like what I had to say.! Among many other things, I suggested to Gerry, that his Obvious Talents and Passion, would be better served elsewhere. As opposed to what he was presently involved in. And that there was already, thousands of “Human Rights” lawyers in Australia. All doing the same as he was.! And we probably, didn't need any more. (alb)

+Generally, Aboriginal prisoners are treated much more harshly and differently. Gerry Georgatos. (Let's Talk 09/4/2013)

Now, I already knew/know from my own Vast experience and involvement in this area, (and we're talking over twelve (12) years in, ten (10) prisons, in four (4) states here. Also in my capacity as a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Counsellor, employed with QAIAS. Visiting Prisoners and Assisting with Parole Applications) that this statement/assertion by Gerry Georgatos, is/was, Simply, Not True.! Not Right.! And, Very Misleading.! Also, I spoke to an Indigenous person, that is Officially involved in Prisons in WA, (and probably, a lot more than Gerry) and he concurred conceded and stated “They all get treated the same Arthur”. And in a off-hand and matter of fact sort of a way/manner. Just stating a fact. No hype, No emotion. He didn't sound as though he had a point to prove. Or a bone to pick. Or any issue with the information that he gave me. Just “stating a fact”. And I thanked him. I told him that I may call back again some other time. And he had no objection to that. +Generally Aboriginal prisoners receive better treatment. (alb)

Now, Gerry has an Impact on and Influences Many. He has even got the ears of the Leader of the Opposition and now the Prime Minister it seems. Plus other heads of Governments, both State and Federal. Many People.!

So, why would Gerry make this claim.? Could he reasonably claim that he was misled.? With his experience in that area.? That would/could hardly be a credible/valid defence.!

Did Gerry Georgatos Deliberately Mislead.!? If so, Why.!? What was his Motivation.!? Does he know that these “Let's Talk” interviews are recorded.!?

We treat our prisoners really bad” Gerry Georgatos on “Let's Talk” 09/4/2013. Gerry, prisons today are like motels. In the privately-run ones, the policy is to keep the prisoners as happy as possible. Most have TVs and/or CD players. Pay-phones to ring home every night or their mates and or girlfriends and have a cry and feel sorry for themselves.! In some prisons, they're allowed mobile phones.! And it is of Benefit (good) if they happen to be Aboriginal. With Indigenous arts and crafts, Cultural visitors and supporters, permanent Indigenous welfare/education workers, NADOC day celebrations, and many advantages based on Aboriginality. Roy Stevenson ex-Superintendent of old Boggo Road used to say, “Nothing is to good for the prisoners, and that's exactly what they'll get”.! And it was good. Because everyone knew where they stood. No confusion. “Do the Crime, Do the Time”. No massive prison welfare industry like today. With people running in and out of the prisons screwing the Crims heads up with Crap like “You are the Real Victims”.! No one Committed Suicide. No Special or Preferential Treatment based on Ethnicity.! And no “Rites of Passage” Bullshit that the AVI like to use. Everyone was treated the same. Black White and Brindle. And No One wanted to go back. So we didn't break the Law. We didn't commit any more Crimes. And most of us moved on. (alb)

Gerry has a PhD in Australian Custodial Systems and Deaths in Custody.

Now, why would anyone want to study “Australian Custodial Systems and Deaths in Custody” for a few years.? Just read the newspapers.! There's a Wealth of Information on the Very Same Issues.! And the Internet. It is All General Knowledge/Information. AND there was/is plenty of Experts in this Area Already.! Exactly what Service/s Knowledge/Information/Wisdom did/does Gerry Georgatos feel that he had/has to offer in this area.? Besides/over and above, what was/is, already freely available.? And by the Many Already Very Active and Effective, Established /Accredited Human Rights Advocates/Lawyers.!? Was Gerry of the View that they weren't doing enough.? Did someone tell Gerry that he could make a lotta Money in this area.? Did he feel that there wasn't enough people in this area.? Did he feel that there wasn't enough being done in this area.? Prison work.? Maybe get on the Parole Board.? Did Gerry have ambitions as a prison Superintendent.? Let’s face it, Gerry is virtually on a “One Way” street.! Gerry Georgatos can reasonably construed to be of a Committed, “One-Dimensional Perspective”. Now, This is Not What's Required in the Current Political/Social/Financial Debate In This Country. (alb)

I was very curious about Gerry Georgatos when he (on indymedia) posted that he was handing out food to the so-called Homeless in inner-city Perth.! I commented/pointed out that the Street People were Already over-fed.! The same as they are in every Capitol City in Australia. (alb)

Well, one thing for Sure, Gerry must by Now, Recognise/Realise, that he had/has, the Full Support and Agreement (on Any Issue) of Good Mate, Long Time Professional Protester/Activist and Self-Appointed Advocate, AVI Board-Member, +Mentor and Advisor to Many (including the youth). Major Contributor to and Principle Participant in, the Mutual Admiration, Back-Slapping and Pissing in Each Other’s Pockets “Society/Syndrome", General Manager of Murri Country Radio, Host and Convener of “Let's Talk”, Tiga Bayles.! (alb)

+Yeah, I gotta throw in Master Manipulator.! Cause, he's Good.! Ya gotta hand it to him.! Not many old Tigas around.! At least not in the Jungle.! But in the Jungle and Maze of Gubberment Grants and Funding.? And I suppose Canberra could/would be described as a Jungle. (alb)


Gerry Georgatos.

Is Gerry Georgatos aware that Tiga Bayles has been (and for many years) “Obtaining Money Under False Pretences” to fund Murri Country Radio.!? (alb)


Justice Reinvestment”!?

Justice Reinvestment. “It's really an old idea with a new name”. Gerry Gerogatos. “Let's Talk” 09/4/2013.

You got that right Gerry.! And with Millions if not Billions already invested in that very area.! And for many years.!

And the result.?

Australia Facing a “National Crisis”. Huge National Indigenous Youth Incarceration Rate. (Koori Mail. 16/01/2013)

Justice Reinvestment”. Another Catch-phrase/Slogan and Rort.! More Symbolism and Tokenism from the Aboriginal Victim Industry “Think Tank”. With “More Billions” to go down the drain.! (alb)

We treat our prisoners really bad”. Gerry Georgatos. (“Let's Talk” 09/4/2013)

Private companies that are paid to operate the prisons have No Moral obligation. Only Financial obligation. Even though Control of the inmates is of importance. The Staff that are paid wages to run these prisons have No Moral obligation, only Financial obligation. They are now, mere private Employees. Not part of the Public Service institution any more. And no more having an overall governmental/community responsibility. And they have been virtually forced into treating prisoners differently. Based on Ethnicity. And this will continue with talk of more if not, all prisons to be privatised. Many staff (screws) were employed in the prison service long before privatisation. And the policy and the attitude was, that the inmates were to be treated the same. And we were. With Suicide being virtually Unknown or Unheard of. At least in the Eastern States. All them years I had to do with prisons, (66-84) I don't know of any Aboriginal inmates that committed “Suicide”, got “Killed” or even Died.! Even in Westbrook 1965-66. Well Gerry, you got the PhD, How When Where and Why did it all go wrong.!? What's Happening in This Country.!? (alb)

Gerry Georgatos.

Well, on 15/4 I emailed Gerry Georgatos an audio copy of Tiga Bayles Racially Vilifying Bess Price with “Gerry, re. Racial Vilification any comments on this one” Arthur Bell.

On 15/4. Gerry emailed me in reply “Hi Arthur, will read it tonight”.

On 21/4 I emailed “Gerry, what is your view on Tiga's comments. Is this a case of Racial Vilification” Thanking you, Arthur Bell.

On the 27/4 I emailed, Hi Gerry, checking to see if you have been receiving my emails. Arthur Bell. (seeking to prompt a reply or reaction) There is no doubt that Gerry Georgatos received and would have listened to Tiga's rant. (alb)

Ever since I started reading his postings and comments on the Indymedia site three or four years back I asked myself “is this bloke for real”.!? For some time I have been questioning his Motives. I suspected that he was being Misdirected/ Misguided. But on reflection, it is obvious, that Gerry is well past that stage.! Gerry is also a Reporter with the “National Indigenous Times”. What would be his Commitment and Responsibility in that area.? Report without Fear or Favour.? This is hardly the Case.! Could Gerry have a NIT story lined up about Tiga Bayles and his Racial Vilification.!? And is keeping it a Secret.? What would be the odds of that.!? Well for a start, I doubt the NIT would print it.!

I know that Gerry has already accepted an invitation to join Tiga in the Studios on “Let's Talk” in a couple of weeks. (alb)



Many Aboriginal people that are said to be stolen as children, were in actual fact, abandoned. To the system or, given to grandmothers or another relation. I know of quite a few Aboriginal Mothers over the years that simply left children with their White Fathers. A lot because they just couldn't be bothered, sometimes still in partying mode, aware that the affair or Liaison was very temporary. And some because they realised the child would probably have a better quality of life. Also it was a stigma and a shame to have a child to a White-Man.! For a long time. (Remember, they were referred to as “Gin Jockeys”) And the child was an embarrassment. So, “out of sight, out of mind” was the way to go. And when the kids came back or caught up years later and ask “Why ? what happened”.?, it was much easier and less complicated to say, “You were taken away”. Or “You were Stolen by the Government” and “I had no choice”. And this Response/Explanation was acceptable.! It removed absolved and resolved not only All Responsibility from All Parties, but all the Irresponsibility as well.! In the swinging 60s and 70s and into the 80s with the world in turmoil and uncertainty, the “Cold War” at it's height, Viet Nam, protests and controversy, Americans on R&R and Over paid, Over Sexed and Over here.! Marijuana just hittin the streets and everyone discovering all them other drugs. Not to mention the Grog running free. No one wanted to know about babies and kids. They were a Hindrance. There was no such thing as a Baby Bonus. No Supporting Parents Benefit or pension. No Endowment.! No emergency housing with nice Housing Commission houses and lovely little flats.! Kids were of no Benefit. Not like Today.! Parents (supported by the AVI) are now kicking up a big fuss with DOCs and removal.! All of a sudden everyone is stated and declared to be caring and loving Parents. Kids became Big Money.! Big Benefits.! A Good Income.! A Lifetime Income.! Kids are Big Bucks. No Dole forms to fill in. No putting up with people including Parents and even the Father(s) of the kids.! Just Have a Baby and All your Problems are Solved.! Nice little unit. Salvos and St Vinnies will come around with food vouchers. And the poor Kids.? Well, they can just run away from home (for a little while) after they grow up a bit and learn to make decisions for themselves. They could then declare, or be declared, to be “Homeless” and discover, even More Benefits.! For Everyone.! Kids are Smart they will soon learn this. From their older siblings, cousins or mates.! And of course, the parents.! What a Life.! This surely is the “Lucky Country”.! What's that you say.? People Starving.? Oh come on.! You gotta be kidden.! Well, I know there's boat-loads of Blackfellas tryin to get in the Country, but I never heard of boat-loads of Blackfellas trying to get out of the Country.! How come if it's that bad.? Oh, they simply want more Money.? Well why didn't you/they say so.!? (alb)

What must be remembered, is that many *Street-kids that were running wild here in Brisbane for instance, were taken into care. Many were being neglected by parents that had just moved from places like Cherbourg. Where life was stable and a future certain. The AVI muddies the Waters on these issues, and put All down to being part of the ”Stolen Generations”. With Strength in Numbers being the attitude. Throw them all in together.! No one will know.! Many People Questioned and Challenged “Stolen Generations”. Most were Overwhelmed by the Massive Resources and Clout of the Aboriginal Victim Industry ( AVI ) and Supporters.

*this was happening in other cities as well. From about the late 60s all of the 70s and into most of the 80s. A lot of this was to do with world wide developments with the questioning and some rejection of traditional values and radicalism, in general.

Children that were taken into care in/from an urban/city environment. They are not to be confused with kids that were Removed from cattle station missions where it was open slather. Or from Shanty (including mining) Towns, in some very remote parts of the Country. (alb)

Education and Parental Responsibilities.

With the Cape York “Family Responsibilities Programme”, we place the Responsibility squarely on the Parents to get their kids to school and to feed them. Noel Pearson. (ABC tv) Well, that's in contrast with the “Murri School” attitude and policy down here Noel.! Where Relieving parents of their responsibilities is all the Rage.!

Tiga Bayles was talkin about his two +granddaughters on “Let's Talk” and how they didn't like the high school they were attending because the other kids and even the teachers were “Racist”. He didn't say if he confronted the School and/or made an issue of these very serious assertions/allegations. Did he.? If not, How come.? Were the girls just being Mischievous.? One thing about Tiga, you gotta look beyond his words. And at what he doesn't say.! You gotta Remember, Tiga's a well know and accredited, serial, “Misrepresentation by Omission” Offender.! And a Very Tricky Blackfulla.! Why didn't/doesn't he Identify this High School.? He didn't really believe the girls.!? Why doesn't he get the head of this High-School on “Let's Talk”.? Could it be he's used to his grand-kids pulling these little stunts.!? And he really can't do anything because he taught them how to.!? If there's a High-School in Brisbane where not only the Students are Racist, but the Teachers are too, the Aboriginal and Broader Community of Brisbane should/need to know about this.! Tiga Bayles is a Big Player in the Education of many of our youth. And has a lot to say in all areas of Education. As the Director of an Education Institution, (Murri School) what is he Doing about this Deplorable and Totally Un-Acceptable Situation.!? Why should/did those girls have to leave that school.!? +He Still Never Mentions the Parents. So they left that school and went back to (you guessed it) the “Murri School”.! I would say that they probably attended the “Murri School” all their school days and got used to getting picked up each day by the “Murri School” Bus. And having Breakky and Lunch at the school.! And being the grandchildren of the “Murri School” Director Poppa Tiga, Well.! Now them girls have got a ready-made excuse for every one of their personal failures and inadequacies for the rest of their lives, and they will inherit/pass it on to their own kids and grand-kids. And in about fifty years’ time, Tiga will have bred, virtually, a/his whole Tribe of Victims.! A large section of the Aboriginal Community.! All Encouraged, and even Conditioned to claim/cry Racism at each and every hurdle or hiccup in their lives.! (alb)


When does Rights becomes Wrongs.

What of this Issue of what's Right and what's Wrong.? Who gets to makes these Decisions.?

Is it Right that we have to wear the Burden of Michael Anderson's Sovereignty.?

Is it Right that we have to wear the Burden of Les Malezer's National Congress ?

Is it Right that we have to wear the Burden of Tiga Bayles's Supporting Agendas.? These People still cling to the ignorance of their (self-serving) self-importance in the greater schemes of things. (alb)

The registered and turn-out voters of Aboriginal People in the ATSIC elections was fifty thousand.

Between Les Malezer and the National Congress, fifty hundred is all they can manage. Even after three years and Millions from the Congress lobby, they can only manage five thousand members. And they have to muddy the waters by throwing in Aboriginal Organisations to boost the figures/numbers.

Now, this Sovereignty issue has been going for many years, so, what’s the official figures/numbers there.? Five thousand.? And despite the spin (from some talented people) these figures/numbers fall well short of the fifty thousand that voted in and supported the ATSIC elections. So, we have ten thousand people out of say, one hundred thousand eligible Indigenous voters, and out of the six hundred thousand Indigenous People in Australia. So basically, they are supported by ten out of every five hundred Blackfellas. Even though, these statistics mislead. With these old hands.!

Les Malezer and Michael Anderson and their National Congress/Sovereignty agendas, what part of NO don't they Understand.!? (alb)

Yet, These People still cling to the ignorance of their (self-serving) self-importance in the greater schemes of things.! (alb)


Gracelyn Smallwood and Self-Determination.

People are coming to the cities because they can't get alcohol rehabilitation”. Gracelyn Smallwood. “Let's Talk” 2/5/2013.

The (health) Gap is widening” (GS) An Astute Observation and a Frank Admission. This from Someone that Would Know.! So Gracelyn, how many Billions would have gone down the drain for that result.!? (alb)

Clean up Poverty and everything falls into place”. “Once we deal with Sovereignty everything will fall into place”. (GS) What of the Grog Issue on Palm Gracelyn.? Where do You Stand.!? Are you for Alf Lacey and More Grog.? Or the Women and Children that Don't Want the Grog There.!? What about the “Most Violent Place Out-Side a War Zone”.!? And All Because of Grog.! Has this been Factored In.? Will it be a case of “Here We Go Again”.!? “Round and Round We Go”.!? Will the Government have to Intervene again to save Aboriginal peoples lives.!? (alb)

“We have a good Mayor”. (GS) Well, for Sure this View is at Odds with Palm Island Residents /Councillors Ruth Gorringe, Ray Sibley, Hal Walsh and Delena Foster.! (alb) Talkin about Sly Grog Runners.! Getting Two Hundred Dollars for a bottle of whiskey.! What about the Mayor.!? Wasn't He Charged with that.!? No comment Gracelyn.? (alb)

Aboriginal Organisations were Set Up to Fail”. (GS) This is an Old, Sorry, Sad, Stale, Worn-Out Excuse /Justification for in a lot of cases, Blatant, Gross Maladministration, Gross Mismanagement, Gross Incompetence and in many instances, Open Corruption.! (alb)

So what you're saying Gracelyn is, if enough councillors resign from the Palm Island council and it goes into voluntary administration, the council was set up to fail.!? (alb)

Palm Island Mayor Alf Lacey says he fears the island's council, off Townsville in north Queensland, could go into voluntary administration if any more members resign. Police revealed they were investigating the alleged 'sly grog' run to Palm Island. Police say they stopped a boat carrying excessive amounts of alcohol to Palm Island. Councillor Lacey was on the boat. Last week, Councillor Hal Walshre resigned after calling for Councillor Lacey to stand aside amid allegations he was involved in taking alcohol to the island. ABC News 6/2/2012.

Palm Island Mayor Alf Lacey was Overwhelmingly elected on a platform of getting rid of Alcohol Control, or No More AMPS, or More Grog on Palm.

This is called “Self-Determination”.! And this is “Taking Control”.! (alb)

Let Aboriginal People Manage their Own Affairs”. Tent Embassy statement. Many of these Blackfullas gotta be on Nyarndi.! It has been Demonstrated Many Many Times by Aboriginal People that this would be a Disaster of Major Proportions.! For a start, many remote communities including Palm Island would be Wiped Out in a few years through Alcohol Abuse. Though people will continue to “Bury Their Heads in the Sand” on This Issue.

People are getting millions doing research” (on Aboriginal Issues) “We know what the Problems Are”.! (GS) What about Jimbunna.!? They get Millions to tell us Blackfullas what our Problems are.! (alb)

Gerry Georgatos.

Finally got a reply/response from Gerry Georgatos about Tiga's Racial Vilification of Bess Price.!

Hi Arthur, I've finally had the chance to listen to it. What did you find problematic.? It's not a perfect world, and our social justice continue to unfold so we're never going to say or do things as one day we may hope to. (Gerry Georgatos)

What the Fucken-Hell is that supposed to mean.!? (alb)


Historically/Traditionally, it seems there was never a collective/national identity. Only tribal. Later, with the exception of parts of Central and North Western Australia, most Aboriginal People identified generically, as Blackfellas from the various states and cities/towns. Or the many Communities and/or Reserves. The Native Title Act ( 1993 ) caused a rekindling of tribal identities that were in the main, forgotten or discarded. Our isolation as/on a remote island continent has left us at a disadvantage. And at odds with and out of kilter with the rest of the societies. The same as much of our flora and fauna. And have been declared, oddities. And our Ancestors and/with lifestyles have/had been declared “Stone-age”. After much deliberation/contemplation/pondering over many years, I feel that there is definitely a difference with Aboriginal People. That I will try/endeavour to describe/demonstrate. But I'm no scientist.! (alb)



The current battle is a struggle between modernity and retribalization.

The retribalization of a society in which awareness of ethnic differences had all but disappeared.

Tiga and his “Retribalization” Agenda that seeks to Re-confine Us to Small Tribal Groups. And to Encourage Behaviours and Attitudes that are Obstructive to any Advancement and is Contrary to Any Unification as a society.

And Conflicting to move outside a confined square..... (alb)

Racial Vilification. (2)

Compo for “blackfulla” slur.

$76,000.! Yes, Seventy-Six Thousand Dollars awarded to George Barney for being called a “Blackfulla” by a co-worker.! (Courier Mail. 10/5/2013.)

What would Mr. Barney have received if he was subjected to the same “Racial Abuse” dished out to Bess Price by Tiga Bayles.!? And to a World-Wide Audience.!? Why does Chairman of BIMA Col Dillon Support Tiga Bayles on This Issue.!?







+It's good this modern technology.! I can just keep emailing an audio copy of Tiga's Rant as many times and to as many people as I want or choose to.! What about Alison Anderson.!? Adam Giles.!? (Chris Graham's Mate) I know ! What about Mauri Japarta Ryan.!? Gary Foley.!? Send them All a Copy.!? Tell you what, I'll keep a list of the people I send it to and their response. (alb)

What would them Blackfullas in the Territory think of a Yella Fella in Brisbane Raving and Ranting Racial Abuse about the Woman They Elected to Represent Them in Parliament.!? What about the Whitefullas !? A Head Nodin “Jacky-Jacky” Blackfulla for the Government.!? Well Now.! What about CAAMA.!? What would Their Position be.? What would the Elders think of These Elders Over Here that Support Tiga Bayles.!? What would Their View be of BIMA Chairman and ex-Police Inspector Col Dillon and His Support of Tiga Bayles.!? What would they think of Gerry Georgatos and His Support of Tiga Bayles.!? (alb)

Tiga Bayles has to be Sacked for his Outrageous Racial Slurs and his Racial Condemnation of Bess Price.

BIMA Chairman Col Dillon must Resign for his continuing support of Tiga Bayles on this issue. (alb)

Some of the “Bull-Shit” from Col Dillon re. my complaint.

The Board has looked into this matter and provides the following response.

Mr Bayles has advised the Board that he made the following comment with regard to Ms Price:

A lot of our mob refer to her as a head nodding Jacky Jacky blackfella for the government

This statement indicates that Mr Bayles was in fact quoting from others when making the comment.”

A couple of issues here Col, Tiga Bayles made more than that comment. So, it looks as though Tiga has at the very least, misled the Board.! +Could it be that he failed to reveal/admit the other comments.!? Or, what you're saying Col, is that a lot of Aboriginal People over here not only have, but voice this opinion of Bess Price.!? Well.! And just who are these people Col.!? MORE LIES.! +And even more “Misrepresentation by Omission” from Tiga Bayles.!

Anyways, this stuff is pretty irrelevant.

As This Issue has been taken out of the hands of Chairman Col Dillon and the Board. (alb)


People that have received an audio copy of: The Racial Vilification of Bess Price. (alb)

Gerry Georgatos. 10am.15/04/2013. Response: “Hi Arthur, I've finally had the chance to listen to it. What did you find problematic? It's not a perfect world, and our social justice continue to unfold so we're never going to say or do things as one day we may hope to” Gerry Georgatos. 8.25pm. 04/05/2013.

NT Chief Minister. 4pm. 13/05/2013.

NT News. 5pm. 13/05/2013.

CAAMA. 4pm. 15/05/2013.

Alison Anderson. 5pm. 15/05/2013.

Bess Price. (electoral office) 11am. 20/05/2913. Response: “Arthur can you please let me know what radio station this is and who is the commentator. “Karen Jones electorate officer. 12noon.20/05/2013.

Media-watch. 2pm. 20/05/2013.

Andrew Bolt. 11.45am. 21/05/2013. Response: “He is a disgrace” Andrew Bolt. 12.20. am.21/05/2913.

Alice Springs News. 11am. 21/05/2013.

To be updated with a few more names that have received a copy of “The Racial Vilification of Bess Price”. Including The “Koori Mail”, the “National Indigenous Times” and Finally “National Indigenous Television”. I must stress to readers and members of the Aboriginal and broader Community, “I don't expect to much from the Indigenous Media”.! (alb) Hey.! Hang on.! What about old Alan Jones.!? Would he appreciate a copy.? Well, he's gittin one, whether he likes it or not.!

Matter of fact, I'll send it right now.! In case I forget.!  as if that'll ever happen) (alb)

 Bess Price.

on ‘the killing of our women, abuse of our kids.’

“In Brisbane, Tiga Bayles, using an Indigenous community owned radio station, told the whole world that I am ‘a head nodding Jacky-Jacky for the government’ and that I am ‘totally offensive and arrogant’ because I do not want people like Tiga, who know nothing about us, speaking about my people. He and his friends laughed as they told the world that I am only interested in money. These racists and sexist hypocrites sneer at our grief and care nothing for our suffering, but they are the darlings of the left. I wonder what would happen if Andrew Bolt had used insults like these against any Indigenous Australian. The hypocrisy of these people is incredible”. Alice Springs News (online). (alb)

Things are starting to hot up.!


Stay Tuned and get the Real Facts.!


What's Happening In This Country.!

As I said, I'll just keep pottering along.

And as Tiga would say, “You have a Good Day now”.!

Arthur Bell. 14/05/2013.

Slim Dusty

Just listening to Slim Dusty.


The influence of this man on Aboriginal People.!

This has never been factored in.! I done work on a few Stations and I knew/know the Old People Appreciated and Loved his musical Story Telling of Their Lives and even History. A Whitefella. Only He Knew.! A White GOD.!? When he sang “The plains of Peppimenarti” at Peppimenarti.! Wow.! All them Blackfullas there.! About a hundred locals with many senior tribal men and proud stock-men. With Slim sitting on his old Fairlane unaccompanied with his guitar. Complete silence. They were enthralled, and hypnotised. What a sight. A world where nobody else existed.

Les Malezer and Michael Anderson, even with the Thirty Million Congress got, would never come even close to having the (continuing) influence that Slim Dusty has on Aboriginal People.! Maybe they should learn the Guitar.!? (Paint themselves white.!?) (alb)



Issues that need to be taken on board when dealing with problem drinkers: alcoholics vs. abusers, what is the difference.? What about “Fire-water, it puts Fire in the Belly”.!? Grog a Social Lubricant.? Habitual Sots.? Getting Charged Up.!? What of the issue of the sense/feeling of Empowerment that only Grog can deliver.? As for rehabilitation, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been involved with and has successfully served /treated many Aboriginal People over many years. Generally, to be accepted in a rehab/program, one has to be assessed by an experienced counsellor for suitability/genuine commitment. Otherwise, the Program is upset and the principles of Rehabilitation is Devalued. Court ordered rehabilitation, simply does not work. It never has. (the Betty Ford Clinic and results, exists only in Hollywood) And it all becomes a very expensive waste of time and resources. But then, who wants to give ‘up’ the Fire-Water.? Who wants to give ‘up’ Self-Empowerment.? Who wants to move ‘out’ of the “Comfort Zone” of Victim-hood.? As Homer’s mate Carl said, “Alcohol is the best antidote for responsibility”. I’ll throw this in too, quote “the development and/or success of any programme or initiative will depend at the bottom line, on the character and the out-look of the Aboriginal people themselves” unquote. (anon) A comment to  “Alcohol mandatory treatment Bill up for comment”. Alice Springs News. (on-line) 26/05/2013. (alb)

Gerry Georgatos.

Gerry, what about Aboriginal broadcaster Tiga Bayles and “his” Racial Abuse of Bess Price.? And to a world-wide audience.? Don't want to know about this.? Is it because Tiga Bayles is Aboriginal.? Is this because of Political Correctness.? Is it because he is your “Mate”.!? You certainly have questions to answer Gerry. You support Racism.! A comment to: “She's only thirteen” The Stringer. And Gerry Georgatos. 06/06/2013.


Email to Edward Turkovic: ATSILS Brisbane with attached audio file titled: The Racial Vilification of Bess Price.

Ed, a couple of things, the issue starts after 7 minutes. Also, below is what I copied from Andrew Bolt's blog re. the case against him by Anita Heiss and others.

Quote, The law (RDA?) I was found to have breached was this: >>It is unlawful for a person to do an act, otherwise than in private, if: (a) the act is reasonably likely in all the circumstances to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or group of people, and (b) the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the other person or some or all of the people in the group.<< unquote. Ed, there is no doubt that these circumstances apply in this instance. What can ATSILS do about this. Thanks. Arthur Bell.

Email from Edward Turkovic. re. The Racial Vilification of Bess Price. “Hey Arthur Had one of my Junior Lawyers listen to and transcribe the tape – will check the legislation and get back to you shortly. Thanks Edward Turkovic.

Yes, I've been a Busy Little Beaver ! But what will they do ? Anyways, we'll see what happens in the next couple of days. As I see it, this stuff needs to be out there. And I will make sure it is ! But my responsibility ends there. And I have No Control over what happens after that. (alb)

Arthur Bell. 14/06/2013.

Oh, and for the record, I have/feel No Animosity towards Tiga Bayles.

Picture me as a sorta Jim Corbett the famous Tiga hunter in India. Quiet, nondescript and unassuming. (just like me.!) He never had any Animosity towards the Tiga either, he just Killed it.! Got rid of a “Danger to the Community”. (alb)


I am a Concerned and Involved Member of the Aboriginal and Broader Community of Australia.

The stuff I write is my take on Issues when not “statin the bleedin obvious”.

I write and express with a sense of Frustration and with some Sadness. For Effect. To Stimulate and to Provoke Deliberation, Discussion and Debate.

Not in Anger. But with “Practical Experience and Wisdom”. And with “Moral Authority”. So There.! Oh, I forgot, sometimes with “tongue in cheek”.!

I add a “balance” to the debate.

I offer a “unique” but “well informed” Aboriginal perspective.

I promote myself as the “Leading Authority in the Country” on Aboriginal issues/affairs.

Actually, I think I am a bit of a Stirrer/Agitator by nature.! Oh, and also, I'm not trying to rewrite the “Bible” here.!

Essentially, I'm an Observer and Commentator. (alb)

quote: For Effect. To Stimulate and to Provoke Deliberation, Discussion and Debate. unquote.

Disagreement, Dissension, Disputation, Denouncement, Derision and Decrying don't need to be Stimulated.! Or Provoked.! (alb)

(Ps. I have to work “critique” in there somewhere.!)

I can see where the problems are in our communities, but my limited formal education hence vocabulary, makes it difficult for me to articulate it on paper. Talking to someone face to face, I would have no trouble explaining where and why say for instance these suicides are occurring. Anyone that is familiar with my work, like for instance what is on this/my website, can see quite clearly, that I have a better view and understanding of most things, than probably anyone else in this country on the issues that I write about or comment on. But I struggle to express or articulate it sometimes. In fact, most of the time. You see, I am not a trained journalist or writer. And the reason I go through with all this is not because I want to, it is because I have to. I see it as my responsibility. This knowledge and wisdom that has been “ordained. Don’t forget, I don’t get paid to do this. So the only real motivation for me to continue on this journey of educating the masses, is because it has to be done. It is my responsibility.

Another factor is that I am (actually) 68 years of age and with accompanying health issues. Including COPD and Cirrhosis of the liver.

This is another drama too, me trying to deal with/address, so/to many issues.! “So Much Work. So Little Time”.! Not to forget, I get no help or assistance, from anyone.! I work/fly solo. It can never be any other way. Yeah, and that’s the way I prefer it.! I sometimes explain, I would rather write things down than try and ex-plain it, because people simply don’t know/understand what I’m talkin about.! I’m virtually in a different world.! Another way I explain is, I tell people I’m a fourth dimension Blackfulla.! Yeah and most of the time that don’t work either.! It just serves to cause more confusion


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King Jr.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Gandhi.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.!? (alb).

Either move or be moved” Ezra Pound.

Simply observe in a rational way.

There is Social and Cultural Resistance.

Somewhere not too far away, the Anti-Australians are plotting their revolution and revenge. Unquote. (?)

Somewhere not too far away, the Anti-Aborigines are plotting their revolution and revenge. (alb)

Why should the Aborigines loll in idleness while we toil and sweat.? Unquote. (?)

A Society of Freedoms rather than Rights. Unquote. (?)

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twain.

Adults make the choice to drink. The Children have no say. Unquote. (?)

And the Responsibilities.? Try giving them back.! Unquote. (?)

The Development and/or success of any programme or initiative will depend at the bottom line, on the character and the out-look of the Aboriginal people themselves. Unquote. (?)

You are responsible for your life. You can't keep blaming someone else for your dysfunction. Life is really about moving on”. Oprah Winfrey.

We are responsible for our lives. We can't keep blaming someone else for our dysfunction. Life is really about moving on”.!? (alb).

There is no doubt that we could learn a lot from the African Americans. (alb)

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. Grandma Moses.

Turn your wounds into wisdom” Oprah Winfrey.

These African Americans, they have certainly moved on from their Slavery days.!

Aboriginal people can't seem to be able to achieve this.

Why is this so.? Don't want to.? Don't need to.!

It seems that we have reached the stage where we are completely paralysed without Government Grants/Funding. And “good will”. Oh yeah, and government “ignorance”.! i.e. Easy to con.! (alb)

Community control.

What this means is “No interference from government with the Money” and “No Accountability issues”.!

Community Ownership.?

Same thing.! (alb)

Defenders of Human Rights” i.e. Self-Appointed Guardians and Custodians of Aboriginal Rights and Interests. (alb)

This Site is Always, “Work in Progress”. More on  (alb)



People maintained their self-respect which was impossible under cash relief”. From “the Dust Bowl” SBS TV. This gives a good insight into the American people and their way of life. And why they are Admired and Respected. Their strength is in their Nationalism or strong sense of Patriotism. Even the African Americans have this pride. (alb)


Like so many refugees before her, she could have languished in sadness for her dead, lost or displaced family and friends. She could have dwelt on what might have been had politics and war not sent her life in a different direction. She could have mourned her loss of cultural connection. But instead, she chose to rejoice in her new life. To be grateful for a second chance. Abraham worked hard, studied hard and improved the lot for herself and her daughter. “I knew nothing about Australia. But I just thought this was heaven as a Country”. Sara Abraham. From Eritrea….Courier Mail. 19-20/1/2013. (alb)

My eyes opened in Africa.

In Kenya, the community is more important than the individual, and because these children have nothing, they're grateful for anything. They live in slums, sleep 12 to a small room and think themselves lucky for one meal a day. Their determination to build a better life will steal your heart away. Kyle Lang. Sunday Mail. 10/3 2013. (alb)

We could learn a lot from these Refugees.! Alternatively, they could learn Plenty from us Blackfullas.! But it is Best we don't go there.! (21/1/13. alb)




''Here's a Good One''.!

Received an email from ACMA, clearing Tiga Bayles and BIMA of any Breach.!

They (acma) +couldn't/didn't get/have a copy of the broadcast in question.!

So, what to do now.?

Oh, I know.!

Re-lodge the complaint, with the Audio file.!

So Tiga, you too Col, Hold Off “All Celebrations”.!

And/as I will Happily Reiterate, and Reassure, “It Ain't-Over-Yet”.!

+they obviously didn't try too hard to obtain a copy. As I know, and no doubt they would, that “Media Monitors” always record talk-back programs as a business. But anyways, a minor hiccup like that only serves to further motivate someone like me.! And Yes, I still got a couple tricks left Yet.!

In a way I suppose, I could say and reassure, I've really only just Started.! Just getting Warmed Up.!

A few years back, in the late 90s when I used to, write/author, the “Indigenous Peoples Congress” (IPC) material, it was said to me, “gee Arthur, this is very scathing stuff.! You're really blasting them”. ! I was checking out a collection of miniature naval ships at the time and I pointed to a Battle-Ship and replied, “I'm like that Battle-Ship when I start. I unload/deliver what's commonly referred to as, a Full Broadside”.! That is maybe, ten 14-16-inch guns, plus about twelve 8-10 inchers. It's very hard to miss with weaponry like that. And the impact/damage will/would be the maximum that could be achieved.! But/and if I do not attain the “desired result” with the first delivery.? Well, I just simply Reload and “unleash” Another Salvo.! and Another One. And Another One.! One thing I must point out, I will never run out of Ammunition.! Tiga Bayles and his ilk (AVI) have already provided me with Plenty.! More than enough.! (alb)

Political Correctness.!?


Another Chapter in this Ongoing Saga of “THE BLIND AND THE DEAF” aka BRISBANE ELDERS.

This response from ACMA: I've been drawing the attention to some serious misbehaviour by individuals and members employed in and involved with Indigenous organisations/services for a few years now. It is very difficult to find anyone that will take my, or anyone else's, concerns in this area seriously. Many of these issues and my genuine, legitimate and rightful concerns are on this site. So, I won't go into them to much at this stage. Local so-called Leaders and proclaimed “Elders” just don't want to know about them. Also, Governments/departments don't want to know about them. And in fact, will also deny them. And I feel, even obstruct any attempt to have them dealt with.

I'll just go into this one instance regarding Tiga Bayles and his obvious and blatant “Racial Vilification” of Bess Price. Using a supposedly, Aboriginal community owned Radio Station. I must point out that my concern is an overall one and not necessarily, directly related to Bess personally. Now, I know through my communications with quite a few Aboriginal people re. this issue (that I have emailed the audio file to) nearly All, are outraged over what Tiga Bayles has publicly stated about Bess Price. And the fact that he “Felt Free to Do It”.! Then stated publicly “There'll be more coming Bess don't worry”.! With the Confidence of the Board and the Chairman. This is why Col Dillon Must Accept “Full Responsibility” and Resign.! Or be Forced To. There is more to being Chairman of the board than friendly get-together board meetings and sitting fees. I must remind people that this is not the first time I have dealt with Col Dillon. And I wasn't satisfied with his first performance. Col Dillon is like most so-called “Elders” in Brisbane. They are comfortable with the “Title”, the Ceremonies and the Celebrations. But they don't really want to do anything.! They don't want to upset anyone, They don't want to upset the flow.! They don't want to move out of their “Comfort Zone”.! In Traditional Aboriginal Society, “Elders” are more than Respected. They are Feared.! Go out into Central Australia and check out them Elders. Yes, there is a big difference between them bush Elders and urban so-called Elders. (alb)

Now, back to ACMA and Stephen Atkins, ACMA general manager, the bloke that emailed me the response, he should be aware of “Media Monitors” and what they do. He could have quite easily obtained a copy of the broadcast. But it seems he chose not to.! ACMA is acting like ORIC did with my concerns about directors of Aboriginal corporations and their misappropriations of money. They “don't want to know about it”.! This is why people like Tiga Bayles and others, get away with so much. And have been for years.! And we're talking Criminal Activities here.! Including drug dealing. (alb)

Culture and Identity.

A lot of Blackfullas go on about Culture. And how they are “Strong in Culture” But most are unable to explain what this is.! And from most Non-Indigenous perspective, unable to articulate/construct a comprehensible/tangible argument re. this Issue. Most times many/we (play the Jacky-Jacky card.) mumble things like, Caring, Sharing, Respect for Elders. Stuff that in the main, is not really a part of/embedded in, modern (urban?) Aboriginal Society, at all.! Also, principles or practices that can be attributed to any or even most traditional societies or Cultures. Indigenous or otherwise.

Today, in reality, “Strong in Culture” means little more than celebrating NADOC day down at the local park.! Courtesy of Gubbernment grants/funding.

To most non-indigenous Australian, old and new, the main “Culture” that us Blackfullas are Strong in, is the Alcohol Culture.

The same as Strong in “Identity” what this means is, proof of Aboriginality is required to access the benefits of.! The more documents the stronger the claim. +Tribal identification/retribalization.? Outside the NT or central Australia, the reality of this is generally, Gubberment grants/funding because of.! And very rarely discussed by most Blackfullas before the introduction/establishment of the Native Title Act 1993. With the financial benefits and advantages enjoyed because of.! (alb)

+The retribalization of a society in which awareness of ethnic differences had all but disappeared.



Romanticising the Past.! And present.!

I've never been overseas, but over the years that I have travelled and worked around most of Australia, I've met and known many people. Of all races and religions. Us Aboriginal people are the most uncaring and Indifferent.! True Story.! Check out our history. Cruel and inhuman customs is /has been the norm. This has been observed and documented many times by many people since European visitation. Ask any historian or anthropologist. Woman bashers is a common term for Aboriginal men. Check out the courts and the prisons. Gross Over-Representation. Child abuse/neglect is another continuing major issue/problem in Aboriginal families/communities. (alb)


Romanticising the Past. And present.!

Traditionally, in a bountiful coastal environment, a token gesture.

In a hostile and unforgiving environment, a luxury afforded only to the privileged. Primarily, among the participating hunters. Then the parents of the hunter’s wife. By prior agreement.

Quote: Schwab (1995: 8) notes that ‘Aboriginal people often say that sharing is a fundamental and inflexible feature of Aboriginal culture. Yet…seldom does generosity spring spontaneously from the recognition of need, more often it is sought or demanded from another party.’ Unquote.

Sharing.? More a case of “Demand Sharing” or Humbugging. i.e. Harassment, standing over, Threatening the aged the infirm/vulnerable.

Aboriginal People/Culture =Sharing and Caring.? ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.! This Sharing concept, in contemporary Aboriginal Society, is based on a guaranteed minimum income of $500.00 a fortnight Dole, for life. And the estimated, Thirty Billion Dollars per year, distributed to Aboriginal issues/concerns. This is where the distorted view of Sharing comes into it. Sharing or Blowing Government money.! Knowing that it's only a few more days to the next dole or pension day. Or someone else's. Shouting a few cartons, blowing fifty or sixty dollars on taxis.? This is commonly referred to as being “millionaires for a day”.! This Victim-hood, it's a good life. Who'd want to give it up.!? (alb)




Who bestows this “Elder” title.?



What a Joke.!

CLEVELAND'S alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre for indigenous men, Goori House, will remain shut while an Australian Federal Police investigation continues” Redland Times.

Just found out about this today. What a Joke.! Goori House was showcased (?) as a shining example of a “Community Controlled and Run” entity. Again, What a Joke.!

Goori House wins ANTaR Qld's 3rd Annual Close the Gap Award. Yes, Another Joke.! (alb)

Goori House no longer exists.



Captain Cook: Invader or Liberator.?

These people must think we are stupid.! And I'm not talkin about Whitefullas.! But them too.

We can also throw in the Chinese government, and people. Nah, we'll make it the “Whole World”.! They can see their way in. They want this Country.! And they are all aware that the Whole Country is up for Sale/Grabs. Lock Stock and Barrel.! I reckon we must be the laughing stock of the “Whole World”.! The Indian telemarketers got it right about Australians.

Why the Fuck would someone (government) pay people (Les Malezer and company) Big Money to go overseas and Incite Animosity/Hatred, towards Us Other Australians.!? This is what we have to live with. But this will Not go on Forever. Now, I must Stress, I'm Not suggesting that +someone drag out the old 303.! But Traditionally, these Blackfellas would have had their legs Broken at the Very Least.! Trying to Force and to Impose their Personal Agendas and Views on the rest of the Society.! Not the 303, the Nulla Nulla.! They want to talk Blackfullas Law.!? They wouldn't Fucken Survive.! They look for Whitefullas Law to Protect Them.! And to access the Money they Spend. And the Lifestyle. These Aboriginal Activists cum Terrorists, they wouldn't exist without the so-called COLONISERS/INVADERS and his Laws.! And his Good Will.! They would be Nothing. The Same as most of Aboriginal Australia.

We would virtually “Not be Around”. We would/could not have Survived.! “Survival/Invasion Day” should be Dedicated to Them.

+though I am surprised that something hasn't occurred in this area.! In another Country, these people would be declared to be “Traitors” and dealt with accordingly. (Summary Justice) But here, they are Celebrated.! As appointed “Leaders”.! And get Rewarded with Millions of Dollars to play with.! (alb)

Captain Cook: Invader or Liberator.?


It's a Burden this knowledge/insight. And having to Fucken type it all down.! And having to Fucken pay to get it out there.! And out of my Fucken pension. No wonder I can't give up Fucken smoking.! Fucken Stressful. Well, that's my winge for the day.! And back to the Serious business. Now, what was I saying.? Oh yeah, these Whitefullas, they got no idea what Les Malezer and company get up to when they travel overseas. Everyone thinks they over there finding ways to feed people. And how to make everyone healthy and happy.! Like what you see on TV with the “Save the Children” adds. But No.! They not there to solve problems. They want to make Mischief.! To Muddy the waters of their own inadequacies. And to Punish White-Australia. This is why many Aboriginal youth are confused/screwed up. They just want to be Aussies and enjoy the Aussie way of life. But they are being Force-fed Victim ideology. Even by their Parents. This is why they are overrepresented in the court system. But try pointing this out to people like Gerry Georgatos and Tiga Bayles.! They don't want to know about this. (alb)





Many so-called Elders/Leaders have influenced and directed much Government policy in Aboriginal affairs over many years. Even before ATSIC. They have come up with many slogans and catch-cries. And Their Solutions. The latest ones being of course, “Close the Gap” and “Justice Reinvestment”. With more Untold Billions to go down the drain.

They and their supporters will rant and rave and say, we/they done this and we/they done that. But, they have not Solved one Problem.! As Gracelyn Smallwood will tell you, the health gap is widening. Gerry Georgatos will tell you WA is/in a deplorable state. And getting worse.! In the NT.? Well, according to the experts, the UN. World Health Organisation, Amnesty International, in the NT, it is pure, indisputable, undeniable and blatant SLAVERY.! And it's getting Worse.! (alb)

The Indigenous Media.


The Circus


The Entertainment Industry.!

I've been watching NITV for a couple of weeks now. What a Party.! These people are on a tax-payer funded Holiday.! And they act as though it will go on for ever.! For another forty thousand years.!

The lessons of History.

This is the danger of living in and burying our heads in, the sands of the Past. We are ignorant of the lessons of History. And that it often Repeats itself. Two hundred years ago our Ancestors were totally unprepared for what happened. Living in Blissful Ignorance. As we are today. Yes even the Elders. And it will happen again. This Country is Ripe for the Picking.! As it was before.

This Prosperity we enjoy, like the mining booms, and everything else, it is not infinite. It does/will not go on for ever. Common sense tells you this. Nor does it simply occur. But Money Money Money.  It blinds people to reality. And us Aborigines, we are the Blindest of the Blind. Though not all of us. It's the loudest voices that get heard. The people with a vested interest in this area. They that get the Millions. (alb)


Aboriginal Culture.

This forty thousand years Aboriginal Culture issue. People keep harping on about and demanding that mainstream Aussies respect it. Well, my observation and experience is that they have no issue with the Culture. It's us, the People they have a problem with.! Our habits and lifestyles that they have to get up in the morning and go to work to maintain.

And to add to that, or, If That's Not Enough,

Somewhere not to far away, the Anti-Australians are plotting their revolution and revenge.

Somewhere not to far away, the Anti-Aboriginals are plotting their revolution and revenge.?

We will All have to Suffer for the Actions of a Few. Again.

As is Life. It would seem. (alb)


Well, as if I haven't got enough to do already, the issue of “The Racial Vilification of Bess Price” has raised its ugly head again.

Yes, there has been what's commonly referred to as “further developments”. I'm not surprised naturally. After all, I did sow the seeds. Or should I say, Tiga (not forgetting you Col) sowed the seeds.! And maybe I just nurtured them.!?

I had to motivate Ed Turkovic, one of the lawyers over at ATSILS in George St. I pointed out that there would be some provision for them to act on their own initiative. And that he would probably further his own career by speaking to Shane Duffy about this issue. Saving me having to go through the trouble of making a complaint etc. etc. And that they had a responsibility as an Aboriginal Legal Service, to deal with issues like this. That's what they get paid for. He hummed and hared there for a while. And I was waiting for him to say “But Arthur, ATSILS can't deal with this issue”.! But in the end, he capitulated.! My view was that he had no choice.

He raised about six (6) contentious points that could “reasonably be construed” to have breached/contravened, what is set down in the “Racial Discrimination Act” 1975.

There is No Doubt that parts of the broadcast in question BROKE THE LAW.!

But what will they do.? What can they do.? Though they seem to have a lot to Say on a lot of Issues. And “Racial Discrimination” would be a Major Component/factor in/of their Work/Budget. And they get BIG MONEY. (alb)

Surely a Reasonable Expectation would be at this time, that Tiga Bayles and Col Dillon “Stand Aside” until this issue is Attended To.? Though it is doubtful this will happen. So, what to do.? What's my next step.? After all, I am the only one that seems to be doing something about this issue. So, I suppose I will have to make some sort of a decision. I mean, I never doubted that Tiga Bayles contravened at the very least, the RDA, but what to do now. ATSILS.? This would probably be to much of a “hot potato” for them to handle. Convince them they have no choice.? But have they.?

The thing is, I gotta see this action through now.! That's my way. I use a bit of brainpower when I have to. (alb)

Let me tell youse, Tiga has given me plenty of work.! I sometimes wonder, “what did I do to deserve this”.!? (alb)

Watching a NITV replay of the 88 celebrations in Sydney. With Linda Burney as narrator.

She misled. With more misrepresentation by omission.

The event did not happen/occur spontaneously. As Linda Burney would have us believe.

It was a staged production.

With over a million dollars outlayed to present it.

But she chose not to reveal this.

Why let the facts spoil a “Good Story”.!

She happily pointed out that the non-Indigenous participants of the celebrations were “Uncomfortable” with this show of Aboriginal People, coming together.

Wrong Linda. ! They were not “Uncomfortable”.! They were “Disappointed”.! And “Dismayed”.! At all the Hostile Anti-Australian sentiment/humility, they and their Children had to endure. The people that attended the celebrations in support, had their faces rubbed in their goodwill. And all this just so Linda Burney and friends could “feel good” or “warm and fuzzy”. And to have some “good stories” to tell. And videos to show.! (alb)

And I'll tell you something else Linda, besides more Division and Resentment, in the greater scheme of things, it achieved Absolutely “Fuck-All”.!

Just “More” Good Stories to tell on NITV.!

To get “More Money”.!

The Aboriginal Victim Industry.

Oh, and Yes, I was there.! (alb)

I wonder if I'm getting a bit Cynical in me old age. Nah, can’t be.!

Well, I gotta write/do something to keep me occupied. And to Amuse myself.!?

We will have to see about that.!

Is there anybody out there.!? (alb)


Wanna know something.? I'm still waiting for Tiga to contact me. He's got my phone number and my email. Anyone would think I'm the worst bloke in the whole world.! The Last Blackfulla he wants to talk to. I don't think that I will ever be invited on to “Let's Talk”. (ha ha!) He knows he won't trick me with his Bullshit.! I just have to repeat what's on this site. And I know what's here. I Fuckenwell wrote it.! That'll Fuck him up.! While he's strugglin for words. When confronted with the Truth.!?

Ya gotta Fuckenwell laugh.! (alb)

One thing about Tiga, he's got a good sense of humour. And I'm sure he would appreciate mine.! (alb)

email today: Ed, (turkovic) what is the progress of the RDA “issue” and the email for my files. Thanks, Arthur Bell.

They (ATSILS) have a bad reputation within the Aboriginal community.

And I don't think it's about to improve.! Even if they do pursue this issue/matter.

What happens with ATSILS is, they want and advise everyone to plead Guilty. It saves them Money.! And their expectation/view is that the clients are generally guilty anyway. They must be guilty of something.! Otherwise they wouldn't be there. Just like in Jail.!

But will Tiga plead GUILTY.!?

And, would ATSILS represent him.!?

Could ATSILS represent him.!?

Would there be a “Conflict of Interest”.!?

I bet I know what Tiga will say.

He'll use the old “Jacky Jacky” defence.!

I Know Nothing. I'm just a Aboriginal. A Victim. Hang on there.! Hold your horses hombre.!

Maybe we're getting a bit to far ahead of ourselves.!

Best to just potter along.! (alb)

email today; Kathleen, so far two (2) lawyers have conceded that Tiga Bayles has contravened the RDA in his broadcast. So, what is your position on this issue. What do you see as "your" responsibility, if any.? Arthur Bell.

Who's Kathleen.? Well, she's a reporter, a journalist who writes for the Courier Mail.

But it seems they don't want to touch this issue either.!

I tell you what, I'm just about sick of this Fucken Issue.! I sometimes wish I'd never heard the Fucken Thing.! It was only by chance I did. Tiga almost got away with it. I wasn't listening to “Let's Talk” every day like I normally do. I was on the phone with the radio on in the background and only half listening that day because of no guest. He claims a hundred thousand listen